Monday, October 4, 2010

18 days and counting down..PS: Sorry I haven't check in in over a week!

WOW I have been ubber busy these past few days between running, working, remotes and travels I've had no time to blog. Work has been kicking my ass if its not remotes its endless amount of commericals to make plus contesting to do. Then there is my training, my RPM teaching, my boyfriend and then the traveling. We-Matty and me-went to St. Louis last Monday for the Cardinals/Pirates game, were going back to St. Louis this weekend for the Blues home opener but before that were staying in Bloomington for the Rob Zombie concert. And then of course traveling up to Mankato in 2 weeks for the 1/2 Marathon and 10k. Oh and last but most definitely not least my mom was down here to visit this past weekend. So lets talk running....

I'm still keeping up with running 4x a week and Matty has been joining me mostly on my Sunday runs. Last week it was 7 miles on Sunday w/ an average pace of 8'55 obviously that was a run with Matt. Monday it was 3 @ 9'02, Wednesday 6 miles @9'03 and then Thursday my long run I once again aimed for 13 miles and smashed it with a 9'36 pace. These short runs are just so easy to me these days I love it. Then my long run on Thursday I did out at the RIT again and miles 1-10 were a cinch but that 10th and 11th miles were tough and I really slowed down to over a 10 minute pace but then once I hit 12 my adrenalin kicked in like I haven't felt before, I got a 2nd wind and ran in just over 8 minutes. I killed it. After the run and viewing my time I can really see that training with Matty has done great for my speed. He is so much faster than me so when we run together I force him to slow it down sum and he forces me to pick it up and its really paying off in my average pace. The whole long run I never once felt winded so its paying off. Now I am going to start tapering down. Sunday my mom took Pips for a walk while Matty and I ran 7 miles and again our pace rocked with an 8'51 but we ran about 7.50, it was a great run!

Apearl: I finally picked up a running jacket and I've worn it twice and I really do dig it. However I do need to invest in another one, I did fine one at Dick's that I really loved. For those that know me, you know that I MUST have chap stick with me where ever I go and this coat I found has this sweet ass zipper pocket on the arm that will be the PERFECT location for that chap stick I must go back and buy it. I also need to get another pair of pants cuz mine are starting to fall off and I hate that when I am running and I gotta do the run, pull up ur pants dance at the same time, not only do I feel stupid but I look it too. And I need a another new sport bra because I have no bobbies anymore :( I guess this is a problem I shouldn't complain about but dammit I hate spending lots of money on clothes that I am just going to sweat in.

Let's see what else...I've been getting minor cases of RT every time I run and that pisses me off because I'm staying away from the dairy and fiber. Still gotta stop and pee at least once in my long runs too. Right now bathroom issues are still my number 1 fear come race day. I've also had some pain in my surgery ankle. Matty's got me taking ibuprofen every morning and night and I'm really trying to do my stretches every day but sometimes I just get busy or forget uhh. Plus my physical therapist said that I just need to call her and she will show me how to tape it up and give me some tape and that will help but I keep forgetting...I'm going to text her now.

Time goal: I didn't want to set one but now that I've done 2-13 mile runs in 2:05 that is my goal come race day, I'll be beyond happy if I can come in under 2 hours.

Spectators: My cousin is no longer staying with me in Mankato but she says she will at lest come down to watch me run. I don't know what my sister's plans are. Matty is officially registered for the 10K and we already planned that he will find me at the mile 9 view point and then at the finish, I'm so happy he's going to be there. My mom really wants to talk my dad into at least coming down race day to see me but it prob wont happen because its so close to when they move. I keep throwing out selling points that they will be able to leave Mankato no later than noon so they can get back home and that if they wanted to come down Friday night I have a 2 bed hotel booked and paid for already and that this will be my dads only chance to meet my boyfriend, but I don't know if any of that is working, guess we'll find out in 18 days!!!!!!!


  1. I was told by several of the people I ran that 10 mile race with, that you usually don't need to worry about RT on race days. They said you are so synced that it rarely happens. I told them that a friend of mine (you) and myself are worried about it. I haven't had RT in awhile but I do occasionally get cramping in my stomach.

    As far as peeing... I never have to go *knock on wood* while i'm running

    I wasn't going to set a goal either for a finish time. But I am aiming for under 2hour and 20 minutes. So be looking for me at the finish line. ;)

  2. Your times and pace are amazing. You are going to kick the Mankato 1/2 Marathon's ass!!

    As for having to pee while running: after about 5 miles of the Quad Cities 1/2 a week and a half ago, I felt like I had to go and actually starting looking for a place to go. I told myself it was stupid and just ignored it. I finished the race without peeing and did not end up peeing until more than two hours after finishing. The whole feeling was phony, don't believe it, just keep running.

  3. IDNKM-ya know I've kinda wondered if its a phantom pee-like phantom pain. Cuz a few times that I have been running I feel like it with in my first 1-2 miles but am no where where I can "squat" so I keep going and forget about it. Thanks for the tip! Are you going to do the Screaming Pumpkin race? I'm putting together a team of 4 for the relay marathon!

    And thanks I'm really suprised at how fast my average pace is, never did I think when I started running that I would be running that fast and feeling as comfortable as I do.