Thursday, September 23, 2010

13 miles down and only .10 to go...

Thirteen miles...DONE! Can check that run off my list! I'm exhausted, my legs are a bit stiff and I really don't know what to say other than I did it! Let's break it down:

Total run time 2:12:58, average pace was 10'13 and calories burnt was 1,345! I started just before 9 this morning, ran the RIT (stayed on the dirt the whole time this run) luckily it wasn't too warm out (supposed to get up to 90 today) plus I wore my new running t-shirt and I gotta say run apparel is much better to run in compared to tank tops that just hold on to all that sweat. Cardiovascular wise I felt fantastic the entire run, my goal is to always keep my HR in a moderate zone and pace myself. My legs started to tighten about 10 miles in and that's when I got tired. I really had to syke myself into the run kept telling myself that Jana and Matty were rooting for me to do well today and I couldn't let them down and I just kept on going. Once I hit the 13 miles I forced myself to walk for about 10 minutes after the run and my god I don't think I have ever felt tightness like that in my legs before. How in the heck to do people run full marathons (26.2 miles in case you were wondering)? Anyway that will be my longest run during training, I'll take it down to 12 miles next week and then taper them off from there.

Word is my sister is still coming to the 1/2, my cousin had to back out of the weekend but says she will still be there for actual race. Matty is in and is officially signed up to run the 10k. Hotel has been booked and paid for, time off request has been approved. All that is left is 29 days in the way. And that's all I got for today sorry but witty is not in my body today. And with that farewell till next week....7 miles will kick off Week 9 on Sunday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being a Marathon Spectator

I found this link on Mankat Marathon's facebook page, very cool artical. I think my family, friends and my fellow runners will like it and want to pass it along to their cheerleaders!

After being a spectator at over a dozen marathons and an ultra marathon, I have a few pieces of helpful advice that I would love to share with those of you who are about to hit the sidelines and cheer on your runner. Whether you are cheering for friends, family, or just 40,000 people who all decided they wanted to run a really long distance, your support will give them energy to finish the race and excitement to last the distance and beyond. It is a really fun day and can be enjoyed to the fullest with a little bit of planning.

What to wear

Due to the fact that marathons take a long time and there will be a lot of standing and waiting, keep in mind that on cold days you will be colder than you think. Always grab an extra bit of clothing, you will be thankful you have it. At the New York Marathon, I wore an enormous fluffy pink top hat that the runner I was cheering on, Chris, could see from three blocks away. I was a little nervous at the time that he wouldn't see me in the sea of people on the side of the street, but as it turns out, he spotted me sometimes before I spotted him because of my hat. So, pick something fun and noticeable to wear then tell your runner what to look for because the more eccentric you dress, the easier it will be for your runner to spot you. Plus, it is really fun to interact with other spectators, and a crazy hat, shirt, or balloon tied to you is a great conversation starter. Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes. It is very easy to put in a few miles yourself, and your feet will thank you for wearing sensible shoes. the more eccentric you dress, the easier it will be for your runner to spot you.

What to bring

It is really handy to take a backpack, even if you think it will be mostly empty. I have often started watching a marathon with an empty backpack and somehow it ends up stuffed by the end of the race. If your runner is depending on you to hold his or her gear so that going to gear check can be avoided, the backpack can hold water and Gatorade, energy gel, their warm-ups and keys. Take a snack and drink for yourself as well because you will be waiting around for your runner for hours and you might not have time between meeting points to stop and buy food. A camera and back up film or memory stick is a must, especially when you spot your runner in the crowd and want to get a quick photo of them. Focus your camera in advance if you can to avoid getting an out-of-focus picture. (Your runner will probably not want to turn around and then run back towards you so that you can re-take the picture!) And most importantly, get a spectator map. You can usually download them from the race website. As a last minute solution if you did not get one from your runner or the marathon expo, you can usually find one near the start of the race.

The start

Getting to the start early is essential, especially in bigger races where standing in line for a port-a-potty can take 20-30 minutes, and gear check can take another 20-30 minutes. Your runner may want you there for moral support or may not, but just check before hand to see what his or her wishes are. They may want you there more at the finish line to help walk them home or find the car! It is really crowded at some of the more popular marathons, so decide on a very specific meeting point such as an intersection, statue, or building.

Mile markers

Mile markers are usually very well marked with a huge timing clock preceded or followed by several tables with water and Gatorade cups and volunteers. Position yourself at least 100 feet in front of or 100 feet after the mile marker, because it is often too crowded for your runner to spot you in the crowd. My goal is to always get in the less populated areas. Tell your runner where you plan on meeting him or her so that he/she can look for you. And remind them of what you are going to be wearing!

