Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almost 1/2 way...really?

Week five and fifty some day's to go, crazy huh? So an update on the UTI...still not healed...I know right. Last Thursday I stopped into my doctors to pee in a cup and yesterday they called with the results, confirmed UTI but now they know the strain of bacteria and had to put me on different meds...again. So now I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics but they promise this one will kill it. Awesome! However the 2nd round of drugs I was taking were helping so I could run pain free.

I decided the other day that after I complete the race I am going to get a new tattoo! I know I just got inked and I'm already itching to do it again. I want to get the date of the race 10/23/10 and then the time I completed in, so it will be a very small tattoo and I want it on the back of my neck right at the hairline, whatchya think?

Training has been going well; Sunday I had 6 miles and Mattie came along so that was fun. We ran in my neighborhood and it was hot as hell. I had a hard time keeping my HR in my zone but our time was an average pace for me. So I think reason I felt I was working too hard was the heat/humidity. Plus I worked out with Travis on Friday and we did some of that TRX stuff and my legs were pretty sore. Yesterday I had a small 3 mile run, again legs sore but I also did the run AFTER my RPM class. I tried to go for speed but was only fast the first 1.5. Today I had 7 miles. Weather wise it was comfortable since I went in the AM but windy as heck. And I welcomed the wind because that is one weather ailment I haven't run against. And it seemed no matter what direction I was going today I was running into the wind. I wanted to go fast again but I need to remind myself this is a 1/2 marathon and I need endurance and not speed, slow and steady wins the race. So I'm constantly trying to tell myself to slow down. I'vebeen tring to focus on keeping my HR in my zone and that seems to help slow me down. In the 70 minutes I was out I think I had my RH in the zone for 55 minutes. I averaged a 10:04 pace today.

I need to get to running central, wanted to go today but decided to get into work early instead. Maybe tomorrow before RPM I can swing in...if I remember...my memory sucks. I need to get some body glide, I keep chafing on my inner left arm, it keeps rubbing against my shirt and chafing sucks! Plus my shoulder is just super tight and no matter how much I stretch it it doesn't loosen up so I wanna get some bio freeze and last but definitely not least I need more running socks. I run 4x a week and like the running socks so I don't get blisters and such. Well I had 3 pairs...notice "had" the washer or dryer ate one sock(or maybe even Pippin, who knows) and now I am down to 2 pairs and one sock and that's not going to cut it.

Sorry I'm boring today. I kinda feel like a slacker. I ate really bad over the past week and saw the scale rise up a bit. So I'm becoming a crazy girl and being overly hard on myself. I hate when I do that but I just feel the thunder returning to my thighs and no matter how much I tell myself I look great, I'm terrified of becoming that 168lb woman again. I just gotta step it up and be more disciplined but I've lost focus and I don't quite know how to get it back and still keep everything the same.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to my AWESOMENESS!

Hey if you didn't pick up on this with the last blog I just want to reassure you that running with a UTI sucks big, ugly, hairy, balls! No, I'm not being overly dramatic-cuz yes I usually am-but this time its true. Running + UTI = THE WORST PAIN EVER!!!

Now step into my awesomeness; 10 miles, 9:47 pace, total run time of 1h 38m and 04sec. That's THREE minutes faster than last Thursday run. And last Thursday I had sleep, decent temps (well when I ran at least) and no UTI or RT's! And even though I felt like I was carrying a gallon of pee in my bladder (even though there was NOTHING IN IT) I still owned that run and bitchslapped my UTI! Mile 1-9:42, 2-9:56, 3-9:09 (I'm awesome), 4-9 (totally awesome), 5-9:11 (sweet ass awesome), 6-9:44, 7-9:30, 8-9:09 (awesomeness never fades me) 9-9:49 and 10-8:43 (AWESOMENESS)! I once again ran on the RIT (Rock Island Trail) and today was so wonderful; beautiful sunshine, cool light breeze and awesome temps there were tons of people on the trail today. Despite the bladder prob I felt amazing the whole run my HR was in my zone the whole run and I never once even felt like I was breathing hard or out of breath. My legs were a tad sore from the start but I think its cuz I did to many squats yesterday. The last mile was challenging, the last 800 meters were very hard my legs and butt were tightening up big time but I wasn't going to give up that close to goal so I just kept on running, so Forest Gump of me!

