Friday, September 17, 2010

12 miles down and only 1.1 to go!

So yesterday was my very first 12 mile run. I smashed it! Again the stupid ass Nike+ didn't work, it quit at 1.16 miles. I am wondering if the sensor got moister in it on that 11 mile run I did (see a few blogs back). anyway I've been searching the support forums on and apple. I tried a few suggestions on apple so we'll see if it works on my next run on Sunday. Now about those 12 miles...

Once again I gotta brag because I have a totally rad boyfriend. He offered to run with me yesterday he was going to do the 1st 8 miles with me (out to Dunlap and back) and then wait while I did my final 4. I was a bit worried because I still have the cramps from hell, I was tired and my period has offically been going on for over an fricken week! UHHHHHH! So we head out to the RIT and hit the ground running. Matty is naturally faster than me so I had to lead to slow him down but he totally forced me to pick up my pace some. I usually do my long runs with my HR between 83-88% and with him yesterday I was pretty consistent at about 88-91%. Of course the Nike+ died so I had to guess on our time I would check my watch at each mile marker and we seemed to be just under a 10 minute pace. Once back at our start (just under 8 miles) I had to pee (go effing figure) and I leave a bottle of water at the start so we drank some. I felt fabulous at this point, no pain, not tired and definitely not winded cardiovascular wise I was felling perfect. Plus working out helps alleviate my cramps (but not the back pain). So the next 4 miles shouldn't be bad and I was stoked to tackle them. Matty also felt the same and decided to finish with me. Keep in mind he's never trained for this, show off! So now we head towards Pioneer Parkway and this trail is a little more grueling especially for the final 4 miles cuz there are some hills. I figured if we run about 22 minutes in one direction and then flip back we should have done just over 12 miles or right at. I'd rather do more than less. So that's what we did with about 3 miles left we both started having leg issues but nothing that stopped us. The last mile and half my legs were hurting but once we hit the last 1/2 mile my adrenaline kicked in and I was ready to kick this runs ass and I stepped it into high gear and sprinted the rest of the way. We ran for a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes! I felt like ass after my legs sore and I'm so flexible its really hard for me to get good stretches in. But we did it and the best part was is I got to share it with Matty. Really him being there totally pushed me to just kick some ass and I gotta say I love having someone who is just as tweaked as myself when it comes to fitness. And I'm totally proud of him too that's a hard run and to do it w/o any training, he's bad ass! Don't let this go to your head Matty but I'm kinda proud of ya!

Today, I'm a bit sore but I'm still going to teach my RPM class at noon. I may not go balls to the wall crazy like normal but I am going to teach. I'm dog sitting my friends doggie today, Pappy. Him and my dog, Pippin, are having a ball, I'm going to go take them both for a walk now to help loosen up my legs some.

I also looked at my training and I see Nike has me running 14 miles a week before my race and I don't want to do that. So next week I'm suppose to run 12 again, I am going to go for 13, then the following I'll do 12 and then from there on out I'll tapper off my runs, I don't want to be doing anything to grueling before the race so after the next 2 weeks I'll start taking my mileage down on my long runs.

Oh and I did decided that after the race I am getting the tattoo. I'll get a tiny foot print the date of the race and then the time I finished in on the back of my neck just under my hair line.


  1. The pre-run dump is way more important than stretching!

  2. ha ha ha seriously if I don't "go" before I run I wont even bother running because then I know I'll get RT's. Anyway I take a Pro-biotic in the morning and it keeps me very regular thankfully so. Now the if only I could not have to pee every 20 minutes stupid bladder!