Saturday, February 26, 2011


I loved my Polar HRM, it was pink, it gave me an accurate count of my calories burnt, it let me monitor my HR while running so I could keep it in a steady in a working zone for my long runs. I was sad when it died a few months ago and although I've gotten used to working out with out it and guessing my calorie burn, I still miss it.

I like my Nike+. I love the online tool with it. It keeps track of all of my runs. Although its not 100% accurate (sometimes it is but most times its off by .10 of a mile to as much as a quarter mile) there is something I love about loading my runs to and seeing my run, my route, my pace and mostly seeing it sent to my facebook page to brag how bad ass I am, he he he. Plus I love the training programs offered by the Nike Coach, I've followed the 5k, the 1/2 marathon-beginner and now currently following the 1/2 Marathon-intermediate-designed for a PR. But when I change my run, or try a new route or run a trail, I never truly know my pace, time and distance and that makes me sad especially when I'm trying for a PR for my next race.

Thanks to the federal government that is in the past and the present is my wonderful, accurate, brand spanking new Garmin Forerunner 110!

Its GPS enabled and has a Heart Rate Monitor and its the simplest of the Garmins, just press and go. Now I don't know everything bout it just yet...because I just ordered It comes on Tuesday and I seriously cannot wait to use it. I read the reviews and I'm so excited to see my real distance, pace and once again know my HR and my calories burnt.  Plus like the Nike I can sync it online (hope I can post it to facebook too) and I can see a detailed description of my run AND even a map. I'm so stoked for this new piece of equipment I'm giddy and blogging about it lol. I will prob still use my Nike+ but only so I can still compete on challenges on the website, I enjoy the added competitions and goals and besides I still have to use my ipod so it will cool to compare the two.

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