Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 8 and 31 day's to go!

Howdy friends. So this past week I had discussed with a few other runners about how funny it is that bathroom issues are a HUGE deal when it comes to long distance runners. Which we are all well aware of reading my blog. As you can tell I hold nothing back. I think right now, 31 days out from my first 1/2 Marathon, my biggest fear is poop and if I'll have to do it while I'm running.

A few updates:

Nike+: I gave up on that fucker!I just went and got a new one. I've done every single suggestion I can find on Nike and Apples support pages and forums to no luck. Sunday I thought I fixed it and then it did the same cockamamie bullshit on me at like 5.43 miles or some shit, i was pissed cuz I only had 6 miles to do! I calibrated the new one yesterday, ran 6 with it today and did great. Advice for fellow runners calibrate your Nike+ often because your stride changes, my normal pace now is about 9 minute miles! I read in the support forums how you can calibrate it AFTER a run, I'll see if I can find that and post it.

Clothing: I hit up Running Central and again I love this store. You can tell when people really do have your best interest at heart when they tell you the truth and not just stuff to sell you things. I went in and asked about cold weather clothing and they recommend a base t-shirt (which I already got from New Balance) and then a top layer to keep me warm and dry. I found that top layer at RC but didn't buy it yet, I wanted to shop around but found the price is right and so is the product at RC. I'll be getting it soon. But when I asked about long pants I was told that I don't need them that I can run in shorts or my Capri's. Anyway, the could have totally tried to sell me the pants but didn't and it makes me have tons of respect for them and make me want to shop there.

Other run stuff: So today I ran 6 in exactly 56 minutes average pace was 9'19 here is my breakdown: 1-9, 2-8'58,3-9, 4-9'27, 5-9'05 and 6-9'14 and I took the route that has me end my run going up Park hill (by Bradley park off of Farmington Road). I've been trying to run up that sucker for MONTHS and today I finally freaking did it! I was slow but I ran up the entire hill and kept on running once I got to the top (still had over a .50 mile to go) so that was a pretty bad ass feat for me AND I still kept my pace under 10 minute miles. So I decided to alter my Nike+ training for sure, I am going to run 13 miles this week, 12 next and then start to tapper them down. My week of the race I will stop running on Tuesday or Wednesday and NOT do a long run that week. Also Matty is definitely going to run the Mankato 10k too and my sister is still planning on attending the race, gonna be awesome I can't wait!

Okay I am at work so I should probably do some of that stuff instead of my blog. I'll be checking back in on Thursday. Remember for those of you not on blogger you can still leave a comment so I know you stopped by. Click the comment thing just below and leave it anonymously just make sure to leave your name in the comment field so I know who it is.


  1. huh i always calibrate AFTER A run - didnt know you could do it any other way!!! HMMMM!!
    Yea the bathroom thing is a pain - but i always have an issue ESP b/c i also suffer from diverticulitis... i always carry tissue and wipes.... it never hurts to be prepared -

    You will definitely need pants for winter running though not the fall but when it is less than 20 degrees out you will

  2. Of course you calibrate it AFTER your run silly , you miss understood me. When I was looking for help on my broken nike+ i read that after a normal run (not in calibration mode) you can calibrate it but dammit now I cant find the forum thread to see how to do it or if I misread it.

    And I will NOT I repeat I will NOT be running out doors in the winter. I wont even walk my dog when its too cold out so there is now way in hell will I be running outside when its cold.

  3. What are you going to do for your runs in the winter? I'm rooting for you darlin! I;m so proud of your dedication! The pooping thing would really annoy me! I have IBS and it would def be my luck to have to poop in the middle of my run. UGHHHHHHH Good luck with that!!! Isn't Andrea going to come now? I thought she was planning on coming and you gals were staying at thehotel...or I spose since Matty is going that will change??? He sure is a nice looking guy and u guys look great together!!

  4. I'll take my runs back indoors and to the treadmill but mainly focus on building speed with sprints and such. I can run about 6 miles on the tread before I get bored to tears so hopefully I can take it to at least 7 or 8 so I don't lose much of my endurance. Last I heard from Andrea was that she had to talk to Nick and wouldn't know until closer to the race so I'm just kinda waiting to hear from her. I still have the room with 2 beds the 4 of us can fit in there. Matty is signed up for the 10k so he is also running. And yeah his is pretty freaking sexy I'm not going to lie.

  5. You're adorable sweet one! Love ya and miss ya!!