Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Running

As much as I prayed it wouldn't happen, it did, snow and cold! I hate being cold. I've tried running outdoors a few times as the cool down hit but what turns me off of outdoor winter, running is that even after the run it takes me for freaking ever to warm back up. So inside to the treadmill I go. I've been keeping my focus on hills and speed intervals while inside averaging about 6 miles anything more than that and I may fall asleep mid step. I totally have to keep my mind focused I can't just zone out like I do outdoors. Lately I've been learning new RPM stuff so at least my spinning classes are kept fresh. Now, I've thought about just loading up on the winter gear and dropping down the money for winter running shoes but the more I think about that them more I think "your nuts but your not THAT nuts" and I go back to the TM!

Friday however it was 30 some degrees in Central Illinois the wind was very light and the sun was nice and bright (sorry for the bad rhyming) and I couldn't wait to hit the trail on the riverfront. I normally don't run on Fridays but I couldn't pass up the break in the forecast. And my  god was it awesome I am still on a high from that run. The conditions were perfect and the trail was gorgeous. The path was free and clear (some snow spots-FYI w/o winter running shoes jump them) yet the ground had a thin blanket of white snow and with the sun as bright as it was, it was so peaceful and relaxing and I think I had one of my best run times  yet. So either I was just super excited to be outdoors or my hill/speed work is already paying off! I wish I could have gone longer but I had to teach however I am grateful for that run and it was probably my favorite run of the year because of how pretty it was. I've been told that if I do just one winter run that I need to hit Grandview drive just after a light snow fall so maybe I'll try to do that this season who knows maybe that just one winter run will turn into something more, we shall see.

Final note: Anyone see The Biggest Loser from Tuesday? It was TBL-marathon with the final 4 contestants. Ada (who's my fav this season) was leading the pack and 1/2 way through the race trainer Bob pops out along the course and asks her how she's doing. She said well and then asks Bob what Marathoners do when they  have to use the bathroom. He replies that most just keep going but just go while running. She replies but what if that isn't the kinda go I have to do. There was the uncomfortable laughter and he they decided to use some random porta potty on the route. I was LOVING it. I was like "Ahhhh she's got the runners trots" I was screaming with excitement that they were showing this. So Ada (I know she doesn't read this but don't spoil it for me) Welcome to the Club girlfriend! :)

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  1. WTG! I know last winter I liked walking when it was sorta warm & on the railroad bed. It was really pretty & very peaceful. Now we just walk around the park but at least it is a lot warmer here. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you.