Monday, February 28, 2011

Anna's A-B-C's

ABC's of Me -I saw this on Jana's blog I follow so I thought I’d join in on the fun. This way you can learn a few random facts about me.

A: Age- 32

B: Bed Size- Queen

C: Chore you hate- Cleaning Poop-De-pooping my yard and de-pooping the litter box-gross!

D: Dogs- Obvious answer now-one dog-black lab/collie mix-adoptee-Pippin aka the black fur ball, Pips, PipMonster or Pipster.

E: Essential start to your day- its a tie-AdvoCare Spark Mandarin Orange or Pink Lemonade and a Goodbye Kiss from my Matty.

F: Favorite color- Purple

G: Gold or Silver- White Gold

H: Height- 5'1 and 1/2" yes I gotta get that extra 1/2 in there

I: Instruments that you play-does and iPod count?

J: Job title- Radio DJ

K: Kids- None now or ever

L: Live- Peoria Illinois

M: Mom's name- Pam

N: Nicknames- Beasty

O: Overnight stays at the hospital- Dos-Uno for 2nd/3rd degree burns (spilled boiling water on me making mac n cheese) and the other for mono/strep throat at the same time.

P: Pet Peeves- Liars, cheaters, slow drivers, cell phone drivers, people who bad form when working out and refuse help and they cry when they get hurt, people who use the speed lanes when they have cart fulls and people who do not follow the "when puck is in play" rule at hockey games.

Q: Quote from a Movie- "It's time to bust the tower"

R: Righty or Lefty- Righty

S: Siblings- 1 sister-older-Michele

T: Time you wake up- Monday-Friday about 7:30am, depending on my workout on Saturday avg is 7and Sun usually 9

U: Underwear- Boy shorts

V: Vegetable you hate- Green Snap Peas I've tried but just can't do

W: What makes you late- my alarm clock when it doesn't wake me up or simply just the morning

X: X-ray- oh geesh too many to list ha ha pretty much every single body part x ray and MRI

Y: Yummy food you make- everything I'm awesome in the kitchen except baking I can cook, cant bake.

Z: Zoo your favorite animal- Tigers, lions, any big cat.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I loved my Polar HRM, it was pink, it gave me an accurate count of my calories burnt, it let me monitor my HR while running so I could keep it in a steady in a working zone for my long runs. I was sad when it died a few months ago and although I've gotten used to working out with out it and guessing my calorie burn, I still miss it.

I like my Nike+. I love the online tool with it. It keeps track of all of my runs. Although its not 100% accurate (sometimes it is but most times its off by .10 of a mile to as much as a quarter mile) there is something I love about loading my runs to and seeing my run, my route, my pace and mostly seeing it sent to my facebook page to brag how bad ass I am, he he he. Plus I love the training programs offered by the Nike Coach, I've followed the 5k, the 1/2 marathon-beginner and now currently following the 1/2 Marathon-intermediate-designed for a PR. But when I change my run, or try a new route or run a trail, I never truly know my pace, time and distance and that makes me sad especially when I'm trying for a PR for my next race.

Thanks to the federal government that is in the past and the present is my wonderful, accurate, brand spanking new Garmin Forerunner 110!

Its GPS enabled and has a Heart Rate Monitor and its the simplest of the Garmins, just press and go. Now I don't know everything bout it just yet...because I just ordered It comes on Tuesday and I seriously cannot wait to use it. I read the reviews and I'm so excited to see my real distance, pace and once again know my HR and my calories burnt.  Plus like the Nike I can sync it online (hope I can post it to facebook too) and I can see a detailed description of my run AND even a map. I'm so stoked for this new piece of equipment I'm giddy and blogging about it lol. I will prob still use my Nike+ but only so I can still compete on challenges on the website, I enjoy the added competitions and goals and besides I still have to use my ipod so it will cool to compare the two.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Like The Treadmill Others Like Outdoors...Me I Like Them Both!

Fun, Motivating, Relaxed, Enjoyment, Harder than you remembered, Excitement, Accomplished, Not working simply RUNNING and much harder than I remember.

That's how I describe my first outdoor run of the season. Week 2 of training was done in Minnesota and on a treadmill. I worked out in 5 different gyms (and all but one let us use the facility for free) and ran of course on the boremill. If I would have planned better I could have hit the outdoors in Lutsen for a run but I didn't pack appropriate outdoor running gear so I kept it indoors. I pouted a bit when I read on facebook the great weather in Illinois and other Minnesotan friends who made their way outside. But on the flip side I have learned that on Tuesday when I do my interval runs that its much much easier to do these on the treadmill because I can watch my meters much easier and force myself faster/slower/tempo better. However its still 7 miles and 7 miles on the TM isn't much fun but because of the intervals I can do it. Anyway I knew the snow in IL was gone and even though I was dreading the return I did have a Saturday outdoor long run to look fw to.