Timing your "meeting" points

If you have a spectator map, you will see that there will generally be 4-6 points listed where you can meet your runner, and sometimes maps will tell you how to get from point to point. The points are usually spaced out enough that you can arrive 10-20 minutes before your runner, as long as your runner stays on pace. The key to finding your runner or runners is to ask them what their pace per mile is going to be. Then give yourself enough time to get there, and be very conservative with your coffee stops along the way--it is really disappointing to miss your runner by 2 minutes, and you may not even know that you have missed him. Your runner will most likely run each mile a little bit slower during the second half of the race, but you should still overestimate the pace per mile just to be sure. I have found that in most marathons, I can find a runner 2-3 times during the race.

If you are driving between meeting points, you have to allow time for traffic, detours, and parking so you can get out of your car and get situated on the side of the road and start looking for your runner. (Hint: Know what your runner is wearing!) If you are walking, you will only cover approximately one mile in the time that your runner covers three, so unless you take a short-cut, you really have to hoof it. If you are taking a cab, keep your spectator map handy because your taxi driver may not know of the race-day detours, and if you run into the course, you will be stuck behind a sea of runners and may have to just get out and walk.

Public transportation, such as the subway or a bus, is often the best option. They may get jam-packed with people, so be friendly and remember that everyone else is there for the same reason as you: to cheer on their mom, dad, sibling, or friend on a mission to run a very long distance. Certain race courses have a big loop which makes it impassable for spectators. Check out the map before the race so that you can make sure you won't get trapped inside the course and not be able to reach your runner. (In Manhattan during the NY Marathon, you can only cross from the east to the west side to get to the finish line via 58th Street or lower since the runners cross the Queensboro Bridge at 59th and run north all the way up 1st Avenue).

Note: Many cities offer a "one day fun pass" for their public transportation which allows you to get on and off the trains and buses as many times as you want within 24 hours. This could mean spending $5 instead of $20, so check it out before hand.

The finish

The finish line is a very exciting place! No matter what your runner's finishing time is, he will be tired and in need of an arm to grab onto when stepping onto a curb or stepping over runners who will be sprawled out on the ground doing some post-race stretching. The best thing you can do for your runner immediately after the race is walk with him for 10 minutes. DO NOT let him sit down immediately after crossing the finish line and grabbing his banana and beer (yes, beer if usually offered free to the runners!). The runner may protest, but he will thank you for it the next day. They need to walk, even if very slowly, for 10 minutes before sitting down to stretch. This allows the blood flow to return to normal and flush out their legs so that stiffness does not set in. Then, 10-20 minutes of stretching is in order, with a snack of at least 400 calories. This should be consumed no longer than 30 minutes after finishing the race in order to promote recovery for their tired, broken-down muscles. Keep your camera strap wrapped around your wrist. Even if your runner seems too tired to pose for a picture, take one with the race bib on before he/she sits down and falls asleep--it will be a picture he or she will treasure for a long time!

Link to artical:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 8 and 31 day's to go!

Howdy friends. So this past week I had discussed with a few other runners about how funny it is that bathroom issues are a HUGE deal when it comes to long distance runners. Which we are all well aware of reading my blog. As you can tell I hold nothing back. I think right now, 31 days out from my first 1/2 Marathon, my biggest fear is poop and if I'll have to do it while I'm running.

A few updates:

Nike+: I gave up on that fucker!I just went and got a new one. I've done every single suggestion I can find on Nike and Apples support pages and forums to no luck. Sunday I thought I fixed it and then it did the same cockamamie bullshit on me at like 5.43 miles or some shit, i was pissed cuz I only had 6 miles to do! I calibrated the new one yesterday, ran 6 with it today and did great. Advice for fellow runners calibrate your Nike+ often because your stride changes, my normal pace now is about 9 minute miles! I read in the support forums how you can calibrate it AFTER a run, I'll see if I can find that and post it.

Clothing: I hit up Running Central and again I love this store. You can tell when people really do have your best interest at heart when they tell you the truth and not just stuff to sell you things. I went in and asked about cold weather clothing and they recommend a base t-shirt (which I already got from New Balance) and then a top layer to keep me warm and dry. I found that top layer at RC but didn't buy it yet, I wanted to shop around but found the price is right and so is the product at RC. I'll be getting it soon. But when I asked about long pants I was told that I don't need them that I can run in shorts or my Capri's. Anyway, the could have totally tried to sell me the pants but didn't and it makes me have tons of respect for them and make me want to shop there.

