Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Does This Mean 'I'm Back'?

Here I am two weeks and two days into training for the Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon (and Marathon but I'm not in for 26.2..at this race or any others for that matter) on Sunday, May 4th in Lincoln Nebraska.

 There's one thing I want out of this race and training and that's for running to feel "easy again" and to feel like I did before the whole cervical cancer BS, OK so that's two things and yes I did just refer to cancer as BS because it is. hahaha

In case you missed it I'm following a little more aggressive plan this time around because I believe it will help me achieve the above. I'm following the Nike Coach plan on the Nike Running app and doing the advanced program. Week one considered my "warm up" with 5 run days and a long run of 8 miles, all done indoors on the tredy because winter sucks in Illinois this year. Week one was a nice re-introduction into my sport and I finished the week feeling good where this was going.

Week two was considered "fundamentals", again I finished the week feeling good where things were going and finally got in a run outdoors. Did a little ice patch walking but I was pleasantly surprised to see a pace exactly where I hoped it would. I don't know if it was because I ran with my guy, because I was outside or because I finally am starting to feel normal when it comes to running.

This week is week three where I "build a base" for the rest of training by maintaining the fitness/distance I've built so far. Today I took on my first progression run and after finishing yet another boremill run I was very happy because my "easy" pace was exactly the 9:20ish pace I want and my progressions went 9:05, 8:50 & 8:25 and I gotta tell ya the last mile was challenging but not out of reach. I finished my 6 miles feeling like my old self, mostly because for the first time since that "cancer BS" (yep I said it again) I finally feel where I left off. My weight may not be where I left off but my fitness feels like its that and that's a step in the direction I want to go in.

I have 10 miles on tap this week and I'm a little doubtful only because its been a very long time since I've done a double digit but I cannot wait to try and I pray Mother Nature isn't to hard on us this weekend and I can get it done outside.

PS: I'm still far from my donation goal for the St. Jude Chicago To Peoria run, please donate HERE and remember the only donation that is too small is no donation at all!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Training Begins Soon For the Lincoln Half

Although I already knew it Nike kindly reminded me that training for my next big race, Lincoln National Guard Marathon and HalfMarathon, begins in one week! 

My BFF lives in Lincoln, NE and has tried to get me to do this race for a few years, stupidly I’ve always had an excuse why I couldn’t, I’m a bad friend. That comes to end this year and I’m bringing along another friend for the ride (Run With Jess).  This whole thing actually came about when I saw that Jess was debating this or another race. I mentioned if she did this one, I’d do it with her and we can share the drive, then I mentioned the above BFF had free room and board, Jess simply replied “sold”. 


This is a big race for me; its nearly a month to the date that I beat cancer (May 13th) and had my hysterectomy. From the get go everyone has said it takes nearly a year to recover completely from this surgery (and I did the old fashioned abdominal way too) so I am really hoping that this will be my true “big comeback”. 

Run With Jess
I’ve decided I really want to push for this race and to follow a more aggressive training plan so I’m going back to my trusty Nike plan. The Milwaukee Marathon beat me up bad, I was only just recovering and running was HARD-the hardest its ever been and it always left me exhausted. I want to be disciplined with my training, my diet and give this my 100% focus.
Yeah what the shirt says!!!
Now, that I’ve hit that year mark I want to be that athlete I thought I was going to be in 2013 before cancer turned my life upside down. I’ll try to not compare myself. I’ll try to not be hard on myself. I’ll simply try my best.

If I happen to PR in the end well, that will be a bonus!