Monday, September 9, 2013

Nike Should Sponsor ME!

Just Do really just do it Nike and sponsor me!

The first pair of "real" running shoes I purchaced were Nike Free's and since then I've tried Brooks and Saucony but I've always kept coming back to Nike, they just do it for me. I run well and pain free, they fit my feet how I like and aren't too heavy. After this last time buying shoes and them not working (causing pain) I just went back to my Lunarglides and have vowed to no longer try something new.

This weekend I found my marathon outfit and guess what...its 100% Nike, lol total coincidence and it even matches my orange Lunar's. Honestly I normally just run/workout in Target workout wear. It's inexpensive, lasts a long time and works very well with me. With this big 26.2 looming I wanted to step up my outfit, honestly I'm never a "dress up" person for races; I pick something that fits the forecast and wear it, not giving two shits. However, with the whole cervical cancer/hysterectomy thing I wanted to do something...bigger. I don't know how pretty (or ugly) this full 'thon will be and no matter how I do I wanted to do it with pride because I really have overcome a lot (although I don't feel like it).

Teal it is! Teal is the color of gynecological cancers (like pink is for breast) and since I'm a cervical cancer survivor that's what I wanted to wear. This weekend I headed out to Dicks Sporting Goods and walked away with exactly what I wanted a teal top, but I also walked away with some crazy teal pants too (something new for me, I'm strictly a plain black pants girl) and to top it off....they were on clearance!

What do you think? 
They even passed the run test (I'm a firm believer in NEVER running a race in something you haven't worn before) with my long run on Sunday (14 miles)!

Now the hard part...I was thinking of putting on the back "5 Months Ago I beat cancer, today 26.2" but as my mister pointed out, its long and

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  1. I like your saying & don't necessarily think it's too long. (I've seen worse...) You could always go more direct with a "I kicked cancer's ass!" :)