Monday, October 11, 2010

7 1/2 Miles in Forrest Park St. Louis....I think

Just a quick note to tell you about running in St. Louis. First I LOVE that city. It's so beautiful and clean downtown. The architecture is really neat and I love the layout of the city. This time we stayed right across the street from the Scottrade Center home to the St. Louis Blues. BTW-The Blues won the home opener Saturday for my first NHL experience, it was unforgettable! So Forrest Park (where the Zoo is at and if you haven't been to the STL Zoo you gotta go its sooooo awesome) was about 10 minutes away from where we stayed and I was told by a few people how its a great place to go for a run, I read that its bigger than NY Central Park too. The last trip down we ran downtown so we-Matty and I-thought it would be fun to go out there, GREAT CHOICE! I still haven't re calibrated my Nike+ but I really don't think its off too much. The last run that I did, the one where it was off by almost a mile, has a lot of hills in it and I know that messes up the distance and I did take a shorter route than I had planned, I assumed it would be a 10 mile run and it wasn't. All of this is besides the point, the Nike+ say we ran 7.75 miles, I'm guessing our milage was somewhere between 7-7.5 miles because we ran for over 70 minutes and I KNOW that we go faster than 10 minute miles but I am unsure of the exact distance. Anyway the trail through Forrest Park was beautiful. The weather was perfect for running in shorts/tank tops, the changing colors and all the other people enjoying the morning just made it a great start to the day. Plus after spending all day Saturday on our asses it felt good to get out there and move those legs. There was also some pretty good hills in this track. It's definitely more fun to explore new tracks/trails because it keeps running interesting. I'm soooo bored with the loop in my neighborhood and at the Rock Island Trail. I like the challenge that comes with a new course however the one draw back is not being familiar. I'm still unsure of where that track went and would have loved to have run the whole loop but as we were running we kinda got a little confused so just flipped and back tracked.

Three miles today with some sprints following the run, aiming for 6 miles tomorrow after Body Pump class, Wednesday off, 9 miles on Thursday (unsure if I am going to attempt Body Pump) and then Saturday I may hit the pavement for 6 or 7 and that will be my last longer run before the race NEXT Saturday!

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  1. I hear ya about getting sick of the same running rout. I'm beyond bored w/ mine. I've been running the same dang rout in my subdivision for like 4 years now. Well I just ran a 10K on Sunday in my subdivision and it was AWESOME. Very hilly too. I had to stop a walk a few times (boo) but I freakin' did it! Anyway, my new goal is to be able to do that rout w/o having to stop and walk. I'm glad to have a new rout. And I had no idea roads were paved so far out past our neighborhood. OK, sorry, off on a tangent. Sounds like running in St. Louis was fun! You're getting so close to your big race! I'm excited for you! :) ~Bry