Friday, January 11, 2013

I Took Road Rage To A WHOLE New Level

Road Rage described by Merriam-Webster dictionary is "a motorist's uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist's irritating act." I admit it, I'm a road rager! I blame it on my patience and that fact I have none. I know I'm not alone we all have had our moments of "Road Rage". I've never taken it to a level where I'd shoot someone tire out or anything, I just cuss a lot behind the wheel. But today, I took it someplace different, I road raged, while running.
I live in the city of Peoria so 95% of my running is done on city streets with a mix of running on the road and sidewalks. Side walk use is scare this time of year so I plan my routes carefully so I'm mostly on side streets. The good thing about Peoria is there are a lot of "bike routes" through city streets so that means a large shoulder or bike lane and that's what I stick to.

Today, a female driver pulled from a side street onto another and looked left but neglected to look right AND to stop (she did one of those rolling stops) had she done those she would have seen me, but she didn't and instead cut me off and I had to stop dead to avoid getting hit. This happens often, so I let it go and kept going. Then at a larger intersection, where I had the right away-a green light and the walk light-a man was approaching, he also did a rolling stop but looked AND SAW ME, instead of giving me the right of way, which I had, he pulled forward into my path as I was INCHES from him! So I cussed him out, VERY loudly! I debated about pounding the back of his car with my fist but held back.
Now as I recount this story, this scenario has happened before and I didn't hold back! I not only yelled loudly at the drivers but I also pounded my hand or fist into their car because they were so close to hitting me!. I know I was probably justified in my actions but I'm still a bit ashamed, I have become not just a road rager but a Run Rager too.