Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When I say "I don't have that problem" I jinx myself!

I say "My Nike+ is accurate" and the the next run its inaccurate to the max!
I say "I haven't had the runners trots in a while" and then the next run, I get them!
I say "I never have problems with my Nike+" and guess what happened..yep problems!

So Sunday and then on Tuesday I had a 7 mile and then a 6 mile run. On Sunday at .88 into my run my Nike+ says to me "run stopped, press menu to continue" so I was what, I didn't think I hit anything but my case is in need of replacing so I thought maybe it jacked it up. I hit menu and continue, only for this to happen 3 more times. The 3rd time I look at it and its still on .88. So I stop it and restart it and it worked fine. But yesterday it did the same thing at .30 and wouldn't restart, it kept trying to link with the sensor but wouldn't. So I just said eff it and ran w/o the Nike+ tracking, luckily I kinda new the route so I was able to guesstimate the 6 miles, I'm pretty sure I ran just over 6 miles. But, I got my first 12 miles tomorrow and I really want my Nike+ for this. I'll run on the RIT so I can pretty much figure out 12 miles but I wont know FOR SURE w/o it. Uh I don't know if I should just go buy a new one or what.

Speaking of my 12 miles, I'm excited, a little nervous but looking forward to it. It will be weird because I am doing the morning show all this week and it starts to get dark at 7ish. So I'm more worried how I'll feel running later because my eating is different and I don't want the RT's is there really anything worse than having to crap when you run? Yeah..running with a UTI, lol. Anyway, we'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm thinking of hitting the trail about 4ish the weather is supposed to be ideal so wish me luck!

PS: I learned yesterday that my wonderful boyfriend is indeed going to go to Mankato with me for the race so I'm pretty happy to know he'll be at the finish line waiting and cheering for me!


  1. For a 12 mile run on the RIT I suggest stashing a water bottle at the little bike parking area where the trail crosses the super-swanky neighborhood (just north of Kickapoo Creek, accessed from Cedar Hills Drive), then going back to the Alta parking lot. Start a little bit in front of the big sign in the parking lot and run to the 3 mile post (maybe 1/4 mile north of the super-swanky neighborhood), turn around, get a drink at your stashed water bottle, return to the parking lot, take a drink, run back out to the 3 mile, take a drink and finally back to your car. 12 miles of known distance with water stops about every 3 miles.

  2. How long have you had your sensor? Maybe just that the battery has worn down?

  3. I just leave a bottle at my start, Alta lot, and when I reach dunlap I turn around and come back so I rehyrdate at 8 miles (I run 8 miles all the time w/o hydrating) and then continue on the paved portion for my final 4 miles. I have to pee to much the way it is so I don't like to drink too much.

    I've had the sensor since Feb.

  4. maybe it is your sensor? Hope the 12 went well!

  5. You need to try trading sensor with someone to help determine whether it is your sensor or receiver that is creating the problem.

  6. oh good point I'll try that with Matty he has one.