Monday, February 28, 2011

Anna's A-B-C's

ABC's of Me -I saw this on Jana's blog I follow so I thought I’d join in on the fun. This way you can learn a few random facts about me.

A: Age- 32

B: Bed Size- Queen

C: Chore you hate- Cleaning Poop-De-pooping my yard and de-pooping the litter box-gross!

D: Dogs- Obvious answer now-one dog-black lab/collie mix-adoptee-Pippin aka the black fur ball, Pips, PipMonster or Pipster.

E: Essential start to your day- its a tie-AdvoCare Spark Mandarin Orange or Pink Lemonade and a Goodbye Kiss from my Matty.

F: Favorite color- Purple

G: Gold or Silver- White Gold

H: Height- 5'1 and 1/2" yes I gotta get that extra 1/2 in there

I: Instruments that you play-does and iPod count?

J: Job title- Radio DJ

K: Kids- None now or ever

L: Live- Peoria Illinois

M: Mom's name- Pam

N: Nicknames- Beasty

O: Overnight stays at the hospital- Dos-Uno for 2nd/3rd degree burns (spilled boiling water on me making mac n cheese) and the other for mono/strep throat at the same time.

P: Pet Peeves- Liars, cheaters, slow drivers, cell phone drivers, people who bad form when working out and refuse help and they cry when they get hurt, people who use the speed lanes when they have cart fulls and people who do not follow the "when puck is in play" rule at hockey games.

Q: Quote from a Movie- "It's time to bust the tower"

R: Righty or Lefty- Righty

S: Siblings- 1 sister-older-Michele

T: Time you wake up- Monday-Friday about 7:30am, depending on my workout on Saturday avg is 7and Sun usually 9

U: Underwear- Boy shorts

V: Vegetable you hate- Green Snap Peas I've tried but just can't do

W: What makes you late- my alarm clock when it doesn't wake me up or simply just the morning

X: X-ray- oh geesh too many to list ha ha pretty much every single body part x ray and MRI

Y: Yummy food you make- everything I'm awesome in the kitchen except baking I can cook, cant bake.

Z: Zoo your favorite animal- Tigers, lions, any big cat.

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  1. How about running in boy shorts? That would be hot.