Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Look in a Runners Rearview Mirror!

Anna's 2010 Running Stats:

Typically run 4x a week
Average 15 miles per week
Fastest mile was 8'15
79,765 is the number of calories I burnt from running
And my grand total of miles ran in 2010 was 757 MILES! Yes my friends from Feb 14th 2010 till Dec 31 2010 I ran SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN MILES!!!!

So how did I kick off 2011...I ran 9 miles....ON A TREADMILL! I really have to give credit to my fellow run buddy (across the land in Minnesota) Jana. She's always running long distances on a TM and the most I've done is 6 miles. But I kept thinking if Jana can do it I can "Bitch up Anna and get on that TM!" so today I did I did have to stop at 5.5 miles to hit the potty (thanks RT's son of a) then I jumped back on and opened up  my Nook Color (thanks to bigger font it not to hard to read) and tried to get lost in Assholes Finish First By Tucker Max (sequel to I Hope The Serve Beer In Hell) it helped but I really had to dig deep to get through the last mile. I had to stop for my 2nd time with just over a mile to go because I lost my page on the Nook and couldn't find it again by running...I got swipe  happy and swiped a few to many pages lol. Anyway as I type this blog I am and about to set up my next 1/2 marathon training log after all February 1st will be here before I know it and the countdown to my 2nd 1/2 Mary will begin. So on tap is the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indy May 7th (already registered, seeded and hotel booked), I'd like to run the Quad Cities Marathon (but haven't check out the deets yet on it) I do plan to run the Steamboat 15K this summer and will most definitely do the Mankato 1/2 Mary again come October (the 22nd I believe) with Jana plus my cousin Andrea said she wants to do it so I'm ready...the the running begin!


  1. WTG Girl! It is cool & windy here today but after reading your post after I finish this I am going out for a walk. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Way to go on the treadmill run. You have inspired me in may ways too. :)

    I am super excited for you to come back here again in October! Monica, a friend from college, is running it too. It will be her first 1/2. Yay! And you are right. It is Oct 22nd.

  3. WTG!!! Kick it up and just hop on that TM and RUN girl!!! It is better than the running....imagine not running form now until spring???? ARGH!! you'd probably loose momentum. So just run! Happy training!!

  4. I ran twice last week. On the TM of course. I don't mind running in the cold but I haven't been running AT ALL lately so I'm going to get my body back into 'runner' mode before I get outdoorsie. I wish my iPod hadn't died so I could use my nike+. Congrats on all the achievements! I'm going to write out my training sched. right now for my 1/2 mary on May 1st!

  5. QC race should be Sept 25. I thought it was awesome last year because it was so convenient without being a tiny event.