Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Happy Running this Christmas. Or lack of in my book. I have no motivation to jump on a treadmill (I still do it but nothing worth blogging about) but want to be outside so badly. I just can't run in the cold and the snow, no way, not happening. So I'm waiting for spring. I let myself down the other day because it was 37 out and I didn't run outside. Whats my lame excuse. I'm doing the morning show this week and I pack my bag the night before and didn't pack outdoor gear and when I realized it was nice enough to run outside I was unprepared. boo hoo. Anyway hope you have an awesome Christmas and get new running shoes or apparel! :D I love this you tube video and the TSO song is my favorite Christmas tune so I just wanted to share. Merry Christmas runners and blog readers.

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  1. For change I have been very motivated to exercise. I have been riding my bike, walking & doing water aerobics for the last three days. TOmorrow I s/b able to get all three in again. But then I wont be able to water aerobics for about a week due to colder weather. Highs in the 60's starting CHristmas day.