Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's Just Part of Being a Runner...Or Maybe Not?

A dirty little thing about running that most don't talk about...unless your me then nothing is off limits...is poop. I've learned they are called the Runners Trots or RT's as I like to call them. Sometimes you have them and other times you are free of this annoying little eh hem problem. It mostly effects distance runners. You can control it some what with diet-low fiber and no dairy before a run seems to work for me-and sometimes all you can do is pray that you don't get them. Sometimes you feel as if your ass will implode if you don't stop and try to drop a load and other times you can just clench it tight and keep on running. I always hope that I can just fart and it will help...but lets face it that has never happened. I've always feared that if I try to let some loose I will shiat myself and that is one thing I don't ever want to happen. Please just let me die before I poop my pants! Runners Trots its just part of being a runner...I remember the first time Matty told me he had it...I laughed and said welcome to the club your official now...well maybe I didn't say it out loud but I most certainly thought it.

I went quite sometime with out any problems but these last few runs its been a killer. I ran 10 miles on Sunday and not once did I feel the RT's but as soon as I stopped-thankfully a block from my house-they came on like freight train. And it hurt so bad I was in physical pain the rest of Sunday. And every time I went to the bathroom stuff came out and pretty much all day it was accompanied by blood...awesome! I've done lots of homework on this and have read this is so normal for runners especially the long distance runners. It has something to do with oxygen leaving that part of your body and going more to your heart. Then today, I did 6 on the TM. About mile 3 I started to get the pain and the gas, my last mile I had to clench and bear it, my last 400 meters I was afraid I was going to keel over in pain (so why do us runners keep going...I have no clue). As soon as I hit 6 I jumped off the TM and RAN to the bathroom and just in the nick of time too. And again this time more blood and lots of it but no pain. All the reading I have done says that even though the chance is that its absolutely nothing that when there is blood you need to see a doctor just to be safe. I'm debating it. I know if I just let this phase pass it will go away again...and then come back later, its what the RT's do! The logical part says go to the doctor, get the a-o-k and then stop worrying. But even the doctor scares me and its for the stupidest reason ever...I don't want my butt touched and I most certainly don't want anything put into my bum! And that's pretty much the reason why I don't go because something will have to be done to my exit only area... and it will only be so I can be told what I already know...runners trots! Why cant I get the other runners ailment...black and falling off toe nails?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Too Cold/Stuffed/Shopped Out to Run?

Happy Belated Thanksgiving...or Happy Black Friday? I've been so busy at work that I haven't had much time to blog. Heck I really  haven't done much of anything but work. I've been running but that strained calf/soleus really put me back for a few. I'm doing fine now but I hate the cold. I love to run but I hate the cold. I'm totally lacking in the motivation to get moving. A week ago it was beautiful out so I did lace up and head out for seven. However I got the RT's an that's always no fun. And then 1/2 way through it started to mist and by the time I got to  my last mile I was just not into it. The past few weeks I've done some 3-4 mile treadmill (TM) runs and those just blow chunks. I have a feeling this winter will be long. Today I bundled up in extra layers and hit the Riverfront to try and run of a few turkey pounds. I was slow but the good thing was is I wasn't cold. I sweat up a storm but after the run I was Frrreeeeezzzzing. And that just turns me off. I was thinking about how when your cold you can add layers until your warm but I'd so much rather sport some shorts, a tank and my Nike's. I don't mind the long pants/shorts thing but it takes forever for me to warm back up after a run. I makes me worried that I'll lose my running gains that I've made if I don't continue to push myself during the cold months. I guess I need to start doing some research because I feel that I'm just not going to be much of a winter runner. Tomorrow I want to run 6 miles but I know I'll have to do it on the TM and I know I can do 6 if I focus. I ate so much over Thanksgiving (and still have one more dinner to go and desserts ahhhh) that I need to run, I must run, I HAVE to run.

The downfall to weight loss...I always feel like I have to do this or I have to do that or I'm going to get "heavy" again. And lately I've had serious scale issues. Every single time I step on the scale instead of seeing a # that is 130-something (my actual weight) I always see a 150-something. Same thing when I step on the TM to run and when it asks for weight I always start with 1-5 and then have to push the back button. I'm not obsessive...yet...but whenever I do eat the not so healthy  or bigger portions I get fearful that I'm getting comfortable. Ahhhhh anyone else who has had big weightloss and body changes have things like this happen to them or am I just crazy?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Really Cool Video of My Next 1/2

Saw this posted on facebook and wanted to share it with my bloggers. This is eye level video of the Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon I am running on May 7th. This looks sooooo bad ass I cannot wait to run it!

Calf muscle is super tight and I'm walking a little funny. I'm doing a heat treatment as I type in hopes to losen it up a bit for my RPM class at noon. Then after I will ice it down.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guess The Means I'm a Runner...FOR REAL Now!

