Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Hope's got Snowed In

For days..okay weeks I've been watching the sidewalks where I like to run and slowly was seeing the snow melting and I started fantasizing about how I will soon be 1/2 marathon training again and running outdoors. February is here, Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow, spring is coming and so is outdoor running.

Hellooooo 15" of snow in Central Illinois. For those of you not from Illinois, we don't get that much snow in one storm. Heck get get only about 2 or 3 big storms each winter, amassing about 6" of snow each maybe a little more and that's really about it. We get the bitter cold sometimes but it never really lasts. So in my wishful thinking I was hoping come the Indy Mini I would begin my training outdoors. Not so much. I know I could suck it up and do it but I'm a puss and wont. Don't bother selling me on it. Don't waste your breath. I am not and never will be an outdoor WINTER/SNOW/COLD runner. Anything below 30 and I am on the treadmill or boremil. I've been working with the TM/BM since about late November, my sole focus has really been the strength training. I did managed a 9 miler once but mostly have keep it at 6 miles, doing sprints and hills. Luckily I got a NOOK Color for Christmas and have found that I can read on the BM with it because I can make the font huge and easy to read. I'm almost finished with Born To Run so now I need to search for my next NOOK read (suggestions?) to keep my mind occupied while on the BM. Because looks like my first 4 weeks of training are more than likely going to be indoors thanks to the 15" of snow we got...and the bitter cold. I'm once again training with and this time I am doing the 1/2 Marathon for the Intermediate that emphasises speed work and longer runs to help run a faster marathon. I am looking to shed 10 minutes off my race time in one of the 3 1/2's I plan to do this year.

Training officially begins on Tuesday and my week looks like this:
Monday: RPM 60 minutes Teach
Tuesday: 6 Miles-1-2 easy running then 4x800M @ tempo and 4x200m at fast with 1-3 minutes of easy running in between.
Wednesday: 3 Mile run then I teach RPM
Thursday: 6M-4x200m at fast pace at the end of the run.
Friday: Teach RPM
Saturday: Long run day 8 M 4x100m strides at the end of run
Sunday: REST DAY!!!!!

I've also decided that on my runs that are 6 miles or more I will do this program I got in the latest runners world magazine, it says its designed to help with your form and helps to avoid injury. I tested it out and it takes about 20 minutes and once I get stronger I'll push it up to about 30 mins. Here is a link (I have it on my NOOK-seriously I LOVE this thing!),7124,s6-238-263-266-13823-0,00.html

PS: Were going on vacation next Friday too so yep I will be running while on vacation, my spa days happen to also be my training days and since I have appointments at the spa I'm allowed to use their fitness center so I'll run and then get pampered bring on the pedi, massage and mud wrap!


  1. I know I live in MN but this snow is really starting to annoy me. We've had over 65 inches so far this season (the average is 55-60) and winter isn't even over yet.

    I fear my days of running outside isn't going to be for awhile!

  2. Snow is not a problem. Cold is not a problem. Finding a place to run that is not dark and treacherous is.