Thursday, September 19, 2013

AHHHH Help Me Pick My Marathon Shirt!!!!

In less than three week I’ll embark on a 26.2 mile journey-the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. This marathon has so much meaning to me, it probably won’t be my best (or worst) race and I probably won’t get a PR (personal record) but just the fact that I’m running is huge to me especially after the the year I've had.

In case you're new to my blog; in April I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, in May I had a radical hysterectomy (abdominally) and lymphadenectomy, in June I was told I’m cancer free. When I was diagnosed I was already registered to run this marathon and it wasn’t even a question if I’d still run it or not. In fact I’m pretty sure one of my first questions was “Will I still be able to run my marathon in October?”. I’ve been working towards that goal ever since.

Normally I’m not a dress up kinda girl for a race but this one I wanted to make it a big deal. The color for gynecological cancers is teal, so that’s what I wanted to wear and exactly what I found, you can read the blog here.

Now, it’s time to find my design for the back of my shirt because I want the people behind me to be inspired and know that they can overcome anything, I want to raise awareness and be reminded that no matter how I finish it's a victory. My wonderful friend, running partner and blogger (Run With Jess) designed 4 shirts for me. Unfortunately, she did too good of a job and I can’t decide which one to use.

That’s where you come in; I want you to tell me which one is your favorite, whichever one gets the most votes/likes through the blog and on facebook will be the one that I wear on my back.


Which one do you like????

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