Monday after my RPM class I decided that I wanted to get outside and run, heck its in the 60's this week any runner who passes up a chance to get outside is nuts. One of my students, Tiffany, came along. I wanted to do about 8 miles running from the riverplex across the river to East Peoria and then back to Peoria and to Lower Glen Oak Park and back. Well about 4 miles in I felt a stitch in my lower right calf at 4.5 I had to stop and try to stretch it, continuing on a different path I made it to about 5 and a quarter miles and had to stop. :(  Doing a littler searching I think its just a strained Soleus muscle. So today I pushed it through a 10 mile run , yes I know that was dumb but it felt fine until I started running and I hate stopping something once I already started. I'll take the next few days off, do some ice and stretching and work a little on it with a roller pad thing ma-bob. Anyway I've had a lot of "welcome to the club" since finally hitting an injury, just the kinda welcome I love to receive!

A GRIPE: Okay so I'm so tired of hearing chicks whine about their weight and inability to lose it. I know I know I'm a hypocrite because I used to be that girl. But I USED to be that girl so I can complain now. I get so annoyed that when they gripe I give my 2 cents on what they can do to change it and I get excuses as to why they cant do this or that. Or that they may just have a thyroid problem (FYI-that is actually pretty rare) or that they are just destined to be this weight cuz they are older and their metabolism is slower. Or they eat healthy and they exercise but they still gain weight. Or that because of their genes they are just built that way. I know, I've been there, I felt that frustration and I've used every single one of those excesses. For YEARS I tried to lose weight and I swore I was eating right and I just had to work out more. Never worked. Then put a surgery on top of that and I was 168lbs at 5'1"! I gave in and joined Weight Watcher and in 5 months 30lbs literally MELTED off my body. It wasn't hard, I wasn't hungry, I didn't work out more. I just learned how to eat the right way! And yep even had my thyroid tested to, it was fine. No diet or exercise GIMMICK is going to get you slim, you have to commit to being healthy and you have to commit FOR LIFE. That is what people forget those two words "FOR LIFE". You have to make time for yourself and say no to others, you don't have to work out 5 times a week for hours (unless you enjoy that kinda thing) go 3xweek for 30 minutes and you WILL see a change WHEN you pair that with a healthy diet. If you think your eating healthy and your still NOT losing I will bet you 10 bucks your not eating as healthy as you think. Stop making excuses and do the work and I promise you that you will lose weight.

Jan. 1st 2010
Weight: 168
Size: 14

Weight: 134.6
Size: 5

Goal: 128
PS: My weight loss has stalled the last few months not because I can't do it but because I'm not trying as hard, I'm enjoying foods a bit more. But the great thing is I am ENJOYING foods that I love and not feeling guilty. I take accountability of what I consume and either work out a little more or eat a little less the next few days. But in those few months I am proud to say I HAVE NOT GAINED! I'm 33 and in the best physical condition of my LIFE! And I couldn't be any happier even if I was not lot lose another single pound.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

OPPS I'm doing it AGAIN!

It's official, I've signed up for my next 1/2 Marathon; The 500 Festival Mini Marathon on May 7, 2011! Matty is also signed up for the 1/2 so he'll be doing his first one that date and two of my co-workers Chris (Koller) and Bob Swinehart are also registered. I believe two other people they know are also doing the race. I already told them that I am down for doing a hotel room with them-in the same hotel I wont be sharing a room with anyone but Matty cuz ya know we need some alone time ha ha ha. Anyway this is the race that does a lap on the speedway and I guess its one of the largest races with 35,000 people! Here's a link if you wanna check it out: http://www.500festival.com/

Out of 34 teams at the Screaming Pumpkin Prediction Relay Marathon race the 105.7 The X Rocks team placed in at 14th! And we came in at 11:55! Ahhhh! But we all got our tiaras and wands, which is what I wanted, just no trophy. I'll post some photo's below of the race, it was really a TON of fun and totally recommend this race to anyone! The race sounds intimidating because Springdale Cemetery is very hilly but also ya know there's that thing of running through a cemetery at night. But I loved that it was at night and you couldn't see....see the approaching hills. I think if I could see them it would freak me out but this way you have no idea what or when they are coming. I just kept the glow sticks to my right, followed them and ran my heart out. I did pretty well too...well I should have slowed it down some. Bob, Jill and I both ran our normal pace so poor Matty had like an hour and 20 mins to run the 6 miles so he just jogged it, poor guy. Our team pace was 9:22. My official time was 1:03:35 or a 9:42 mile. It was cold but we were blessed that I broadcast from there and had the comforts of the warm van just at the finish line! :) But it was seriously a super fun run and you should plan to do it next year! The only thing I am sad about is that I didn't get a pictures after the race with us in our tiaras :(