Oh and in case your wondering I called my doctors office because I'm on day 3 of antibiotics and they are not helping. Well they are taking away the pain but my tummy is still bloated and constantly feels like I gotta pee. In the past I always feel results with in the 1st day of my drugs and I'm on day 3 and not too much relief. I was asked to come in and pee in a cup (which I did) to see if I'm being treated right, right now am waiting to hear back, so we'll see.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A bit to cocky...or maybe my body just hates me?


Mattie-"you got seven miles today"
Me-"yeah I know, but it will be a cinch"
That was me jinxing myself.

So its been a while since I've talked about the runners trots (RT's) because based on my researching on the Internet I learned to alter my diet. I'm one of those that have to eat before working out otherwise I get lightheaded and fatigued and my fav breakfast is yogurt, cereal or smoothies...but DAIRY and FIBER are the culprits of the RT's so on run days I instead opt for a bagel with cream cheese and a banana (banana's are super good for runners BTW also something I learned in my homework) or egg whites on a bagel with a banana. And I'm proud to say its working, ever since I've done this no RT's, Yippie! Today I had cheese on my egg whites and was inflicted...note to self say no to cheese..dammit I love cheese! But the RT's was the LEAST of my problem. Sunday evening I kinda had a feeling that a UTI was coming my way...Monday I was sure. So I called my doctors office to get some drugs to fix me up but my trusted nurse was not in...CRAP...I had to deal with some random skank. I tell ya the moment I was talking to this bimbo I knew, I just knew something was going to go wrong. At about 4:30 after not hearing back from her I called my pharmacy to see if my script was called in and NEGATIVE GHOST RIDER, so I call the doctors office and its effing closed...that hooker didn't call in my cure! BITCH! So I loaded up on natures cure, Cranberry juice to get me by. It helps but seriously cranberry juice is ONLY good when its mixed with Vodka! So, this morning I wake up and I knew that I was feeling like ass and that this run may not be so fun. As soon as I got in the car and headed back to my house I was calling my doctors office for drugs. Thank heavens my angel Erin was back, I left her a funny message about how cranberry juice can only do so much and she was my only hope (she listens to me on the radio so I can be silly with her) and once I got home I chuggaluged my grossjuice, in high hopes I could get through this run w/o issues.

((((((BIG SIGH)))))))
Boy was I wrong...about 5 steps into my SEVEN MILE RUN I was cussing a bitch out, RT's are NOTHING compared to running with a UTI....NOTHING, I swear to god I felt like my bladder was going to drop onto the sidewalk. 2.25 miles in I had to stop at Kroger to attempt to relieve myself and not only do I have the I feel like I gotta pee even though I don't problem I also had a small case of the RT's thanks to that fricking cheese! I relieve myself...well not really...and start back out. Five steps in I think about turning back and saying eff it. But being the retardo I am I continue on my way. I felt like my at any moment I was going to piss myself or my bladder was going bottom out of me, numerous times I uttered "F*** ME" and cussed out the C-U-Next-Tuesday that didn't call in my drugs on Monday because if that slut-o-rama would have I wouldn't have been in distress and my seven miles would have been a cinch instead of the shear torture they were. Then, I wondered if God was punishing me for committing sins or the running god was just trying to say that's what you get for being a cocky beotch. Either way, I'm psycho and I ran 7 miles at a 10:04 pace (which is shitty for me) and finished with a total run time of 1hr 10mins.

Anyway, when I got home my angel Erin had returned my call apologising for my discomfort because some stupid fill in nurse couldn't get her shit together. She called in my drugs and off to Walgreen's I ran, still feel like ass but at least I'll be better by Thursday's 10 miler. On the flip side of all this negativity I did learn that I obviously have issues and there is pretty much nothing that is going to stop me from running this 1/2M all the pain I put myself through (and I'm only 4 weeks into training and 59 days to go till race day) means that come October 23rd I'm going to be so well conditioned in ALL areas of my body that nothing will get in my way. Excuse me I gotta go pee...hopefully....((((SIGH))))

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, how do you feel after running 10 miles Anna?

