Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hip Bursitis AKA Runners Hip = Total Suckage!

The hip finally won! Tuesday as I head out for my scheduled 6 mile run I was thinking that if there was ever a time to pull back and let this hip get some rest this week and next would be it. Last weekends 12 mile long run really put some tightness in my hip but I decided to go out for my 6 mile speed work run anyway. Well just over a mile it I felt the hip snap, crackle and pop and I was done. That same afternoon I went to my Chiropractor who is also a Physical Therapist and has a sports training background. He treated me (in both the PT and Chiro forms) and said that what I have is Hip Bursitis. It's basically just inflammation from an irritated hip. Good news it can't get any worse. Bad news is it's painful and will take a while to go away. I go back Tuesday with Matty and my PT will show him how to stretch me out which will help. I'm supposed to ice as much as I want, on for 20 and off for 40, plus take ibuprofen on a schedule to reduce the inflammation.

My PT has encouraged that I still try running as he doesn't like to take his patients away from what they love doing. He said it deflates them and since running will not make the injury worse he'd like to me still try it. So I tried 2 miles yesterday. Didn't go as well as I was wishing. I did run 2 miles but I did also stop and walk a bit. In addition ever single TINY bit of incline I felt it and I felt it hard! I'll be attempting my scheduled runs next week. Monday is 2 miles, Tuesday is 4 and Wednesday is 3. If Monday goes bad, I'll not run until Thursday and try 2 again.

So what's the story on my races? Well the first 1/2 I have lined up is a return to the Mankato Marathon its Saturday in Minnesota. I am planning on still running it but I'll decided how after Thursday. I'm still trying to accept that I will not finish in under 2 hours. I'm still trying to accept that I may even finish later than what I did last year which was 2 hours and 10 minutes. However, I had a discussion with Matty, and I have some alternate plans, which I'll fill you in on later.

Runner's always remember, when it comes to running and injuries it's not a matter of IF it's a matter of WHEN. I can walk, I can run, I may not be able to do it in the way I'm used to or how I want to, but I still can and I will.

Monday, October 10, 2011

8 Minute Mile is an A but if its a 13 minute Mile you get a D MINUS!

Does that headline infuriate you as much as it does me? Well my friends that is the state of our public school system. With out going into details or names here's the story. Teenager runs a mile for gym class, runs this mile 3 times and improvs on the time each run. To prepare for the mile runs, student practices speed walking in gym. Gym grade is a part of your GPA, in this particular gym class IF you run the mile in 8 minutes or less you will get an A but if you run it in 12 minutes you will get a D, 13 minutes you get an F.

This if FLAT OUT B.S and this teacher has no clue about running what so ever. The only teenagers that are going to get 8 minute miles are the track and cross country athletes. You do NOT grade the mile based on speed.  You MUST take into consideration their athletic ability, how hard they worked, how much they tried, what kind of training they were provided and how much improvement they made. You cannot expect a 13 minute miler to go from 13 to 8 in a matter of 6-9 weeks, it's flat out IMPOSSIBLE! My very first mile when I started running was 13 minutes. When I started this sport seriously it was a 10 and that was only because the treadmill forced me to do it and I was DYING 1/2 way into it. I did not go from 13 to 8 in a matter of weeks either. I've been at this for almost 2 years now. I don't know what my just one mile time is because I've never done it but my best 5k Mile was a 7:45 and I was nearly dying by the end and have yet to do that pace again.

I'm so angry about this whole situation. I don't think every kid should be given a trophy. I don't believe every kid should get an award because they tried. I don't think anyone should be handed a good grade or a award simply because they showed up and tried. But as a runner I also know that what this teacher is expecting is 100% unfair and unattainable. And because gym is now part of a GPA this is hurting that average because someone isn't an athlete. Not everyone is book smart, not everyone is an athlete, not everyone is gifted with a good singing voice. In other classes students are graded on the effort and how hard they study. That effort shows when they take exams or participate in class rooms and in their work. That same grading should go into the mile run!

When you run and when you improve it shows and yes shaving 30 seconds to a minute is a HUGE improvement in a matter of 6-9 weeks. But telling them because they didn't do it in 8 minutes and giving them a near failing grade is stupid. It's beyond stupid. And it tells them they are less than. I wish I knew this teacher because I would so give her a piece of my mind. And I'd also challenge her to a mile run and see how fast she does it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegas Week 5: BAD runs and new shoes

I know it takes bad run to know a good one but I still hate them and week 5 has sucked so much butt that I'm dreading my long run of 12 miles. My hip is still tight and sore, although its not getting sore with my first step and does loosen up when I stretch mid run, but its just a nagging pain that I could do with out. It really needs to be gone by 1/2 marathon day in a week and half.

So I got new kicks again, the hip is what brought light to the fact that I had 350 miles on my last pair. This time I went through the whole "fitting" again from Running Central and found a GREAT pair of new shoes. I tried on many different brands as I'm not brand loyal, just trying to find what works best. I liked the last pair of Saucony's I had but I knew there is something better. I stuck with Saucony's but got the Mirage's and so far LOVE them. This could possibly be my shoe.

Two runs in a row I've been struck with the RT's (Runners Trots-google it if you don't know) and they have been BAD. I've been blogging for just over a year now and we know that in the past I've had blood in my "looseness" but I've never been concerned because its very normal however when blood is spotted it's recommended to see a doctor, just to be safe. My RT's come and go, its been quite some time since I've had them as I've learned how to control my diet with them. I think stress and maybe last nights ice cream brought them on. Probably more stress since I've been stressing big time about this Body Combat certification video. So much so even my period was late this month. Anyway the last two runs, I've been in physical pain all day, have to almost sprint to the bathroom and there has been blood . So finally I called my doctors office, don't worry, I'm not, but I know its time to finally buckle down and have someone look inside. The reason I'm finally going to see a doctor is its been very painful and like all day long painful. Wish me luck, I'm still waiting to hear back on my referral.

Oh and be prepared to hear more about my bum!