Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today is Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Heather's Story Of Survival

Read Heathers story at

Please read and share Heather’s story and bring awareness today.

Recently I had received an email from Cameron Von St. James, he said he wanted to reach out to me and let you know about a campaign that he and his wife have put together with the help of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. That campaign is Mesothelioma Awareness Day, which is today! He had stumbled upon my blog about my battle with cancer and was hoping I would share his wife Heather’s story and the mission of trying to get 7200 voices talking and sharing about this rare cancer, mesothelioma. Why 7200 voices? Because that represent the 7200 hours that the average mesothelioma patient has to live.

Cameron said to me; “My wife is a rare survivor of mesothelioma, so this day obviously means a lot to us. We aren’t asking for time, money, or donations of any kind, just voices to spread the word about this awful, and sadly little known cancer. I was hoping that you would help support our cause by sharing a link to our campaign page on your site, so that your readers can use their voices as well!”
Sure, I can do that! Will you please click the share button on top of this page? View Heathers story below and if you get a chance read more here:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

AHHHH Help Me Pick My Marathon Shirt!!!!

In less than three week I’ll embark on a 26.2 mile journey-the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. This marathon has so much meaning to me, it probably won’t be my best (or worst) race and I probably won’t get a PR (personal record) but just the fact that I’m running is huge to me especially after the the year I've had.

In case you're new to my blog; in April I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, in May I had a radical hysterectomy (abdominally) and lymphadenectomy, in June I was told I’m cancer free. When I was diagnosed I was already registered to run this marathon and it wasn’t even a question if I’d still run it or not. In fact I’m pretty sure one of my first questions was “Will I still be able to run my marathon in October?”. I’ve been working towards that goal ever since.

Normally I’m not a dress up kinda girl for a race but this one I wanted to make it a big deal. The color for gynecological cancers is teal, so that’s what I wanted to wear and exactly what I found, you can read the blog here.

Now, it’s time to find my design for the back of my shirt because I want the people behind me to be inspired and know that they can overcome anything, I want to raise awareness and be reminded that no matter how I finish it's a victory. My wonderful friend, running partner and blogger (Run With Jess) designed 4 shirts for me. Unfortunately, she did too good of a job and I can’t decide which one to use.

That’s where you come in; I want you to tell me which one is your favorite, whichever one gets the most votes/likes through the blog and on facebook will be the one that I wear on my back.


Which one do you like????

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nike Should Sponsor ME!

Just Do really just do it Nike and sponsor me!

The first pair of "real" running shoes I purchaced were Nike Free's and since then I've tried Brooks and Saucony but I've always kept coming back to Nike, they just do it for me. I run well and pain free, they fit my feet how I like and aren't too heavy. After this last time buying shoes and them not working (causing pain) I just went back to my Lunarglides and have vowed to no longer try something new.

This weekend I found my marathon outfit and guess what...its 100% Nike, lol total coincidence and it even matches my orange Lunar's. Honestly I normally just run/workout in Target workout wear. It's inexpensive, lasts a long time and works very well with me. With this big 26.2 looming I wanted to step up my outfit, honestly I'm never a "dress up" person for races; I pick something that fits the forecast and wear it, not giving two shits. However, with the whole cervical cancer/hysterectomy thing I wanted to do something...bigger. I don't know how pretty (or ugly) this full 'thon will be and no matter how I do I wanted to do it with pride because I really have overcome a lot (although I don't feel like it).

Teal it is! Teal is the color of gynecological cancers (like pink is for breast) and since I'm a cervical cancer survivor that's what I wanted to wear. This weekend I headed out to Dicks Sporting Goods and walked away with exactly what I wanted a teal top, but I also walked away with some crazy teal pants too (something new for me, I'm strictly a plain black pants girl) and to top it off....they were on clearance!

What do you think? 
They even passed the run test (I'm a firm believer in NEVER running a race in something you haven't worn before) with my long run on Sunday (14 miles)!

Now the hard part...I was thinking of putting on the back "5 Months Ago I beat cancer, today 26.2" but as my mister pointed out, its long and

Thursday, September 5, 2013

One Month Till Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

Me after 18 miles last weekend.
Here I am nearly 3.5 months from having Cervical Cancer/Radical Hysterectomy/Lymphondectomy and exactly 1 month away from running a marathon.

I've got 4 full weeks left of training and I don't feel ready. I've been going through some not normal body stuff; I actually have feelings and cry now (YEAH can you believe that) sometimes I feel like I cannot control my emotions, probably just my body going through adjustments after the surgery (I do have ovaries still), I've gained weight (so hate that) and the one that drives me crazy is I sweat like CRAZY, I normally sweat a lot but it's SO bad now-when I'm done with a workout my shoes will be soaked in sweat like I was running through puddles but it's sweat not gross!

The weight gain has bothered me more than it should and its hurt my confidence big time. I'm having a really hard time taking the weight off, so much so I had my hormones and thyroid tested...they're normal. It's face the music time, I've got to hunker down and get serious. Small portions, better choices..plain and simple. Overall I'm glad to hear that, I hear doing hormone replacement can be a big trial and error and a long process, I've lost weight twice, I can do it again, just gotta focus.

I've also been doubting myself on every, single, long run, I always go into the LR thinking they are going to be hard, they're going to hurt and I wont be able to do it. I've done the big ones 16, 18 and 20 is coming next weekend, yet here I am going into my 2nd 14 miler this weekend and all I can think about how much its going to hurt and how hard it's going to be. I've said all along, me just being able to do this training and marathon is HUGE there are very few women who've had hysterectomies and abdominal ones for that matter that would even think a marathon 5 months later is possible. It was never a question of not going for it or saying maybe next year, so I don't know why I feel this way. I've got to get past this self-doubt funk I'm in; if you find my confidence will you return it please????

My Garmin died too. But honestly, I'm happy it was a POS anyway and once they came out with the new colorful Forerunner 10's I HAD to have purple of course. The money was the big issue, with thousands of dollars in medical bills outstanding I really shouldn't and couldn't spend the measly $130 on a new one....but I did anyway. lol

This whole summer has been surreal. When I truly take a moment to sit back and think about it all, I still can't believe it...and I've lived it.