Monday, November 1, 2010

OPPS I'm doing it AGAIN!

It's official, I've signed up for my next 1/2 Marathon; The 500 Festival Mini Marathon on May 7, 2011! Matty is also signed up for the 1/2 so he'll be doing his first one that date and two of my co-workers Chris (Koller) and Bob Swinehart are also registered. I believe two other people they know are also doing the race. I already told them that I am down for doing a hotel room with them-in the same hotel I wont be sharing a room with anyone but Matty cuz ya know we need some alone time ha ha ha. Anyway this is the race that does a lap on the speedway and I guess its one of the largest races with 35,000 people! Here's a link if you wanna check it out:

Out of 34 teams at the Screaming Pumpkin Prediction Relay Marathon race the 105.7 The X Rocks team placed in at 14th! And we came in at 11:55! Ahhhh! But we all got our tiaras and wands, which is what I wanted, just no trophy. I'll post some photo's below of the race, it was really a TON of fun and totally recommend this race to anyone! The race sounds intimidating because Springdale Cemetery is very hilly but also ya know there's that thing of running through a cemetery at night. But I loved that it was at night and you couldn't see....see the approaching hills. I think if I could see them it would freak me out but this way you have no idea what or when they are coming. I just kept the glow sticks to my right, followed them and ran my heart out. I did pretty well too...well I should have slowed it down some. Bob, Jill and I both ran our normal pace so poor Matty had like an hour and 20 mins to run the 6 miles so he just jogged it, poor guy. Our team pace was 9:22. My official time was 1:03:35 or a 9:42 mile. It was cold but we were blessed that I broadcast from there and had the comforts of the warm van just at the finish line! :) But it was seriously a super fun run and you should plan to do it next year! The only thing I am sad about is that I didn't get a pictures after the race with us in our tiaras :(

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  1. Dude!!! WTF?? So you're not running the Lincoln 1/2 Marathon I take it?? B/c as I've told you several times before... it's the first sunday of May.