Thursday, October 7, 2010

2 weeks and the wind down begins

I think this is going to be the hardest part of training, winding down my runs. Today I did 10 miles (more on that in a bit). Next week I am going to do 9 on my long run day and then the week of I'll still run 4x's a week but my only long run that Sunday prior of 7 miles, 2 on Monday and then either 3 or 4 on Tuesday. My training calls for me to run 2 on Thursday but I don't think I will, I think I'll just do a Body Pump class that morning.

So here's my grip me and my Nike+. I have my calibration off. Today I wanted to run 10 miles but I forgot to map it out in my neighborhood first so I just kinda guessed on my run. Well my Nike said i did over 10 miles but I knew that was wrong because on Sunday when I ran 7 I knew that it was a for sure 7 mile run cuz I mapped it and this run said I was at 7 a ways before I hit that mark. Anyway, I get home and I map it and I was off by just under a whole mile! So my calibration is WAY off. So now I am questioning EVERYTHING, did I really run 13 miles already (I think I did or at least came VERY close)? And what about my pace, is that accurate? Am I really as fast as I think I am? I know when I calibrated it I did it on the treadmill (which is a no-no) but I didn't think it would be off by that much. I also know you can calibrate your Nike AFTER a run using the run you just did, however I screwed it up when I tried it today. I'm 1/2 tempted to run a mile or so tomorrow so I can try to calibrate it after a run. If your wondering what/how all you do is your run your set distance, but make sure you KNOW 100% for sure the exact distance of the run (I map mine on when you hit end workout all your supposed to be able to do is hold the center button on your ipod and then it says calibrate or something (not sure cuz I haven't done it) and then you set the distance you actually ran and it calibrates it. I think this sounds like the easiest and most accurate way to do it. But today I hit end workout and let go of the center button then tried holding it down and it didn't work. So I assume when you hit the center button to end workout you also hold it down at that point (and don't let up like I did) and you can do it. Somebody try this and tell me if it works.

So I am putting together a team to run the Screaming Pumpkin Prediction Marathon were going to do the relay so each one of us will run a 6.55 leg of the race. I guess its a huge challenge because of the hills and stuff but it just sounds like so much fun I can't wait. Matty, my friend Jill and I are all in for it. Were waiting on Matty's friend if he doesn't do it not sure who else I'll ask I have a few in mind and would like to stick with another male runner. And yes were going to dress up too lol should be fun you can read about it here:

Going to be 80's this weekend so BEAUTIFUL running weather I'm looking forward to a fantastic run in St. Louis with my Matty!


  1. Which iPod are you using Nike+ with? The calibrate after run feature does not work on older nano's. Have to have at least the 4th generation nano to use that feature.

  2. I was never able to get my 3rd generation nano to calibrate even using the enter a distance and then run it method. It was very frustrating, but even without the calibration it was within 5% or better. Now I have a 5th generation nano and the calibrate after run method works great.

    I ran from mile 0 to mile 2 and back on the RI Trail and then told it I had run 4 miles (it was reading like 4.13 or something). The next time I ran was the Quad Cities 1/2 and at the finish line it read 13.11, perfect.

    I had done the same thing before the North Country Trail run, but there it read 13.97 at the end. I believe the error was due to that course being very hilly, thus changing my stride somewhat from how it is on the flat RI Trail.