Awesome! Exhausted! Accomplished! Well on my way to a 1/2 marathon! OMG MY QUADS ARE KILLING ME!!!!

I did it, I ran 10 miles in a row, I had one pit stop at 5.2 to drink a 9oz bottle of water. But I did it. I decided instead of doing a 5mile loop twice in my neighborhood I would track back out to the Rock Island Trail. Once out there instead of hitting the trail towards Dunlap I went the paved route that goes to Pioneer Parkway, about 2.5m, then I turned around and at my 1/2 way point I re hydrated quickly and then continued north to swankyville. At about 8 miles I was getting sore and at that point I learned that its mental from here on out. So with 2 miles to go I told myself, 20 minutes, that's nothing and I just kept repeating 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, one mile and so on. My legs killed but I made it and I have to give thanks to Mindset Evolution because they were the last 2 songs on my playlist and they helped motivate me through to the finish. What an awesome ride and run. Only 3 more miles to go and I'm there!

Here's the breakdown:
Mile 1-9:28, 2-9:40, 3-10:05, 4-10:03, 5-9:18, 6-9:49, 7-10:10, 8-10:20, 9-11:28 and 10-10:31. Total run was in 1hr and 41mins with 1065 calories burnd and an average pace of 10:07! So you can tell that I was trying to pace myself (yes a 9-10 min/mile pace is pacing it for me) but that 9th and 10th mile were tough, the short time for the 10th was because when your so close to the finish line you always pick up your pace/stride and sprint big the final 400 meters.

I'm sore, I'm tired but man am I proud and really looking forward to my massage tomorrow at 1:30 and then shopping for a new bday outfit! I'll be 33 in 2 days and I am in the best physical shape and condition I have ever been in. I look and feel wonderful and am looking forward to doing some shopping at the Buckle for some more size 6's! I was showing Mattie the other day my jeans I used to wear...14's....6 feels so much better but I'm still looking out for lucky number 4! (and yes that was also a prop to a certain QB who came back to my Vikings just days ago)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Just another walk in the park Kazanski"

I rembember the days when I thought 4 and even 5 miles was a big run now when I have my 6 mile runs on Tuesday and Sunday...well its just another walk in the park. I'm fearing bordum with those runs as they are so easy BUT thanks to this Nike program today's run was kept interesting. I did 1.5 miles of easy running to start, then I did 5x800m as tempo pace. I was slow on the first half though which kinda irritates me, its much easier to do this speed training stuff on the treadmil but I hate running indoors when its nice out. And today was awesome overcast but it was cool with just a hint of humidity, awesome weather for a run. Anyway after that I did 4x200m sprints at a fast pace, those were actually easier to do. I think that took me to about 3/4 of a mile left in the run so I slowed it down to a tempo pace for the last protion and of course I always sprint the last 400m. Anywhere here's my breakdown; Mile 1-9:09 2-9:56, 3-10:15, 4-9:04, 5-8:05 and 6-8:22 so you can see my dissapointment because Mile 2-4 should have been at a faster pace. Mile 2 wasn't bad cuz the first 1/2 of it I was intentionally slower but Mile 3 is retarded I was supposed to be going tempo which for me should be about 9:30ish and instead I was slow clocking in at a 10m/m pace..that's pathetic for me and really ticks me off. Mile 4 I'm happy with and then 5 & 6 I am too because that's when I was doing the sprints. But that 2 & 3 really makes me mad >:(

Anyway I'm very tired, I couldn't fall asleep last night I swear I have earth shattering cramps and back pain. It hurts every time I take a breath and my energy level is WAY down. I tried to go to sleep with just some Midol PM but seriously that did NOTHING for me so I ended up taking a vicodin to fall asleep but I need to get at least 8 hours when I do that and I think I only got about 6. I really don't wanna go back on the shot but seriously I don't think a period should have to be this painful.

Is it Friday yet? I have the day off and am getting a deep tissue massage and really I can't wait. I'm going to the salon my friends own, Alter Ego, and seeing Carri (she's amazing) at 1:30 Friday so right after my RPM class and I honestly don't think it could come soon enough at this point I'm thinking death would be funner than these cramps from hell!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 3...Already?!?!

