Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Got FIRST Place!!!!

I ran my first 5k of the Run 2011 Season, the Run To Remember- honor and remember fallen police officers. I have to admit, deep down, I really wanted to do well and at least place in my division. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get my hopes up and I knew I had to do like under 8 minute miles to do it and I just didn't know if I could hold that pace for 3.1 miles. So this morning is going wonderfully I wake up bright eyed, hyper and feeling GREAT. I had breakfast (bagel, egg white and cheese and a banana), and left a little early because I had to stop at the ATM to get my race entry fee. Good thing I left early because 1/2 way to Junction City I realized I forgot my Garmin and I HAD TO HAVE MY GARMIN! So I turned around and drove like 60 through the city to get the GPS and make the registration deadline (five minutes to spare).

So race starts and I know I need to get in front so no one would be in my way and at the start I just took off and never let up. R2R has some hills in it so I told myself sprint up and coast down,use your energy on the hill up and relax on the way down. Forget the wind, and boy was it brutal, and just keep running, and that is what I did. I didn't plan to stay for the awards but something just kinda told me to. They started with the female awards and instantly my heart started racing (lol) Matty had said I was like the 6th or 7th female in-but didn't say anything about me getting have a chance at placing. So when they got to my age group and they announced the 3rd and 2nd place runners I honestly didn't think I would win but I was still praying, and hoping and.....1st place....was me!!! I'm still in shock, last year when I ran this race I was again at the front of the start line but was so far from placing, I can't believe in one year I went from a non runner, to a runner, to a long distance runner to winning a first place medal. My finish time was 24:15 and the crazy thing is the overall female winner was only 2 minutes ahead of me. Can you guess what my goal is for next years Run To Remember?

Congrats to all my friends who ran Champaign and the Illinois Marathon/Half today: Jill Garrison, Karla Janicke, Matt Freemen, my friend Bry Shultz for running the Lincoln 1/2 Marathon in Nebraska tomorrow and to my Matty for getting....3rd place today in his age division (yeah were a couple of winners)!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 11

Only one more full week of training, then rest week, then 13.1 baby! The excitement is mounting and I'm so ready for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis on May 7th. After all I've been registered for this races since early December, had our hotel also booked since then and been training for the last 11 weeks. This week I had 7 miles on Tuesday, 3 Wednesday and 8 yesterday and 10 tomorrow. Thursday due to thunderstorms I was forced inside to the dread-mill and was able to hold my goal pace of 8:57 steady (thanks to the dread-mill/bore-mill) for 5 miles my legs and breathing felt fantastic, like I wasn't even trying. Wednesday I had to put on the layers since the cold is still in Central Illinois (and most of the Midwest) and hit my 3 fast miles. There was some wind so I had to really push but kept it at an average of 8:45 and again didn't feel to bad. Yesterday I did 8 I wanted to time trial 1/2 of the 1/2 so I wanted to see if I could come in at 6.55 in under an hour and I believe I clocked in at 58:45 but I forget I know it was close and that was even with a few hold ups at stop lights. I was pretty sore after that but still did the last mile and a half at a "slow" pace that really wasn't slow. Tomorrow were going to hit the RIT (Rock Island Trail) so I can time trial my 10 mile run on a flat track, to mimic the race course, so I'm excited to see how that run pans out. I'm happy thus far. Everyone says I'm ready and I am going to totally take this 13.1 miles by storm and obtain my goal of 1:59:59. Whatever I come in at I know it will be better than my first race time of 2:10:18 and I'm happy with that. I can't wait for the Indy Mini. We got out official race tickets last weekend. Matty and I already have our bib numbers, I think mine is 11007 and his is 11012-of course I could be completely off but I know I end in 07 and him in 12. You can tell we registered just minutes of each other. Now stay tuned because coming soon I'll be looking for my annual race tradition of Pick My Playlist! Happy Running!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Long Run-3 Weeks Till 500 Mini Marathon

