Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maybe I Should Blog About Running

You know something is wrong when I didn't even blog about my last 1/2 marathon. You also know that I've been batteling a hip injury. Perhaps you know that I am continuing to run myself in overdrive with RPM, Body Combat and still trying to run and lets not forget the weight lifting, full time working, boyfriend. My list, like many others is endless. Let's sum up the last few months since the injury.

Mankato 1/2 Marathon
I knew going into this race I wasn't going to PR, I also knew that I would be slower than my time last year. So I decided that I would offer to run/pace my friend Jana since she is pregnant and also wouldn't be getting a personal best. I knew that doing this would help my mind and it did for the race. After, that's another story. All I could think about is that this race was nearly 20 minutes slower than a year prior and almost 30 minutes slower than my last 1/2. I know I have an injury and did my best but it's still bothersome. So I've let it go and decided to try and forget. However, everything else surrounding the trip was wonderful. The new friends I've made and seeing family and seeing Matt get a PR was awesome. But then the trip ended on a sour note with not one but TWO photo speeding tickets in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a grand total of $150...I effing hate Iowa!

Body Combat
I still have points of struggle but I'm not giving up, each release it has gotten easier to learn and so I know I'll be a Combat pro like I am RPM. Sadly, three weeks ago my hip popped again, this time in the middle of class. I still dont know how I made it through but I did and I've been on break since. I'm off through the 7th but am supposed to come back then. Sadly the hip is not much better. And I really miss teaching Combat even if I am less than thrilled with my class time/slot.

Still owning it and thank God, it keeps my confidence up. I'm doing an advance instructor training in February for RPM and couldn't be more excited. One of the other instructors is out on medical so I'm doing LOTS of extra classes.

Running In General
I've been able to do 7 and 8 mile runs at close to my normal long run pace about the 9-9:30 range, some miles slower but my distance holding up. I did struggle through ONE 10 mile run. Friday I did a 2 mile race and deciced to go balls out. I needed a confidence boost going into Vegas next week. So I did and did GREAT until my last 400 meters when my hip got very tight and sore. But I never gave up, got passed a few times but still held it together and earned a 9th place medal for female overall. It was a small race but some good, fast runners, so I'll take it. Of course I've been very sore ever since so it could have been a dumb move on my part. Oh well.

I finally went and saw a specialist and the good news is he doesn't think its bursitis, thank God too because once you have that bitch she likes to keep coming back. Honestly he wasn't 100% sure what was going on but he is sure that the sudden quick movements of Combat is my inflictor and that I  need to continue to lay off. He wants me to see a physical therapist that specializes in hip injuries as he thinks  it may have to do with a muscle by my SI joint. This PT does wonders with helping to strengthen your hips and core to help with those types of injuries. Sadly I can't even get in to see this guy until AFTER I get back from Vegas. Stay tuned!

We leave Thursday morning and come back the following Tuesday. The race is on Sunday and I have no idea what to expect and how I'll feel or do. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy the time away with Matt and our first big vacation where we have to fly someplace. I hope its memorable and I have a wonderful time despite the race and how I do in it.