Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Long Run-3 Weeks Till 500 Mini Marathon

There it is, my longest run I have ever done, 15 miles! This is the same route that Matty and I did last week but extended some and its becoming a favorite. Almost all of it has sidewalks, makes 2 stops (for me at least) at his house for some refueling and is in a beautiful part of town. We also added an additional stop at a gas station in Peoria Heights for some water. I've learned that hydration and refuel is key to keeping me quick and strong. As much as runners hate to stop, its the not stopping that will slow you down more. We do run on some busy streets but with the sidewalks there really isn't to much traffic to contend with making for a sweet run. However it seems once I am a solo running I always nearly get hit (car comes close enough to where I can touch it) I don't know why that is. I'm dressed in bright colors, Sunday it was bright orange! Is it because I am alone and two are easier to spot than one? Or is it just because some people suck ass and don't look? My bets are on the latter. The last two runs have been at a conversational pace and I've still come in at the 13.1 mark under my last race of 2:10, around 2:05, so I've shed 5 minutes off my time when I'm NOT TRYING. I can't wait to see what my time will be like when I am trying. Either way I know I will RP, now if it will be my PR goal of 1:59:59 I'm still unsure. I know race day you always go faster than normal and I know with all the interval and hill work I have done and the training that I am in top shape to do 13.1 with out problems. I know I can hold up leg and cardiovascular wise. I cannot wait to see what Indianapolis brings me on May the 7th. Tapper down starts now; Tuesday 7 miles-intervals, Wed-short/quick 3 miles, Thurs-8 miles-speed and Sat 10 miles-25 minutes at goal pace.

My biggest thought through out my 15 miler was "If I can do a 17 mile run, I know I can do the full 26.2" and "I've done 15, I only need to add 11.2 more to do a full." I know I've said that I'll probably never do a full but its been consuming my thoughts, bet some money that in 2012 I take on the 26.2....if not sooner!

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  1. WAY TO GO!

    I used to hate stopping in the middle of a run. But in reality I will probably be stopping when I run my marathon. So while I train i'd like to do just that. I need to be able to stop running and then get going again... if that makes sense.

    I think in 2012 I want to do the Mankato Full. Or Chicago marathon.