Thursday, September 6, 2012

Holy Hills Batman!

So you think you can run, you think you can run well and then you introduce "hills" into your training, now you feel like a wuss!

As I embark on my 13.1 quest this October and November I'm going for a PR (less than 1:58 but aiming for 1:55) and combined elements of training programs from Nike and Hal Higdon and then  meshed the program to fit my schedule and fall races. Tuesday's I alternate speed/interval training one week, then the next I put in hill work, every Thursday is a tempo, weekends are made for long runs and IF my body feels good I have the option of doing a 3-4 mile shorty on Wednesdays.

This Tuesday was my hill day and for my 2nd hill workout I did hill repeats the way the are supposed to be done. I picked a lovely climb in Springdale Cemetery and repeated it. My first workout I just ran what felt good, but really your supposed to run HARD on the uphill and then slow jog/walk on the down hill. I put forth so much effort on my climb that I had to walk the downhill. I did 7 repeats with my friend Britt who I met running St. Jude this summer. She totally smoked me on each and every hill, she's a very strong hill runner. Track work is my forte but hills is definitely hers!
This is Britt and I in the cemetery a few weeks ago on intervals.
After our work out in the cemetery we were glutton for punishment and went to the Riverplex for a Body Pump class, of course I HAD to do it since I was teaching it but Britt also came along. My muscles were already sore from Body Combat on Monday (I haven't done that in months) but add in the hills and pump yeah I've been so sore for two days.

Last night, I was able to crash the Sole Sister run on Detwiller Drive, it was a nice short 3 mile run, wish I could say it was easy but the sore muscles and morning show were kicking my ass. However, because I ran last night, I've given myself a complete rest day today. Ahhhhhh

Sunday team "Girls Gone Track" will be taking on the IVS half marathon. Fellow blogger Jess from Run With Jess will be my other half for the race, we each will be running a little over a 10k. I'd like to set a PR, naturally don't we all, my 10K best was a year ago at the Morton Pumpkin Classic in about 52 minutes. However, Sunday's race is in Springdale so its very hilly and is actually a 6.55 mile race, so if I can match I'll be very pleased. Wish us luck!