Other run stuff: So today I ran 6 in exactly 56 minutes average pace was 9'19 here is my breakdown: 1-9, 2-8'58,3-9, 4-9'27, 5-9'05 and 6-9'14 and I took the route that has me end my run going up Park hill (by Bradley park off of Farmington Road). I've been trying to run up that sucker for MONTHS and today I finally freaking did it! I was slow but I ran up the entire hill and kept on running once I got to the top (still had over a .50 mile to go) so that was a pretty bad ass feat for me AND I still kept my pace under 10 minute miles. So I decided to alter my Nike+ training for sure, I am going to run 13 miles this week, 12 next and then start to tapper them down. My week of the race I will stop running on Tuesday or Wednesday and NOT do a long run that week. Also Matty is definitely going to run the Mankato 10k too and my sister is still planning on attending the race, gonna be awesome I can't wait!

Okay I am at work so I should probably do some of that stuff instead of my blog. I'll be checking back in on Thursday. Remember for those of you not on blogger you can still leave a comment so I know you stopped by. Click the comment thing just below and leave it anonymously just make sure to leave your name in the comment field so I know who it is.

Friday, September 17, 2010

12 miles down and only 1.1 to go!

So yesterday was my very first 12 mile run. I smashed it! Again the stupid ass Nike+ didn't work, it quit at 1.16 miles. I am wondering if the sensor got moister in it on that 11 mile run I did (see a few blogs back). anyway I've been searching the support forums on and apple. I tried a few suggestions on apple so we'll see if it works on my next run on Sunday. Now about those 12 miles...

Once again I gotta brag because I have a totally rad boyfriend. He offered to run with me yesterday he was going to do the 1st 8 miles with me (out to Dunlap and back) and then wait while I did my final 4. I was a bit worried because I still have the cramps from hell, I was tired and my period has offically been going on for over an fricken week! UHHHHHH! So we head out to the RIT and hit the ground running. Matty is naturally faster than me so I had to lead to slow him down but he totally forced me to pick up my pace some. I usually do my long runs with my HR between 83-88% and with him yesterday I was pretty consistent at about 88-91%. Of course the Nike+ died so I had to guess on our time I would check my watch at each mile marker and we seemed to be just under a 10 minute pace. Once back at our start (just under 8 miles) I had to pee (go effing figure) and I leave a bottle of water at the start so we drank some. I felt fabulous at this point, no pain, not tired and definitely not winded cardiovascular wise I was felling perfect. Plus working out helps alleviate my cramps (but not the back pain). So the next 4 miles shouldn't be bad and I was stoked to tackle them. Matty also felt the same and decided to finish with me. Keep in mind he's never trained for this, show off! So now we head towards Pioneer Parkway and this trail is a little more grueling especially for the final 4 miles cuz there are some hills. I figured if we run about 22 minutes in one direction and then flip back we should have done just over 12 miles or right at. I'd rather do more than less. So that's what we did with about 3 miles left we both started having leg issues but nothing that stopped us. The last mile and half my legs were hurting but once we hit the last 1/2 mile my adrenaline kicked in and I was ready to kick this runs ass and I stepped it into high gear and sprinted the rest of the way. We ran for a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes! I felt like ass after my legs sore and I'm so flexible its really hard for me to get good stretches in. But we did it and the best part was is I got to share it with Matty. Really him being there totally pushed me to just kick some ass and I gotta say I love having someone who is just as tweaked as myself when it comes to fitness. And I'm totally proud of him too that's a hard run and to do it w/o any training, he's bad ass! Don't let this go to your head Matty but I'm kinda proud of ya!

Today, I'm a bit sore but I'm still going to teach my RPM class at noon. I may not go balls to the wall crazy like normal but I am going to teach. I'm dog sitting my friends doggie today, Pappy. Him and my dog, Pippin, are having a ball, I'm going to go take them both for a walk now to help loosen up my legs some.

I also looked at my training and I see Nike has me running 14 miles a week before my race and I don't want to do that. So next week I'm suppose to run 12 again, I am going to go for 13, then the following I'll do 12 and then from there on out I'll tapper off my runs, I don't want to be doing anything to grueling before the race so after the next 2 weeks I'll start taking my mileage down on my long runs.

Oh and I did decided that after the race I am getting the tattoo. I'll get a tiny foot print the date of the race and then the time I finished in on the back of my neck just under my hair line.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When I say "I don't have that problem" I jinx myself!

I say "My Nike+ is accurate" and the the next run its inaccurate to the max!
I say "I haven't had the runners trots in a while" and then the next run, I get them!
I say "I never have problems with my Nike+" and guess what happened..yep problems!

