Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Like The Treadmill Others Like Outdoors...Me I Like Them Both!

Fun, Motivating, Relaxed, Enjoyment, Harder than you remembered, Excitement, Accomplished, Not working simply RUNNING and much harder than I remember.

That's how I describe my first outdoor run of the season. Week 2 of training was done in Minnesota and on a treadmill. I worked out in 5 different gyms (and all but one let us use the facility for free) and ran of course on the boremill. If I would have planned better I could have hit the outdoors in Lutsen for a run but I didn't pack appropriate outdoor running gear so I kept it indoors. I pouted a bit when I read on facebook the great weather in Illinois and other Minnesotan friends who made their way outside. But on the flip side I have learned that on Tuesday when I do my interval runs that its much much easier to do these on the treadmill because I can watch my meters much easier and force myself faster/slower/tempo better. However its still 7 miles and 7 miles on the TM isn't much fun but because of the intervals I can do it. Anyway I knew the snow in IL was gone and even though I was dreading the return I did have a Saturday outdoor long run to look fw to.

I decided since I did a late Friday workout I would wait until Saturday afternoon to run. Matty joined he had 7 miles and I had 9 (with the last 400 m sprints). It was cooler but dressed right it was awesome! I mapped a route in my neighborhood 7 for Matty and 9 for me. I didn't do my runners warm up and I'm noticing that when I don't I am much more stiff so no more skipping that. In fact I went and got an 8lb medicine ball for at home so I can do it at home now, great $15 investment! Nine miles through Peoria, running into the wind and with it at my back and my love by my side. My Nike Free's felt fantastic, my legs burned, but my endurance never faltered. The run was much harder than I remember but so motivating at the same time. I also have some hills and I tried to run them all but only made it 1/2 way up Park Hill (Bradley Park to Nebraska) and then there is a short steepy in my neighborhood that I had to walk up too at the end of my run but once at the top I had to kick it into high gear for my sprints and I wanted to finish strong. I wasn't bummed, gives me something to work to and strive for. I love my outdoor runs and I'm hoping the weather cooperates so I can get another one in this Saturday because I have 10! Happy  Running friends!

Week 3 Sked:
Today: RPM 60 minutes and strength
Tues: 7 miles 1-2 easy then 3 at temp (if wx coops I want to do this outside)
Wed: 3 miles tempo-teach RPM
Thurs: 7 miles w/ 6x200m Fast at the end
Fri: Strength and RPM
Sat: 10 miles 4x100m strides at the end

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  1. You are a real running badass! I have totally sucked so far this year while you are out there (or in there) kicking ass!