There it is, my longest run I have ever done, 15 miles! This is the same route that Matty and I did last week but extended some and its becoming a favorite. Almost all of it has sidewalks, makes 2 stops (for me at least) at his house for some refueling and is in a beautiful part of town. We also added an additional stop at a gas station in Peoria Heights for some water. I've learned that hydration and refuel is key to keeping me quick and strong. As much as runners hate to stop, its the not stopping that will slow you down more. We do run on some busy streets but with the sidewalks there really isn't to much traffic to contend with making for a sweet run. However it seems once I am a solo running I always nearly get hit (car comes close enough to where I can touch it) I don't know why that is. I'm dressed in bright colors, Sunday it was bright orange! Is it because I am alone and two are easier to spot than one? Or is it just because some people suck ass and don't look? My bets are on the latter. The last two runs have been at a conversational pace and I've still come in at the 13.1 mark under my last race of 2:10, around 2:05, so I've shed 5 minutes off my time when I'm NOT TRYING. I can't wait to see what my time will be like when I am trying. Either way I know I will RP, now if it will be my PR goal of 1:59:59 I'm still unsure. I know race day you always go faster than normal and I know with all the interval and hill work I have done and the training that I am in top shape to do 13.1 with out problems. I know I can hold up leg and cardiovascular wise. I cannot wait to see what Indianapolis brings me on May the 7th. Tapper down starts now; Tuesday 7 miles-intervals, Wed-short/quick 3 miles, Thurs-8 miles-speed and Sat 10 miles-25 minutes at goal pace.

My biggest thought through out my 15 miler was "If I can do a 17 mile run, I know I can do the full 26.2" and "I've done 15, I only need to add 11.2 more to do a full." I know I've said that I'll probably never do a full but its been consuming my thoughts, bet some money that in 2012 I take on the 26.2....if not sooner!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

War Wounds

This past weekend I had my longest run to date, 14 miles. I'll surpass that this weekend when I hit 15 miles but that's where I stop and begin the taper down weeks. I can't believe I'm three weeks away from my second half marathon! Fourteen miles went swimmingly! Matty mapped a route that included stops at his house. I really like doing that because I need hydration when I do anything over an hour. I can push the 7 and 8 mile runs with out problems but anything more and no hydration I hurt! But we wanted to skip Sprindale Cemetery because those hills are just too much. So the map was like the past few weeks we start at Big Lots off Sterling, go to his house, run through the Heights, back to Matty's, then he's done and I go back home. Each stop at Matty’s we hydrate with G2 and/or water and pee if needed or other necessities like Body Glide, drop clothing, add clothing, you get the idea.

Here is Sunday's Run via Garmin:

War Wounds: the title of this blog, guess I should hit them, after the run I did an ice bath to ache my tired, sore and stiff legs. It was pretty warm weather so it actually felt pretty good, well except the first 3 minutes in the tub that stung a bit. After I had a few left over injuries, the first being my feet. I never felt this pain before but for the first 30 minutes after the run/bath it hurt to walk. The balls of my feet just ached and stung with every step. But by the time lunch was over (went to Red Lob right after) I felt fine again. Matty said he's had this problem too so I know it’s not my Nike Frees because he’s got cushiony Mizunos. But the second wound was my shorts chafed again but worse (I did forget the body glide again) I have this mole that is right above my crack and it chafed so bad that it bleed and for a days after too because it was so sensitive to my jeans and such, total suckage!

The next war wound is a bit comical. I have a few odd running....habits; I guess you could call them. I don’t really know what to call them. #1 I HATE carrying things. Can’t do it. I see people run with water or Gatorade and I just can’t do it. I've even seen them with straps on their hand to hold the bottle; I haven't tried that but that just doesn’t sound fun either. I once had an ipod hand band and I tried that once but still didn't like it. I also hate ipod arm bands, they slip too much or bounce too much and I hate that bouncing on my arm and if you put it too tight to prevent that it makes my arm numb. Same with my ipod on my hip, I cannot stand the bouncing. I used to have this AMAZING belt clip that doesn’t let it bounce but sadly it broke. So I've been creative with what I do with my ipod so I don’t have to arm band it, carry it or feel it bounce. I've been putting it in that small pocket of my Reebok running shorts as of late and it works well, except I can’t skip songs and stuff. It’s gotten pretty annoying especially when I have a song come up that is quieter and I can’t turn it up. And then I started getting this on my hip:

That would be scratching, redness-chafing and scabbing. My ipod is kind of falling apart (gift idea a new ipod 8 gig or more) and has been scratching the shit outta my leg and boy did it do a number on Sunday. And it hurts! So I finally got on Amazon and ordered a new belt clip. For some reason you can't find them in the stores easily anymore, it’s all crappy arm bands. I got it yesterday after my run of course so it will have it inaugural run today.