I decided since I did a late Friday workout I would wait until Saturday afternoon to run. Matty joined he had 7 miles and I had 9 (with the last 400 m sprints). It was cooler but dressed right it was awesome! I mapped a route in my neighborhood 7 for Matty and 9 for me. I didn't do my runners warm up and I'm noticing that when I don't I am much more stiff so no more skipping that. In fact I went and got an 8lb medicine ball for at home so I can do it at home now, great $15 investment! Nine miles through Peoria, running into the wind and with it at my back and my love by my side. My Nike Free's felt fantastic, my legs burned, but my endurance never faltered. The run was much harder than I remember but so motivating at the same time. I also have some hills and I tried to run them all but only made it 1/2 way up Park Hill (Bradley Park to Nebraska) and then there is a short steepy in my neighborhood that I had to walk up too at the end of my run but once at the top I had to kick it into high gear for my sprints and I wanted to finish strong. I wasn't bummed, gives me something to work to and strive for. I love my outdoor runs and I'm hoping the weather cooperates so I can get another one in this Saturday because I have 10! Happy  Running friends!

Week 3 Sked:
Today: RPM 60 minutes and strength
Tues: 7 miles 1-2 easy then 3 at temp (if wx coops I want to do this outside)
Wed: 3 miles tempo-teach RPM
Thurs: 7 miles w/ 6x200m Fast at the end
Fri: Strength and RPM
Sat: 10 miles 4x100m strides at the end

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marathon Man Journey Ends As Mine Begins

Today I received this in my Inbox from my company. They send us things to talk about on our website blogs, this one SCREAMED ANNA.

"Belgian runner Stefaan Engeles has just completed a marathon for every day of the past year. Saturday was the 49-year-old’s 365th consecutive 26.2 mile race, shattering the record of 52 consecutive marathons set by a Japanese man last year. Engeles attributed his ability to run for so long to the fact that he doesn’t run very fast. However, his average of about four hours per marathon is still 30 minutes faster than the average finishing time in the New York City marathon. Overall, Engels ran 9,569 miles."

Could you imagine? One full marathon every day for a single year? Heck when I was training last summer for my first 1/2M I was wondering when I did my long runs how people who train for fulls can do it. My long run takes 2 hours (usually 12+ miles) I couldn't even imagine doubling that just for training for a full marathon. Then after running my 1/2 I was dead to the world after and just wanted to sleep and lay around all day and that continued for a few days after even. Today I began training for 500 Festival Mini Marathon, its my next 1/2 race. This was my run today; remember I am training at the Intermediate 2 level designed to go for a PR. I did 6 miles:1 mile of an easy pace, then 800 meters (about 1/2 mile) at my normal pace then 200 meters (about .12 of a mile) at a fast pace then back off to the slow pace for about 2 minutes. I repeated the 800/200 intervals for 4 rounds with the 2 minutes of easy running in between. Then finished off what was left (till I hit 6 miles) at my normal pace. And I was EXHAUSTED. I was so tired and I was thinking, "OMG this is grueling and its only day one. I ran 6 miles Saturday and it was a cinch, I add 4 simple rounds of intervals and I get tired. I hope as training goes on I get back into my groove cuz right now groove is not in the heart!" Training continues tomorrow with a steady 3 mile run and then I teach RPM.

On a kinda bummer note...I learned that I will not be running in Peoria's Race For the Cure this year as race day is the day of my 1/2 in Indy...oh well.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Footloose and Fancy FREEEEEEE!!!!

