Thursday, October 28, 2010

So What's Next?

The Screaming Pumpkin Prediction Marathon Relay...tomorrow night, that's what's next! I really gotta say I love my freaking job. Tomorrow I get to do my whole show live on location at Glen Oak Park and then after I get to run my first Relay Marathon...a Prediction race. Meaning no clocks on course and no watches. The person or team that comes in closest to midnight w/o going over wins...bragging rights and more importantly a tiara! I want that crown dammit! If you come in after midnight you get a pumpkin wamp wamp wamp (is that how you spell that?). My team is my co-worker Bob, my boyfriend-Matty and my friend from the gym and the girl I did RPM training with Jill. Were dressing up too, cuz costumes are encouraged. Jill and I are wearing I <3 Vampires shirts and neon wigs I have a green one she has a pink. Otherwise the rest of our clothes are all black. Matty and Bob will wear corny Halloween tshirts too (I'm getting them tonight) and wigs, Matt got a Pirate one and Bob will have to get his tomorrow since he is still on his honeymoon. However I also got some white/black striped tights, I cut the toe off them (so I can wear running socks and not tear up my feet) and I'm wearing them under some spandex shorts lol! Oh and the race is done in Springdale Cemetery and the path is lit only by the moon and glow sticks. I think were going to start just before 8 or at 8pm. So excited this should be a TON of fun. People ask me often what kind of perks  get with the job, this is one of them, not only do I get to have a kick ass time while working tomorrow but I'm getting paid for it and my team got to register for free. Runners in town you should really check it out the website is and you can sign up tomorrow at the park while I am out there live. There will be live music starting at 7pm and then a DJ later. I'll have to pack a cooler with some special post race beverages too!

Profession pictures have been posted online of me running the race and boy are some of them a gag. I'm totally going to order a spread just need to decided what the one with the terrible in pain look on my face is most definitely getting ordered,you can view the pics here: and you can even order your very own coffee mug...mmmm that's one delicious cup of coffee!

I am getting my tattoo on Saturday. It will be the date and the time I finished in then an outline of a foot with the 13.1 in the center of it. I'll get it on my inner wrist. Now don't think I'm gonna get inked every time I run a race, only this time. I want to always remember the 1st race because it only will come one time, I want to always be reminded of what I wanted, worked for and succeeded at. Where I came from and where I never want to go back and where I can continue to move ahead. I'm totally stoked!


  1. Well I must say that the best part of the tattoo will be the fact that you will think of ME every time you look at it... YOU BETTER! ;)

  2. Your costume sounds like FUN! I love the striped leggings! haha. I'd love to do a fun run like that. There used to be a race around peoria called 'only fools run at midnight'. That would be fun too! Anyway, enjoy the race!!! I want to see pics!!