Do you have any odd, war wounds from your run? Do tell!

PS: I also got sunburn on Sunday too!

The razor back was kinda funny. It’s gone now. I'm now on a mission to find a sun block that will protect my skin. Stand up to my excessive sweating. Not feel slimy. Or sticky for that matter. And doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I'll let you know what I find. In the mean time suggestions are recommended too!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Letter To Victoria's Secret

Dear Victoria's Secret:

I used to have perfect 36C's, then I lost 30 pounds and now I have 34B's. Yes I know it could be worse. Thanks to your Miraculouss bra I can continue to feel like I have those lovely, round, squeezable and perky oranges on my chest. For that I thank you.

However do you think you boobie experts over there could make a bra that still supports my itty bitty boobies while I run but still manage to help me look like....well...a female? Example:

I want the sport bra non existent boobies like this:

To look like this:

Supportive yet I look like I still have boobies. That would be absolutely beautiful and I am sure those bras would be a popular item!

Sincerely, Anna

Can I have a little courtesy please?

Today I have a guest blogger, her name is Karla and not only is she a 105.7 rocker but she is also a runner like me. Except she's a beast in Nike's and she's faster than I'll ever be. We have a lot alike we love rock music, we love to run and it began with the need to lose weight and get healthy. She posted this last week and I told her I was going to use it on my blog, let's call this Running Etiquette 101!

1. NEVER NEVER NEVER ask a runner for directions - she may look like she is just plodding along and has nothing better to do than to guide you to the destination that you feel so desperate to get to....BUT I am telling you, she is most likely concerned about her pace, her momentum, her distance and the song she is listening to. And most likely she will just point you somewhere in order to shut you up! *ha ha ha I've actually done this a few times, I feel evil after because its always someone old and then I think about someone doing that to my grandma and how much it would piss me off. But, grandma is dead so no worries, serves the oldie right for making my 8:30 pace on mile 6 to a 11:45 pace, bitch!

2. You don't like it when I run in the road cause God forbid you have to pay attention to your driving, yet you REFUSE to keep your sidewalks clear for me. I can't hurdle a bike, dodge garbage cans or vault over your parked car. SO YES, I will be in the road...please just drive with your eyes open. *Lets see once I was hit by a car, old lady not paying attention. Know what I did? Pounded my fist on her car, maybe even gave her a mild heart attack and kept on running because yes that's how we runners roll. I could go on and on about this stuff. Heck I had some ass***e almost hit me this weekend in his rush to get to Nina hardware and tons of people saw it. What did I do? Again I pounded the side of his POS van and shouted multiple obscenities. Shortly after a very nice OLD lady (what's with old people) saw me coming and what did she do? She put her car in reverse and backed out of the intersection assuring I had enough room. When I ran by I thanked her. I will always wave a thanks at ever driver to notices me and doesn't try to beat me. Trust me the 2 seconds it take me to cross your path will not cause to miss anything.

3. KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH...for all that is good and Holy, is that too hard? I am a dog lover I have two furry little friends that I ADORE. But I know that if you are running past my tiny little puppy...she won't bite you but she will growl and bark like she wants you I keep her on a leash. I can see that you don't know that she won't bite you. Therefore when I am running past your dog I have no idea if he is going to bite me or not. I HAVE BEEN BITTEN so I have reason to believe that he may. So for the sanity of society....leash your dog. *FYI its the law to have your dog on a leash. Luckily I've never had a dog encounter...knock on wood.

4. If I am 'talking' ignore me. I am not talking to you, I am likely will not like what you hear so please ignore that horrific noise coming from my mouth! *I also do a ton of fist pumps, air drums and guitar too!