I'M FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And I'm heck of a bargain shopper too! See the photo to the left...well how can you miss it duh. Those are my new running shoes, the Nike Run Free's. These shoes are designed "to feel the freedom of barefoot running shoes with with technology to provide you excellent support and cushioning." I was actually going to hold off on buying new shoes for a while still but Running Central has a sale through the weekend and they are reduced to $49.99 (normally $85) so I figured I better stop in a pick up a pair. Nike just came out with the Nike Free Run+ which is an upgrade from these shoes but I still wanted to stick with the Run Free's. Fellow Runner Jana has them and rated them high so I knew I'd be getting a great new shoe. And I just love the design and most of all I freaking LOVE the color. Purple is my favorite color so I had to have them. The first thing I noticed about this shoe is that it is lighter than the lunarglides (my previous shoe) and is a full boot shoe. Meaning the laces are almost pointless (I like the snug feeling the laces give) and there isn't really a tongue per say its just all one shoe. They are extremely light weight and feel fantastic when I run. Now I only ran a mile today (but plan to do six or more tomorrow). I noticed instantly that I am a lot quieter with these shoes. I really try to pay attention to the sounds I make when I am running. You know how you hear those people just pounding on the treadmill with a loud thud thud thud with ever step, yeahs not supposed to happen. lol I was running along side a lady who is also a runner, marathons and such, and she was quiet but still louder than I was on the TM. I can't wait to go for a longer run in these shoes and see how they hold up. I'm very excited, maybe more than I should be over a pair of shoes but stoked none the less. I also finally pick up a headband, that was on sale too 50% off winter accessories its a Mizuno. I have the full Miz hat but am more of a headband person as I like to wear ball caps when I run (so I don't have to wear sunglasses). Training begins Tuesday for my next 1/2 and I couldn't be more excited and prepared!!!

PS: I get very annoyed with people who have terrible form when working out. Form is such an important thing and every day I always see people at the gym with god awful form. There is this one lady who every time I see her working out I can never tell what muscle group she is trying to work because her form is all over the place. And of course you can't correct these people because they freak out when you do. FYI bad for WILL get you hurt. Today that same lady left the gym in a wheelchair with an ice pack and bleeding leg. People this is why you should ALWAYS consult a professional before beginning any kind of work out (and yes I have spoke with my doctor about it before I began training). This is also why most gyms offer a FREE training session when you sign up for a membership. About 80% of these free sessions go unused and that is dumb they are there to show you how to use machines properly and with correct form so you don't get hurt and leave in a wheelchair. So with that I am no professional when it comes to running, so please don't look at me as a guide, I'm just sharing my story and lessons I've learned along the way to becoming a marathon runner.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Hope's got Snowed In

For days..okay weeks I've been watching the sidewalks where I like to run and slowly was seeing the snow melting and I started fantasizing about how I will soon be 1/2 marathon training again and running outdoors. February is here, Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow, spring is coming and so is outdoor running.

Hellooooo 15" of snow in Central Illinois. For those of you not from Illinois, we don't get that much snow in one storm. Heck get get only about 2 or 3 big storms each winter, amassing about 6" of snow each maybe a little more and that's really about it. We get the bitter cold sometimes but it never really lasts. So in my wishful thinking I was hoping come the Indy Mini I would begin my training outdoors. Not so much. I know I could suck it up and do it but I'm a puss and wont. Don't bother selling me on it. Don't waste your breath. I am not and never will be an outdoor WINTER/SNOW/COLD runner. Anything below 30 and I am on the treadmill or boremil. I've been working with the TM/BM since about late November, my sole focus has really been the strength training. I did managed a 9 miler once but mostly have keep it at 6 miles, doing sprints and hills. Luckily I got a NOOK Color for Christmas and have found that I can read on the BM with it because I can make the font huge and easy to read. I'm almost finished with Born To Run so now I need to search for my next NOOK read (suggestions?) to keep my mind occupied while on the BM. Because looks like my first 4 weeks of training are more than likely going to be indoors thanks to the 15" of snow we got...and the bitter cold. I'm once again training with and this time I am doing the 1/2 Marathon for the Intermediate that emphasises speed work and longer runs to help run a faster marathon. I am looking to shed 10 minutes off my race time in one of the 3 1/2's I plan to do this year.

Training officially begins on Tuesday and my week looks like this:
Monday: RPM 60 minutes Teach
Tuesday: 6 Miles-1-2 easy running then 4x800M @ tempo and 4x200m at fast with 1-3 minutes of easy running in between.
Wednesday: 3 Mile run then I teach RPM
Thursday: 6M-4x200m at fast pace at the end of the run.
Friday: Teach RPM
Saturday: Long run day 8 M 4x100m strides at the end of run
Sunday: REST DAY!!!!!

I've also decided that on my runs that are 6 miles or more I will do this program I got in the latest runners world magazine, it says its designed to help with your form and helps to avoid injury. I tested it out and it takes about 20 minutes and once I get stronger I'll push it up to about 30 mins. Here is a link (I have it on my NOOK-seriously I LOVE this thing!),7124,s6-238-263-266-13823-0,00.html

PS: Were going on vacation next Friday too so yep I will be running while on vacation, my spa days happen to also be my training days and since I have appointments at the spa I'm allowed to use their fitness center so I'll run and then get pampered bring on the pedi, massage and mud wrap!