Friday, February 4, 2011

Footloose and Fancy FREEEEEEE!!!!

I'M FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And I'm heck of a bargain shopper too! See the photo to the left...well how can you miss it duh. Those are my new running shoes, the Nike Run Free's. These shoes are designed "to feel the freedom of barefoot running shoes with with technology to provide you excellent support and cushioning." I was actually going to hold off on buying new shoes for a while still but Running Central has a sale through the weekend and they are reduced to $49.99 (normally $85) so I figured I better stop in a pick up a pair. Nike just came out with the Nike Free Run+ which is an upgrade from these shoes but I still wanted to stick with the Run Free's. Fellow Runner Jana has them and rated them high so I knew I'd be getting a great new shoe. And I just love the design and most of all I freaking LOVE the color. Purple is my favorite color so I had to have them. The first thing I noticed about this shoe is that it is lighter than the lunarglides (my previous shoe) and is a full boot shoe. Meaning the laces are almost pointless (I like the snug feeling the laces give) and there isn't really a tongue per say its just all one shoe. They are extremely light weight and feel fantastic when I run. Now I only ran a mile today (but plan to do six or more tomorrow). I noticed instantly that I am a lot quieter with these shoes. I really try to pay attention to the sounds I make when I am running. You know how you hear those people just pounding on the treadmill with a loud thud thud thud with ever step, yeahs not supposed to happen. lol I was running along side a lady who is also a runner, marathons and such, and she was quiet but still louder than I was on the TM. I can't wait to go for a longer run in these shoes and see how they hold up. I'm very excited, maybe more than I should be over a pair of shoes but stoked none the less. I also finally pick up a headband, that was on sale too 50% off winter accessories its a Mizuno. I have the full Miz hat but am more of a headband person as I like to wear ball caps when I run (so I don't have to wear sunglasses). Training begins Tuesday for my next 1/2 and I couldn't be more excited and prepared!!!

PS: I get very annoyed with people who have terrible form when working out. Form is such an important thing and every day I always see people at the gym with god awful form. There is this one lady who every time I see her working out I can never tell what muscle group she is trying to work because her form is all over the place. And of course you can't correct these people because they freak out when you do. FYI bad for WILL get you hurt. Today that same lady left the gym in a wheelchair with an ice pack and bleeding leg. People this is why you should ALWAYS consult a professional before beginning any kind of work out (and yes I have spoke with my doctor about it before I began training). This is also why most gyms offer a FREE training session when you sign up for a membership. About 80% of these free sessions go unused and that is dumb they are there to show you how to use machines properly and with correct form so you don't get hurt and leave in a wheelchair. So with that I am no professional when it comes to running, so please don't look at me as a guide, I'm just sharing my story and lessons I've learned along the way to becoming a marathon runner.


  1. Gosh I love mine! I love love love them. I am the opposite and like my shoes more loose when I am running. I really notice how differently my feet hit the treadmil. I can not wait to wear them outside. The longest I have ran on mine was 11 miles and I seriously felt like i coudl have gone farther.

    The shoesalesman said that some people don't wear socks with these... but i haven't tried that and I am not sure I will.

    The McDonalds Oatmeal is 4 points.

  2. You people and you're crazy long treadmill runs. I just cannot do it. I have to be outside and feel like I am going somewhere. I really wish I had gotten to Running Central sooner. By the time I got there, they were out of my size in the Nike Free Run+ that was on sale.