Uh it sure doesn't seem like I've been training for 3 weeks already, where has the time gone? Seriously I saw that on my nikerunning.com page and was like "no way, it hasn't been that long." So I went back and counted, counted again, counted out loud then looked at the calendar and was like...whooo its been 3 weeks, only 9 more to go! I wanna create a countdown clock for either here and/or my facebook page, anyone know how to do that?

Ok lets re-cap the last few runs; Sunday it was 6 miles and today it was 2 with 4X150 meter sprints after the run. Well Saturday I finally got my head where it needed to be I said after my remote I MUST go home and just veg. And that is exactly what I did, with a hot man and furry dog and season 1 of LOST and it was heavenly. I believe Matties words said it best "Why did it take us so long to do this?" IDK (I don't know) and I hope we do it more frequently so I can stay focus. That and not working out on Saturday made the world of difference I ran 6 miles Sunday outside about 9am and it was a sinch I rocked it, felt great and wasn't tired in anyway during or after the run. My breakdown Mile 1-8:03 (holy cow that's fast for me), 2-9:30, 3&4-9:28, 5-9:44 and 6-9:11 total 57:46 average pace was 9:37. IDK today's because I haven't loaded my run yet. But I ran before I taught RPM and then did some weights for about 40 minutes after again I feel great, amazing what getting sleep will do. I am a bit sore now my legs are tight but really its that TOM (time of month) for me and the back pain and cramps are overwhelming right now so that's about all I can feel.

So normally I do my WI (weigh in) on Saturdays but I didn't make it this Saturday because I didn't get out of bed in time, go figure. So I did my WI today and I am happy to say I lost 2.2lbs so that finally takes me to 30lbs lost! For the past 6 weeks I've been yo-yoing between 136.2-139, today I WI at 135.8! About freaking time! Just gotta stay focused and keep my head in it. This will be my last weekend where I am off my game (cuz its my birthday on Saturday so it's allowed) but I will not be to far off but I will have fun w/o guilt!

On deck tomorrow: 6 miles, 1-2 of easy running 5x800 meters at tempo and 4x200 meters at a fast effort with 1-3 minutes of easy running between intervals...hmmm thanks Nike that sounds confusing as can be at least I know I wont get bored!

Friday, August 13, 2010

If Your Not First, You're Last!

Well its officially official and there's no turning back now; I'm now registered to run the Mankato 1/2 Marathon! I got my bonus check today (for coming in #1 afternoons in men 18-49 in the ratings) so I figured nows the time to pay my fee's and make it official. So all that is left is for me to stop sabotaging myself and get focus and dammit run!

I'm looking forward to the day off completely of exercise tomorrow. I plan on partying tonight (yeah I know I shouldn't but I am) and sleeping in tomorrow and then working then doing nothing...or something. Who knows with me. I have 6 miles on a "hilly route" on Sunday. Don't think I'll do a "hilly route" but whatever 6 miles is 6 miles.

70 days to go!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Running on Empty-2nd Long Run

So this is how my first 9 mile run goes....lets look back into the sands of time and you would see me Wednesday night at the Taste of Peoria consuming Miller Lites like they were going out of style. Fast Forward to 1:30am and I'm finally going to sleep. Fast Forward (way to quickly) to 6am, I'm supposed to bring Mattie to work, thankfully he tells me to sleep and he'll come back in a few more hours. I don't know why I listened, I never do, but I did...thankfully. If I didn't I may be dead right now. Anyway do some more fast forwarding and its 9am I have a wonderful Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand a bagel in the other, some orange slices on my passenger seat and I'm off to the Rock Island trail so it begins...my 9 mile run.

This was my first time running on the RIT and it wasn't to bad. I knew it was shaded and since the heat and humidity was already on the rise I figured I could get in the 9 miles easier out there than in my neighborhood. I gotta admit there was a lingering headache and quite a bit of fatigue even before I began and the more I ran the worse it got. The worse it got the hotter it got. I started to walk at like 6.5 miles. Tried to pick it back up and added another 3/4 mile. Grand total: 7.20 I sucked it big time today. And ya know what I'm totally disappointed in myself. I was supposed to get serious once training started and here I am drinking the night before a long run and staying up late. I'm really mad at myself that I'm letting fun get in my way so soon. I can't let bad habits and fun creep their way back into my life because I am not going back to that girl I was 6 months ago, I hated her. Uh I gotta snap outta this!

