Saturday, May 24, 2014

Michele...My Belle

First, I have to tell you that Michele, is Belle, to my family and I. Nicknamed after The Beetles song, Michele. I've always only known her as Belle.
Sweet, caring, loving, friendly, kind, selfless, thoughtful, beautiful, amazing, bubbly, fun...these are just some of the words that people who love Belle use to describe her. It fills not only my heart but I'm sure it also fills hers to know that is how you remember her. Everyone who has something to say about her all say the exact same things, when everyone says it then you know that really is who she was.
My sister was such a beautiful soul and had an extraordinary gift of love, she truly had the strongest heart out of anyone I know. In this day and age being able to love fully and with out reservations is truly a gift and I couldn't be more proud and so honored that it was a gift my sister had. She loved fully, unconditionally and was always able to see the good in everyone and everything. If I could have half of her heart, I would be happy. She always was putting others before her self, if anyone was ever in need she would do what she could to help them. She would always take time out of her day to talk with others, she would never rush past someone, everyone was worth slowing down and taking the time to talk to.
Belle never wanted anyone to worry about her and only wanted everyone to laugh and smile with her and it was an added bonus if you'd do it on a dance floor, anyone who knows Michele, knows that girl loved to shake her booty. In fact just last night it was said "that girl could move things that shouldn't move". She loved to read, she donated her hair multiple times to Lock Of Love but we all know her true love and passion was cooking, look at he said to me the other day when we were looking through pictures and he was about 80 pounds lighter...I asked him what happened....he replied, that's your sister and 10 years of her feeding me.

Honestly, most of my memories of my sister and I revolved around us fighting, we could seriously throw down. But I really believe that is so much easier to fight with those that you love because you know that through it all your family and with that comes unconditional love and forgiveness. Mom always said that it will change when you get older and she was right. I still remember the day that it changed, I'll spare you the story, it's not important, what matters is she was there when I needed her. Our bond of sisterhood was always there but that day it was sealed together and was unbreakable. From that day forward she was my biggest supporter, she was my number one fan always the first to comment or like my posts on my fan page...I'm sure going to miss that.

Lastly, I have to talk about her smile, oh what a smile it is.  If there is one thing anyone remembers about her it will be that and it goes all the way back to everything I've already said...happy, selfless, passionate, her infectious laughter and the ability to light up a room, joyful, amazing, loving. Everything was said and felt in that smile.
Our lives will never be the same now that you're gone but will be better because you were in in it.
I love you sweet sister and if I can live the rest of my days with half the love you had in your heart, I can say that I lived my life complete.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post about your sister! In reading it you can feel your love for her. I am so sorry I missed her funeral.