Monday, May 20, 2013

We Got Ice: Run River City Marathon

Yesterday Peoria was host to the FIRST EVER road marathon the Run River City Marathon. Matty and I had been training for this race for about 12 weeks and intended to run the 25K race. In fact we continued to train for it even after I had received my cervical cancer diagnosis and hysterectomy date. Hey, I love to run, so why would I stop just because I can't race?

Race organizer, Adam White, had offered his motorized cart that reclines so I could still be apart of the race and attend, plus Matty was still considering running, however Friday I had a bad day slept a lot and was in pain so we decided it was best to not attend. Saturday I realized that the race routes 2 blocks from our place, Matt agreed to take me and to set up a table with ice chips for the runners. Race day humidity was expected at 80% with temps topping out above 85 and our location was around the 21 mile mark. Plus, it was at the top of a long gradual, climb and just before runners would hit a good decent (we run this route often, it IS in our neighborhood).

Come Sunday Matty totally went all out doing ALL of the leg work/clean up and totally making my day. He loaded up the car (we didn't want to chance me walking/standing that much) with a table, cooler full of ice, got cups, I made signs and even Pippin got to join the festivities.

The first marathoner to come through was Ansel who works at Running Central so I knew him and he stopped at our table and seemed to really enjoy our ice and then continued on and won. As the morning progressed I saw all the runners struggle up that hill, it doesn't look it but its TOUGH, so as soon as I saw them coming I started shouting "its downhill at the corner" and I couldn't even tell you how many times that brought smiles to faces and a renewed energy to their run.

I knew many of the runners and it was so awesome to see them coming up the hill that I couldn't help but stand up and scream! It was so awesome to hear them say thanks for being here, go home and rest, your crazy, I love you, I'm thinking of you, cancer free and my favorite Team RC gal Nida even stopped to give me a sweaty hug. Then afterwards I was told how it inspired them to push on knowing that I waited to see them and then there were two very special women who made sure that I was still running by doing this....

Let me tell you shouting when you've had a hysterectomy takes A LOT of effort and I definitely paid the price as I had to take TWO percocets when I got home. I was pretty  much sore and uncomfortable the rest of the day and night but I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

PS: I'm feeling my new normal again today and my swelly belly has even gone down quite a bit too!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Abdominal Hysterectomy-Cervical Cancer-Post Op

Monday, May 13th at 8AM exactly I underwent an Radical Abdominal Hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy to remove Cervical Cancer. The surgery was a complete success and went off with out any problems my doctor said that he could hardly even find my lymph nodes (for removal) because they were so tiny which is a very good sign that the cancer was contained to my cervix and the operation was successful.

Day 1/Surgery: I was in a TON of pain, it felt like one giant long,deep cramp that wouldn't stop and of course for me whenever I have cramping back pain goes along with it, so I was hurting big time. Every four hours I was injected morphine into my IV, plus given many different other pain medication but nothing was working. It was honestly pretty awful but I had a great nurse who was checking on me all the time, and finally during the overnight they were able to control the pain with the morphine injections. I think the problem was when I was coming out of surgery the pain was in control, which is normal and once we got on top of the pain I was feeling much better. I did try to get out of bed only to immediately ask to lay back down and then a few hours later I couldn't handle laying down and was able to make it to the chair so those were good signs early on.

Day 2: I was really looking forward to Tuesday because at noon I knew they were going to take out the catheter. I didn't even really feel or notice the darn thing other than there was a tube hanging from my leg. The goals Tuesday were to walk three times, to pee on my own and release gas all of which I completed. By Tuesday night I was getting out of bed on my own, so I had a feeling that I'd be going home the next day. They also wanted to get me on a pill regimen for pain, Percocet, because that is what I will be going home with so we started with two pills every 4 hours and it worked very well.

Day 3: I got my walking papers! Woo hoo! I'll be honest I was a little scared going home not really sure why but I was and being home (Matty's place) is so much better. I'm much more comfortable and doing very well on my pain regimen. I take the Percocet and then four hours later I take the ibuprofen 800mg then four hours later the percocet again. I'm also taking Gas X to help with the gas they put into you and bloating from surgery plus I'm also taking a stool softener to make sure I "go" which to this point I hadn't yet.

Day 4: I finally "went"! And although it was uncomfortable it was much relief in the belly and the back! My belly, swelly belly is what its referred to, is huge I look like I'm about 7 months pregnant. I do have a belly binder on, I feel it helps my back and posture. I did try going most of the day with out and ended up having a very painful back so I'll be keeping it on, I think it kinda acts like a security blanket too. Still on the same pain regimen and it works very well however late in the day I do need to up my Percocet to two pill and same during the night but when I take in the AM or daytime I only take 1 pill. The two pills later seem to better control my back pain and help me sleep more comfortably. Plus, I move around much better when its in my system.

Without a uterus yet I still look preggo!

Day 5-today: I woke up today and immediately wanted a shower which I did do on my own, Matty helps me in/out of the shower and has to dry my legs because I can't bend over lol. He's a total jem! But i was shocked at how much it wore me out. I'm feeling really well today, I'm due for my ibuprofen in about an hour and haven't even had to nap yet today but I'm going to lay down here in a minute because I have another visitor coming this afternoon. My goal is to get outside today just to sit in the warm weather and sun, I'm tired of being inside, I need some sun and air.

"You only get one chance to heal right" is my mantra so trust me, no trying to do too much! I'm overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I've received in the past few days, its been amazing! I did a lot of reading and research prior to my surgery so I really expected to feel much worse than I do now, so I'm grateful for that and will continue to take each day as it comes. I'm grateful for my health and fitness background because I know that's a huge reason I'm feeling as well as I do. My body from my boobs down are swollen (why can't my boobs be swollen?) as I said my bell is huge and I have a numbness/tingling in my hips and thighs (that's  normal while the nerves are heeling), it seems I've been spared the gas pains in my shoulders but I do have a lot of back muscle pain but its been managed with all those muscle gel samples I've gotten in race packets.

I knew those would come in handy one day!
So in the morning is when I feel my best, so its very possible that I will be making an appearance at the Run River City Marathon! Race organizer Adam White has offered his little motorized cart that reclines and has a top on it to cart me around and position me comfortably at the the finish line. Matty is a little bit skeptical and wants to think about it a little bit longer but I really think I can manage. If I take the good pills in the AM and just sit on my butt the whole time and go home after he finishes I know I will be fine and I think being outside amongst people and the fresh air will do me good. But he's going to get the deciding factor in the mix. We'll see...