Gross tidbit you could do with out reading: I was so wet from sweat that when I took off my shirt and wrung it out....well yuck it was gross....helloooo I just said I wrung out my shirt!!! Once I got back to my truck I immediately drank 2-20+ Oz water bottles AND a G2 and still didn't pee until about 4pm this afternoon, I finished my run at 11am. Yes I'm stupid I know. Have I learned a lesson? Have you been reading my blog?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oh geesh I'm tired today. I've been seeing someone recently and its moving along nicely and I've been staying at his place lately. Get ur dirty minds outta the gutter, I just stay with him (ok so there is some making out but thats it perv lol) but I stayed at his house again last night. It seems I've been there on the nights before I have to run and so not a good idea. He was so sweet this morning (and looking oh sooo good) he told me to stay in bed when he left for the hospital and I should have listened to him but I didn't.

I wanted to run my 6 miles before body pump today and then do class. So I got up shortly after he left stopped for the best coffee in the world (dunkin donuts) and then went to the gym. BUT I was only able to do 4 miles by the time class started, however I felt so good running I wanted to finish the run instead of stopping for an hour class then going back after to do 2 more miles. So I skipped class, finished my run then did weights on my own. So what I am getting at is I could have and should have stayed in bed, gotten 2 extra hours of sleep and then I wouldn't feel so terrible right now. But I never listen and now I have a headache and I feel a little nauseous and I'm super tired and unmotivated to do anything that I must and its only 1 in the afternoon.

I'd like to say I've learned something here but I probably didn't. I'm already over working myself I haven't taken a day off from exercise in 10 days now and still have 3 more days until I have ONE day off. I know all of this is NOT good for me but I planned my training around my RPM classes. I teach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I had to do my long run on a day I don't teach so that was Thursday. So with my training schedule paired with my RPM schedule on the day's I have off from running I have to teach RPM so my only day off completely is on Saturdays. I didn't have last Saturday off however because I subbed a class. Dumb. Very Dumb. Once this gets to be too much I think I'm going to give up my Friday RPM class, temporarily of course. This is something I don't want to do (cuz I just got a new car and a car payment) but I know I'm going to have to do it soon. BOO!

On the flip side I feel great when I am running, I did 6 miles on the dreaded treadmill (it was thunder storming, torrential down pouring for a bit and the featured performance was by a lightening show that would have made pink floyd jealous). I hate the treadmill. But I did very well, wasn't tired and physically felt like 6 miles was nothing. So I'm totally getting this endurance thing down already. I lost 1.6lbs at my weigh in this past Saturday and I'm hoping on a loss this week too. I'm like 2lbs away from officially hitting the 30lbs lost and I'm dying to get there so I can reward myself with a new belly ring. I've been trying to hit this mark for a while, I kinda slacked the past 6 weeks, however it was intentional so that I could be crazy serious now...which obviously I am.

Happy running...

PS: to post comments (because you still ask) you just click the comment button below you don't have belong to blogspot to comment. And if your a Nike+ user my screen name is djgirl739 if you want to add me.

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Loooooong Run

Well its the day AFTER my long run and I think I'm going to die I'm so tired and achy. Remind me over the next 12 weeks that on my long run days I should NEVER EVER sub RPM class (spinning). For those of you who don't know part time I teach RPM, my classes are on Monday/Wed/Fri. But I was asked to fill in this Thursday (and Saturday). I thought since I was doing the morning show I could teach class at noon then go home rest then run my 8 miles. I was right I could do it cuz I did it but I was wrong because I'm so wiped out. Last night I went to flat top after the run and couldn't even eat because I felt like I was going to puke. OH and to top it all off the last 3 miles of the run I got a flare up of the runners trots and yep there was blood this time. I need to make that doctors appointment, today I promise.