5. AND for all you ever so awesome race audience people....WE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you come out to watch us run by. We love when you cheer for us, offer us water, sing for us. We do not mind if you are in your slippers, sitting comfortably in a nice chair. We do not mind that you are drinking bottle after bottle of water as we run by dying of dehydration. We do not mind watching you eat McDonalds, donuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee, beer, burgers, pizza whatever...even though we know we can't have that. BUT WHAT WE DO you sitting there inches from the race route sucking away on a cigarette or a cigar. IT SMELLS BAD and I already can't breathe....none of us running can breathe and you are not HELPING. PUT OUT THAT cigarette, you DO NOT NEED IT ANYWAY. *A-FREAKING-MEN! Seriously who in the heck watches a running race and puffs away on a cancer stick? Personally, I love your kids that support us, I make every single opportunity to give them the hand slap, thank you! More times than not your cheering is what is keeping me going.

6. Do not feel sorry for me or warn me of the weather. I know the weather is bad. When I am out running in the rain I realize I am getting wet. If I am out in the snow, I can see that it is snowing. And trust me I feel every wind gust. I LOVE what I do, I am out there because I like it! YES even in the rain, the snow the wind. You would be amazed how beautiful the world is during a fresh snowfall. Rain runs are so refreshing, it's fun to dodge puddles! I have a training schedule to keep, life does not stop for my running. I have kids, I have a job, I have lots of I run when I can even if the weather sucks. In my mind that just makes me more bad ass! *In mine too!

7. and lastly....and this is just me being very selfish....BUT if I am running and you are walking I am working harder than you so therefore GET THE FU** out of my way. *I attempt to be courtious and let out a cough or say behind you but more times than not it doesn't make a difference. So instead I take amusement seeing you jump outta your shoes and almost crap yourself.

And one of mine is stop freaking honking and shouting at me. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to give you my number. I don't want anything to do with you. You look like a creep when you honk and try to get my attention. I don't give a flying you know what about anything other than the road, my time, my pace, my breathing and watching out for all the idiots on the road who too busy talking on their cell or texting to pay attention to that girl running. If you are my friend and you see me running and you honk, awesome but don't take it personally when I don't acknowledge you for all the previous mentioned reasons. Or if I give you the finger because I do that often.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So you've started running and I'm betting its to lose weight. Seems that's the #1 reason why people lace up their shoes and hit the trails. Shoes, check. Shorts, check, Water, check. Time to run. And that is really all the thought we've put into running. But soon after you notice things. Blisters. Purple toe nails. Cold weather gear. Warm weather gear. Gatorade. Protein bars the list is endless. But when you decided to run a 5k you never hear about the hidden factors of running. Those are the things I love to talk about. And if you've followed my blog you know Anna doesn't hold back. From running with a UTI to running at your time of the month, the aches and pains and the painful remedy's (see Ice Bath), vomiting on so on. Then there is the deeper realm of running that's even less talked about like having to pee on a run or even worse poop on a run, or even worse the Runners Trots (another poop issue click here for definition) and yes there is more, still wanna lace up some Nike's and go for a run?

Oddly there is one ailment I have not mentioned, Chafing! I used to chafe all the time right under my boob, where my sport bra line is. I say used to because once I lost 30lbs I lost my boobs so no more chafing. But I've had chafing problems on my inner arm and I've heard a lot of ladies also get them inside the thighs. Men I've herd of getting the dreaded bloody nipples. Its an easy fix just get a bottle of Body Glide. Kinda looks like a mini stick of deodorant. You apply it to area of the body known for chafing and wallah the clothing or body part glides, hence the name body glide, along happily and chafe free. For quite sometime now I've been getting this red area on my lower back, little lower than the trap stamp. It gets red and irritated and sometimes even scabs. I always thought that it was my belt but after Sunday's 13 mile run I finally realized my favorite belt isn't my problem, its my running shorts! I never experience any discomfort while I was running other than the normal problems you get when running 13 miles (heavy, tired, legs, out a breath, energy, thirsty etc) but once I jumped in the shower I felt the sting and the light bulb went off. That red, painful, skin irritation on my lower back is chaffing its not from my favorite rock star belt after all. I've never been so happy to experience chaffing! I had ended my relationship with my belt because I thought it was the culprit but no its my running shorts/pants. My lower lower back chafe is healing as I type and I've also rekindled my romance with my rock star studded belt! Happy Running...chafe free please!