Thursday, September 23, 2010

13 miles down and only .10 to go...

Thirteen miles...DONE! Can check that run off my list! I'm exhausted, my legs are a bit stiff and I really don't know what to say other than I did it! Let's break it down:

Total run time 2:12:58, average pace was 10'13 and calories burnt was 1,345! I started just before 9 this morning, ran the RIT (stayed on the dirt the whole time this run) luckily it wasn't too warm out (supposed to get up to 90 today) plus I wore my new running t-shirt and I gotta say run apparel is much better to run in compared to tank tops that just hold on to all that sweat. Cardiovascular wise I felt fantastic the entire run, my goal is to always keep my HR in a moderate zone and pace myself. My legs started to tighten about 10 miles in and that's when I got tired. I really had to syke myself into the run kept telling myself that Jana and Matty were rooting for me to do well today and I couldn't let them down and I just kept on going. Once I hit the 13 miles I forced myself to walk for about 10 minutes after the run and my god I don't think I have ever felt tightness like that in my legs before. How in the heck to do people run full marathons (26.2 miles in case you were wondering)? Anyway that will be my longest run during training, I'll take it down to 12 miles next week and then taper them off from there.

Word is my sister is still coming to the 1/2, my cousin had to back out of the weekend but says she will still be there for actual race. Matty is in and is officially signed up to run the 10k. Hotel has been booked and paid for, time off request has been approved. All that is left is 29 days in the way. And that's all I got for today sorry but witty is not in my body today. And with that farewell till next week....7 miles will kick off Week 9 on Sunday!


  1. My brother ran a full and he walked a lot after finishing but still stiffened up after stopping. His knees bothered him for a couple of weeks after the race, but he did it again the following year so it wasn't enough to deter him. Good luck with the rest of your training!


  2. Way to go Anna! I am so proud of you! I can't wait to run in this race with you.

    I have started to walk after my long runs. My legs always feel so strange after a long run. They feel so much better after you walk don't they?

    Get some sleep lady friend!

  3. You're awesome. You're going to be amazing during the race! Seriously that adreniline will carry you so far. You'll be so much faster than me. I finished my first 1/2 in 2hrs 20some min's. and the second in 2hrs 18min. I don't remember my third 1/2 marathon time... but it was probably about the same. I'm so impressed w/ your time... I wanna get fast too!!! :) Good job Anna! I'm proud of you!