Here's the breakdown of my long run:
Mile 1-9:23, 2-10:41, 3-10:53, 4-10:38, 5-10:22, 6-10:53, 7-11:21 and 8-9:24 total time was 1 hour and 23 minutes and 837 calories burnt. I took my time with the long run and plan to always do that because this is a marathon not a sprint right? I'll focus on speed on Mondays and Tuesdays when I go for the short 4, 5 and 2 mile runs. I felt fantastic the whole run breathing and heart rate were comfortable until mile 5 when the runners trots kicked in as you see mile 7 was hard because that was when it really hurt. But I'm not one to stop if I know I can push through so push I did and I feel awesome I finished but terrible because I just tried to do to much yesterday and my body is letting me know. Hey ya gotta make mistakes to learn, lesson learned is NO MORE RPM on my long run days! OH and yes make a doctors appointment!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 3-Poopy :(

There is really only one way to sum up yesterday's 5 mile run, I felt like my inners were being sucked outta me with a super shop vac! :(

I've gotta find a way to not have this problem the only thing I've read so far is that I should not have dairy or high fiber for breakfast. :(

Thursday is my first long run 8 miles not sure how I'll do since I have to teach RPM at noon and will wait to run until the evening time when its cooled off some.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2-2 Miles is sooo much harder than 10 miles...

So today I had a 2 mile run and its much harder to run 2 miles as compaired to my long runs simply because I want to run more. But the whole time I kept thinking you need to only do 2 if you run more you will burn yourself out. So then I decided that I was going to run hard and fast for my 2 miles. lol So I did but I jacked up my ipod trying to skip songs so i can't tell you my pace today that's the one thing I hate about this Nike+/ipod. Anyway I know my first mile was done at a 9:14 pace. After the 2 miles I was supposed to do 4x150 meter sprints but instead I did 5x one tenth of a mile sprints. Its hot and humid here in Minnesota so I was about as drenched in sweat in the 30 minutes I was outdoors as I was in my 50 minutes outside in the rain yesterday day. My ankle was a bit sore at the start of my run but as it loosened up I felt fine, I continue with my daily therapy stretches and will start to do some balance and calf exercises to help it out as I continue my training. Tomorrow I have 5 miles with 15-20 minutes of strength training work after the run. Being with out a gym or weights I'm not sure what kind of strength work I'll do but I'm sure I'll figure something out, I'm thinking of doing alot of own body resistance work, like squats, push ups, planks with some cardio in between like jumping lunges, butt kicks, plyo's and so on. Sorry for such a boring blog post today.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1-A run in the MN country side

Well its official I am now training to run my first half marathon. I'm in Minnesota and last night I met up with my BFF from high school, we went to a party and to the Legion (I grew up in a small town cut me some slack). Luckily I drove so I had to remain sober, I figured getting drunk the first day before marathon training wasn't really the way to start, lol.

So I have to say it was hard to get going today first thing I forgot my pro-biotic at home so I was terrified that I would get a case of the runners trots (and I did but thank the heavens it didn't happen until AFTER the run AND it was just gas). Also I am sleeping on an air mattress, its better than the couch but not as good as my sweet ass bed. And the last thing in my way was mother nature, it was raining. Well I decided to run on the road instead of the dirt trails because I didn't want to get my lunarglides all muddy. The run was very beautiful and peaceful in my Minnesota country side but it was also a tad boring but cuz I ran 2.5 miles straight down County Road 1 and then turned around. I ran the first 2 miles at a normal pace but then did 4x400 meter sprints at tempo but that wasn't enough to save me from straight way boredom. When it was all said and done I kicked of my training in country girl fashion finishing 5 miles in 47:13 at an average pace of 9:25.

I had a family reunion today so I was there all day I ate super well and even ended the day with 1.5 points to spare with a FULL tummy but then I clocked my beers :( remind me next time i want to drink a Stella that its a 3 point beer and I need to enjoy the 64's instead for only a point. However, all worth it because it was the last time with my entire family, was a great day, I'm sure I'll sleep well even on the air mattress. Primed and ready to go got 2 miles tomorrow with 4x150 meter sprints after the run, mother nature is supposed to get in my way again but hey come race day its rain or shine so may as well train in it now.

PS: I have had a lot of people tell me they want to comment but can't figure it out. I've made it so you can comment w/o signing up for blogger. Just click the party where it says how man comments are on here and then it will take you to where you type what you wanna say and bada bang. Hope this helps you and I see more comments happy blogging!