Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holy Crap-Training Begins in 5 Weeks!!!

So after a casual conversation last week I realized that I have to start training for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon the first week of February. I'm a little annoyed that I didn't pay attention to my training schedule a bit better a few weeks ago because I really wanted to spend 8 weeks focused on weight training (because I let that go when I am training-I only lift about 1x a week when training). So now I only have 5 weeks to hit the weights. Oh well 5 is better than none! Anyway I posted this video on Facebook last week cuz its hilarious and I thought I would share it with my fellow runners. Enjoy!

PS: I heard the weather man say its going to get into the 40's on Thursday if it happens I so am getting outside for a few miles even if I am already doing 2 RPM classes (teaching) and my weights. Must take advantage!


  1. Is there a reason you can't do strength training twice a week? When I trained for the 1/2. I did strength training twice a week.

    I have seen this video before its sooo funny!

  2. Yes, its because of my spinning classes. I'm pretty much runnung, spinning every day if the week except on Sunday which is my one day if rest. I can't alter my classes so to make the whole thing do able weight training goes to the side.