Saturday, June 29, 2013

Running "The Mile" Is Going To Have To Wait....

It's so secret that I've been running again, well walking then running, and doing great. I'm slowly adding on distance to see what I can do. Starting small and working  my way up; I've successfully walked/run 800 intervals, nothing fancy just going at what feels good.

A few days ago my boyfriend says "you're ready" to run my mile, so I asked him if he would run with me on Sunday before we go out for our bike ride and he agreed. Naturally I needed to see how I felt at 1200 meters before going for the full 1600 (400 meters = quarter  mile). Turns out running 1200 is too much, just shy of it I start to felt small aches in my belly near the incision, which says keep working on strengthening my core. I'll stick with the 800's for another week and give it a shot next week and see how it goes. I'm a little disappointed but in due time, it will come. I haven't lost any speed, just strength and my cardio has taken a hit, but with everything else that too is coming back. Now, last night about 6pm I did have some pretty intense pains come on. Naturally, my first thought is I hurt something running. I was assured that if I did damage that, the pain would have came on instantly and not 6 hours later, it's more than likely something else. The pain can only be described as a very intense side stitch, like what you get when you run, but wouldn't go away. It got to the point where I was getting nauseous and pretty tired. I eventually ended up taking some pain medication, which put me to sleep. This morning the pain has subsided but I do still feel a very dull ache. I'll keep watching it over the weekend and see what happens, I do have my 2nd follow up with the doctor on Monday.

Speaking of the doctor, my physical therapist says that I'm about 80% to being where I  need to be. She gave me more to work on and she also wants me to print off my intro to running program and bring it to Dr. Hodel. She also wants me to explain Body Pump in detail to him. If he is OK with me returning to those activities she'll support it.

Wish me luck! And show your support by donating to St. Jude, $10 is all it take

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Six Weeks Post Hysterectomy/Cervical Cancer And I'm Running

Today the Nike Running app on my phone so kindly reminded me that I’m nearing 500 miles on my shoes and that “you’re never finished, but your shoes are.” At first this made me excited because runners LOVE to get new shoes, it’s fun, they are always updating your favorites and coming out with cool new colors. Then I realized that I don’t have one single red cent to my name, cancer has sucked me dry! 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m beyond grateful this was so easily treated and cured and I am now cancer free, but I hate the amount of dept this “small cancer” has put me in. Although it hurts to not be able to enjoy new things, like running shoes, I know it could be worse. There is a reason why I’ve laced up today and am trying to run again, St. Jude! When everything right now is about dollars and cents I’m so happy to know that even though things hard for me, they are harder for these kids/families, and I can do something to help them…and help me. I can raise money, so they don’t have to pay-or go through the financial hardships of cancer. I can run, so they can focus on getting better, stronger and beat the monster that is cancer.  And when I run, not only am I helping them, but I’m helping myself. I am a runner, it’s what I live to do and just doing lets me forget about my worries, even if it’s for just a moment. 

The St. Jude run is 5 weeks away and I’m happy to say that I’m back to teaching RPM (spinning) and on my off days from teaching…I…AM….RUNNING! Sort of, I walk about .75 of a mile and then run the last quarter and repeat and am slowly adding on. Today, I was able to walk a half a mile and then run the last half, no pain…well maybe a little but only in the lungs and my weak legs. But I’m doing it and I hope to be able to run a FULL mile by the weekend or by mid-week next week.

I’m doing my part but I still need YOU to do yours, let’s make cancer run scared, and donate to the run today, all it takes is $10

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day: A Recovery Update

I'm not running today or even tomorrow but I will soon, here's a little update on my progress so far.

Shhhh my running shoes are sleeping since I can't run yet! They are dreaming of all the miles they've logged an will rack up again soon!
I've been saying for the past few days I've been able to experience all the so called joys of pregnancy but without a uterus. I have mood swings (and I still have my ovaries' dammit), I constantly feel like I have to pee, my back aches, I can't sleep with out my body pillow, I get tired easily, my belly hurts and by the end of the day swells to the point where I look pregnant and to top it off none of my jeans fit so I wear a maternity band because I cannot stand dresses or yoga pants anymore. could be worse.

For a woman who just had an abdominal hysterectomy I'm doing FAR FAR FAR better than most even better than some women who had theirs done laparoscopic and robotically. People who don't know me are shocked at when I returned to work, began driving and how much activity I am capable of doing. It's a testament that when you're physically fit and eat right it helps your recover at much better rate. At my two week post op appointment I was given the clear to easing back into exercise which I haven't done yet. I did try doing an RPM class and my abdominals are not strong enough for that yet. I even jogged across the street during one of my walks and came to the same conclusion, there just isn't any strength or support in my belly for those kind of activities yet.

To make sure I ease back into fitness properly and with out causing damage I'm meeting with a women's health specialist at Accelerated Rehab tomorrow and I'm very excited about this. I know my abs are very weak and that they need to be strengthened up before I even attempt any thing more than walking. Currently I am walking about 4 miles a day, I did try doing 5 miles and its crazy how that one extra mile is just too much for me right now. So I'm back at 4 and feel great with it and am walking faster and faster every day.

My goal right now is to still be able to run the St. Jude run the first weekend in August. I may not be able to cover the miles that I did last year but as long as I can go out there and do a couple of the runs I'll be happy. I hope to also be able to complete the marathon I had registered fore before my cancer diagnosis and surgery. However, If I can't I'm still grateful for what I am able to do so soon after this surgery and even more so to be cancer free.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughs, prayers, cards, well wishes and so on but I do ask you to please help me in the fight against cancer and donate $10 to the St. Jude Run here: