Monday, October 18, 2010

4 days to go and everything is breaking...except me...thankfully

Ahhhhhh the week that I need it to be stress free is turning into HIGH stress. I've gotten so so so many helpful tips for the race and am so anxious to try them but first I need to get there and at this point I don't know if I will...with my mind in tact.

Last week was so stressful and sooooo very busy with work that I couldn't even think, in fact on Thursday I broke down and cried for 45 minutes. I kept trying to pull myself together and just get it going but I couldn't. Once I did I knocked it outta the park but man that thoughts, the stress I hate to say it but its still a fresh memory. And I know that any day now things could change and get crazy at work once again so just trying to take each day as they come.

So the night we got back from St. Louis my outdoor faucet was officially broke and in need of a plumber. Trying to save money I had a friend look at it, he didn't want to mess with it. So I had to put the hose up to it and run it to my front yard. 1st plumber to big to fit in my crawl space the small one wouldn't come till Monday-Today. And he was a no show! But to make it worse lets back track. Friday-my cell phone breaks, I can make and take calls but ONLY if its on speaker. Sprint is sending me a new phone, thank god for texting but not sure when the new phone shall arrive. But then the mother of all bad happens on Sunday morning. Matty and I were going to run the Screaming Pumpkin route (were doing the relay marathon with 2 other people) so he comes to pick me up in my SUV (I got a bit tipsy the night before at a wedding) as he back outta my driveway my car acts BAD. Not wanting to go into gear, we keep driving to get a feel of it and see if it will kick in. We didn't make it far, only to the big lots on Sterling and it died. It runs but wont go into gear, my escape is an 07 but I only purchased the darned thing not even 3 months ago. It's a good thing we were on our way to run and like to run so we left it and ran to Matt's place, through the Heights and then back to Matty's for a 7 mile run. My car is at Finish Line Ford as I type and IDK what is wrong. Yes its under the Power Train Warranty and for some odd reason I also went ahead and got the extended warranty THANKFULLY so it will be 100% covered but talk about suckage. I'm driving a rental (that's paid for by the dealer) until I know what's up. Oh and the plumber finally showed up, luckily that was an easy fix, installed a new faucet and I'm good to go AND as a bonus I don't have to run off my water in the winter with this. So now its just waiting for the car detail, I hope its fixed by Friday because I do NOT want to drive this nasty rental Chevy Cobalt to Mankato.

As far as running I did a 9.5 mile run on Thursday, already mentioned the 7 mile on Sunday both of which are mapped on if you wanna check them out (and posted on my facebook). Today I finally re calibrated my Nike+ and this time on the track at the Riverplex and I'm sooo mad because I'm not as fast as I thought..9:30-9:40 miles boooo. I did a 3 mile run after I re calibrated and my average was 9:40 so I guess I wont be making a goal of doing the 1/2 in under 2 hours now. So if I do it in the 2:05-2:10 range I'll be happy!

Running tips I can't wait to try:
-Drive to the start before the race so I know how long my drive is since I'm from out of town and know where I am going. We will do this on Friday anyway to pick up our race packets. That is the finish line but they are saying to park there, then take buses they are providing to the start. Nice too cuz if my SUV is fixed I have key less entry so we can leave a change of clothes in the truck along with keys, cells and stuff and not have to worry about a bag drop.
-Pack your drop bag the night before.
-Pin your bib number on your shirt and put the timing chip on your shoe the night before. Also lay out all your clothes, shoes, morning meals, ipod, gps and everything you play to use the night before.
-Have 2 form of wake up-were gonna set my alarm on my phone and ask for a wake up call from the front desk. I plan to wake up at 5-5:30am. Eat my breakfast about 6-6:15am, leave hotel by 6:30am. Plan to arrive to catch the buses at 6:45am. Race starts at 8am.

One last thing. My nephew and parents may come. I'm praying this happens because nothing would make me more happier so please pray with me and for me. They may let him out on a day pass (waiting approval-if you don't know what I'm talking about then ask and I MAY tell you if I don't then its none of ya's) and he said he wants to come see me run. So my parents are going to come down with him if he gets approved they plan to be in Mankato by 9am to see me cross the finish line.

If you have any other race tips please feel free to share!


  1. I will add that prayer to my am prayers while I swim! I REALLY hope they come and watch you! I sure wish I could be ther to support, please know that I will be thinking of you and will be anxious to hear about it afterwards!!!! I know the whole week was h-e-l-l but nothing that was to bad financially to you thank goodness and it wioll all be good in the end! I will cross my fingers that your week at work this week goes smothly, if it doesn't....close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to whatever you need to count to to calm down! Luv ya my dear niece!!

  2. Try to get on an afternoon/evening crapping schedule this week so that you have no worries or doubts on race morning.

    Depending on how large a race it is, you might want to put yourself a bit ahead of your expected pace at the start area. When I ran the Steamboat 15k, I spent the first mile and a half weaving around passing people who had positioned themselves well ahead of their actual pace at the start.

    You will do great in the race. You have taken your training very seriously and diligently and it will pay off.

  3. One word... adrenaline! I always ran my marathons FASTER than I trained them. Much fast in fact. And I always crossed the finish line feeling like I could not only go further but LOTS further... like 5+miles. I am positive this is race day adrenaline. You'll have so much fun people watching during the race. And you've trained so well that you will have no problems. You'll be faster than you have so far. You might even make your dream of crossing before the 2hr mark. My only advice I'd add that has payed off for me in the past is... don't do anything "new" on race day. Don't wear new shoes, socks, shorts, nothing new. You don't know how comfortable they are or how they will effect your running. So don't.

    Seriously though... you're going to do amazing. I'm proud of you! It's such a freakin AWESOME accomplishment! It takes serious work to do something like this. Enjoy every second of it! You've earned it.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes and tips, I'm starting to get excited today. Thankfully today is kinda mellow and no drama or carzyness. I'm posting a new blog today just incase I don't get to it tomorrow and will be checking in via facebook while I'm in Mankato. Thanks for everything and believing in me.