So Sunday and then on Tuesday I had a 7 mile and then a 6 mile run. On Sunday at .88 into my run my Nike+ says to me "run stopped, press menu to continue" so I was what, I didn't think I hit anything but my case is in need of replacing so I thought maybe it jacked it up. I hit menu and continue, only for this to happen 3 more times. The 3rd time I look at it and its still on .88. So I stop it and restart it and it worked fine. But yesterday it did the same thing at .30 and wouldn't restart, it kept trying to link with the sensor but wouldn't. So I just said eff it and ran w/o the Nike+ tracking, luckily I kinda new the route so I was able to guesstimate the 6 miles, I'm pretty sure I ran just over 6 miles. But, I got my first 12 miles tomorrow and I really want my Nike+ for this. I'll run on the RIT so I can pretty much figure out 12 miles but I wont know FOR SURE w/o it. Uh I don't know if I should just go buy a new one or what.

Speaking of my 12 miles, I'm excited, a little nervous but looking forward to it. It will be weird because I am doing the morning show all this week and it starts to get dark at 7ish. So I'm more worried how I'll feel running later because my eating is different and I don't want the RT's is there really anything worse than having to crap when you run? Yeah..running with a UTI, lol. Anyway, we'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm thinking of hitting the trail about 4ish the weather is supposed to be ideal so wish me luck!

PS: I learned yesterday that my wonderful boyfriend is indeed going to go to Mankato with me for the race so I'm pretty happy to know he'll be at the finish line waiting and cheering for me!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Failure or Fatigued? Or was it just cramps from hell?

So today's run was to be a 2 mile run and then tomorrow was to be 2 mile warm up/cool down with a 10k time trial in between. Well I had to flip flop because I can't run 10 miles after I teach my RPM class (or before but I'm doing the AM show thru next Thursday). I wanted to really take this challenge on -the time trial-because its what is going to help me be in prime shape come race time and is going to help keep boredom at bay while I train. Last night I was struck with sever back pain, it comes with my monthly pain in the ass. Anyway, I'm not due to start till Tuesdayish but wham bam come 5 days early! What's really crappy about this is I'm still taking my BC pills and don't stop until Sunday! WTF? More on that later.

So my day starts out bitter sweet; my Matty left this am for 5 days but he totally surprised me by leaving me a book from my all time favorite author and a sweet card on the front seat of my car. (I say this just to brag cuz he's so wonderful) Breakfast was a bagel with weight watchers cream cheese, tomato slices, energy drink and some jenny-o extra lean turkey bacon. No fiber or dairy! I get to the RIT and as always pee before I begin my run but what happens 2 miles in? I gotta pee. Luckily right at that point there is another potty so I stop to pee and guess what else hits...the return of the RT's (I must have jinxed myself with the last blog)! But after that stop I feel FAB so I hit my 10k time trial and I'm doing well I get all the way to Dunlap and turn back around and make my 8.2 miles with a pretty decent time(but my Nike+ was off another jinx) so it says just under 8 miles. :( This is my start point and I have a 2 mile cool down so I always stop at my midway point (or slightly beyond) to rehydrate and WHAMBLAMBLAM the RT's come back with a vengeance. I felt like my intestines were gonna come out my ass. Plus my legs were already cramping because I ran fast for my time trial. But then this is where I about keel over with overwhelming back pain and about pass out because I can't breath. (I don't get cramps I get back pain...I'm sooo lucky) So I decided to call it a day and I missed my 2 mile cool down. Ok so yeah its only 2 miles but dammit I wanted to do those 2 miles and I'm down right pissed off I didn't. I hate my body when it doesn't do what I want it to do.

So I decide its time to call Erin again because since the first of the year I have not had a consistent period. I was on the shot for like 7 years but have been off for like 2.5 years now, it took a year+ just for it to return. And its very inconsistent; one time it will be 3 days, the next 5 but the past 3 months its been 7 days this last month it was 8. And now this month it started 5 days early!!!! But the past 2 months have been pure hell because the back pain is so bad and NOTHING helps. I don't know if its because of my weight loss, workout habits, change in diet, or the shot effed me up or what. I love the BC pills I am now because the breakouts are mild (only a few days before that time) I have no mood swings but its the pain that I can't deal with, which was why I was on the shot to begin with. Mostly at night it bothers me because I can't get comfortable to sleep/relax. Doctor I guess wants me to have an ultra sounds, not sure why, so I am going in tomorrow morning at 10:30, she said they may switch my BC again or put me back on the shot. If I had my way I would just have my lady parts taken out but...well I wont get it my way. Anyway, I'm pissed off because I couldn't do what I wanted to do today and I feel like I suck. And now I am done venting and yes you bet your ass my 2 mile run for tomorrow just turned into a 4 miler!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Picture is worth a thousand words....or is just masturbation material!

