Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Picture is worth a thousand words....or is just masturbation material!

So I'm 1/2 way through my 7 miles today and I catch some pervo leaning 1/2 way outside the passenger side window of this truck, camera phone in hand, arm stretched out and taking a picture of my backside running. No effing joke! When I busted him he hoped back into the truck quickly and they sped off, gross! Really are we THAT hard up you need to take a pic of a girl running, what is wrong with people for fucks sake!

So here's my week 6 run sked: Sunday-7 miles-miles 1&2 at easy pace, miles 3-6 at tempo but I did 3-7 at tempo. Yesterday 3 miles 4x150 meter strides after, today 7 miles a repeat of Sunday. Now Thursday my normal long run day I'm to do a 2 mile run then on Friday I'm to do a 10.2-2 mile warm up then-10k time trial-2m cool down. However I teach on Friday (and I just found out I do the efffing morning show, puke) so I think I'll flip them and do Friday on Thursday and Thursday's run on Friday.

So one more thing; I broke my #1 cardinal rule today...I was 1/2 way through eating me eggs and toast this am and I realize...I'm drinking milk...dairy is a big no no food for me. And for a minute I totally panicked. But luckily it didn't effect me negatively...whew I dodged a bullet today with that one. I'm doing the morning show all next week, I'm worried how that will effect me, yuck. But I'm at the 1/2 way point now; 6 weeks or 40some day's to go!


  1. Ok. Let's try this again...

    That's weird that someone took your picture. Do you think they recognized you as "Anna Kinkade" or just thought you were some hot chick? lol.

    So I am going to run 3miles today and I have had some 'bathroom issues'! So I'm affraid to run outside. I've decided to run on the TM at the gym that way I'm closer to a bathroom just in case!! lol. Even though I loath the TM, I just don't want to crap my pants! TMI?

    Good job on the run!! - Bry

  2. It's really so nice to know I am not the only person who gets effected with the Runners Trots or RT's as i call them. Through reserch I've learned to stear clear of dairy and high fiber before my run days. And I gotta say its worked like a charm! oh and I make sure I go poo before I run too-luckily i have a pretty accurate poop sked. However, the morning show will be sure to eff that one up for me too next week, oh I loath the morning show.

  3. Uh, can we see the back side to see what the fuss was all about? haha.. J/k.. Well, not really but kinda..

  4. I get RT even when I don't have dairy or high fiber right before. :(