Monday, October 22, 2012

Race Recap: St. Louis Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon

The last two year's in a row I've been plagued with injuries left and right yesterday was my 6th half marathon and my second to last of the season. I was hoping for a PR and instead I bit with another injury, the dreaded Planter Fasciitis!

I finished the St. Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathon (13.1 miles) but far from my goal, so I'm a bit disappointed. I know there are many runners, male and female, would kill to run in the times that I do. I was aiming for a 1:55 finish or at least a 8:40 pace per mile, instead I ran a race more like a training run.

I knew as the gun went off this wasn't my race! First, I had to pee, I really hate my bladder and need to run in depends! By mile marker 7 I could bear it any longer, I had to stop! But that was the least of my problems, I've been having some light nagging heel pain on my right foot. The last few day's it's felt fine but by mile 4 I was contemplating dropping out it hurt so bad, of course I couldn't do that so I forged on and slowed my pace to a training pace and then disappointment took hold and hasn't left me since. The first 4 miles I was on goal to hit my mark and I felt great, I even knew I could push myself faster. I'm fairly certain I have Planter Fasciitis, which means no more running, rest, ice, stretching and rolling out my foot on golf/tennis ball. And lots of praying that it can heal in time for my last race in San Antonio on Nov. 11th.

On the flip side my confidence is high because I know I can smoke my goal in Texas. I felt so good before the foot pain kicked in; my muscles were strong, my cardiovascular side wasn't labored and I have absolutely no muscle aches today. I know I can push my pace and hold it for 13.1 miles at an 8:40 or better, I know I can finish in 1:55 or less. Unfortunately its been year of injuries, let's pray the good ol' time tested remedy of "RICE" works for me.

So what else went wrong? Got a rock stuck in my shoe (had to dig it out at mile 10-11ish) which caused a blister on my heel, had to wait at the bathroom when I finally stopped, then my mind checked out and then when I finished I had chaffing on my leg-where I NEVER chafe and by the time I was done I could hardly bear weight on my foot. Good times, don't ya wanna start running now?

I hate to end a race blog on a negative note so there were some wonderful wonderful people at the 10-11 mile mark handing out beer. When I saw the sign that said "PBR in .50" I decided I was going to drink. Schmucks were only handing out a small sip but then 400 yards away some very fun and drunk college boys were handing out big glasses, so I stopped twice for beer during the run, which was a first for me. I always drink the free beer at the finish, so I enjoyed that too!
Final Stats:
10 mi 1:33:47
Finish: 2:02:33
Pace: 9:22

Half Marathon #6 in the bag!