So I'm 1/2 way through my 7 miles today and I catch some pervo leaning 1/2 way outside the passenger side window of this truck, camera phone in hand, arm stretched out and taking a picture of my backside running. No effing joke! When I busted him he hoped back into the truck quickly and they sped off, gross! Really are we THAT hard up you need to take a pic of a girl running, what is wrong with people for fucks sake!

So here's my week 6 run sked: Sunday-7 miles-miles 1&2 at easy pace, miles 3-6 at tempo but I did 3-7 at tempo. Yesterday 3 miles 4x150 meter strides after, today 7 miles a repeat of Sunday. Now Thursday my normal long run day I'm to do a 2 mile run then on Friday I'm to do a 10.2-2 mile warm up then-10k time trial-2m cool down. However I teach on Friday (and I just found out I do the efffing morning show, puke) so I think I'll flip them and do Friday on Thursday and Thursday's run on Friday.

So one more thing; I broke my #1 cardinal rule today...I was 1/2 way through eating me eggs and toast this am and I realize...I'm drinking milk...dairy is a big no no food for me. And for a minute I totally panicked. But luckily it didn't effect me negatively...whew I dodged a bullet today with that one. I'm doing the morning show all next week, I'm worried how that will effect me, yuck. But I'm at the 1/2 way point now; 6 weeks or 40some day's to go!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why $20 for socks is worth every penny!

I was saved by my socks today. No really I was. If you ever venture into a running store they will always try to sell you socks. They will say stuff about how they grip your feet better and more breathable and help against feet sweat and blah blah blah. I always thought this was BS because it's a sock, it goes on my foot and well twenty bucks for a pack of three (or six bucks a pair) just sounds stupid. But they are the expert so I got the expensive socks. Turns out I really dig them. In fact this last time I got shoes I also got the special socks. And when one of those socks fell victim to either the washer/dryer/or Pippin I went out and got more $20 socks. Never have I gotten painful blisters, don't know if it was the socks or not I just gave all the credit to the awesome running store (Running Central)for selling me the socks and shoes...more on this in a bit...first my ELEVEN...gonna say it one more time with charm...MY ELEVEN MILE RUN!!!!! :D

Well honestly I was worried today. Not only was the weather calling for rain and strong storms but the last 2 weeks I've done my 10 milers and the last 1/2 mile I don't know how i was going to be able to finish and now I have to add another mile on to that. This time I decided to kinda flip my route on the RIT so I took the dirt path for 3 miles, turned around, rehyrdated at my start point (6 miles in) and then continue onto the paved path (I usually start on that). I felt pretty good most of the run I took my time and actually set my HRM to work in the "moderate" zone to force me to slow down and it worked wonders. At 6 miles I was DRENCHED and nope, no rain. It was cloudy, overcast and humid (but not uncomfortable humid). The ground was wet but not muddy and I was GROSS but still had 5 miles to go. So I keep on and when I have about 1.5 miles left I notice my shoes seem kinda...squishy. I realize that the combo of the wet ground and my sweatyness has caused me to have squishy shoes, gross eh? When I realize this I also realize the paved path of the RIT has lots of hills so hills and squishy shoes and my longest run to date meant suckyness. Whatev-I'm strong so I keep on and I make it and I'm proud, those last few miles its really more mental than physical and a kick ass play list always helps. Sorry to Ke$ha haters but I totally dig her, Take It Off...totally kept me going that last phase and so did Mindset Evolution lol what a music combo! So I get back to my car after finishing and I start to dry off (I always bring extra clothing, flip flops and towels) and I take off my shoes and this is where I convinced myself that those spendy socks saved me, my feet and my run. I got to thinking about how if I had cheap normal socks on how they would be drenched (my socks were the one thing that I couldn't wring out) and would have caused massive friction and pain. But nope, not the magic socks, dry as a bone, fitting perfect to my feet (which by the end of the run looked like they had been soaking in a tub that's how much moisture was in my shoes). So for my fellow runners out there get the good socks, you'll thank me for it. But me I'll just thank Running Central because if they didn't convince me I needed them I probably would be in a lot more pain now that what I am (I just have sore quads).

Oh and also honorable mentions go to Body Glide for keeping my arm chafe free and to biofreeze for keeping my shoulder loose (its been tightening up during my runs painfully so) and for helping my quads so I can still function the remainder of the day.

Breakdown: 1-10:10 2-10:03 3-10:20 4-10:22 5 & 6-10:48 7-10:20 8-11:16 9-10:57 10-10:46 and 11-9:56.