Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 11

Only one more full week of training, then rest week, then 13.1 baby! The excitement is mounting and I'm so ready for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis on May 7th. After all I've been registered for this races since early December, had our hotel also booked since then and been training for the last 11 weeks. This week I had 7 miles on Tuesday, 3 Wednesday and 8 yesterday and 10 tomorrow. Thursday due to thunderstorms I was forced inside to the dread-mill and was able to hold my goal pace of 8:57 steady (thanks to the dread-mill/bore-mill) for 5 miles my legs and breathing felt fantastic, like I wasn't even trying. Wednesday I had to put on the layers since the cold is still in Central Illinois (and most of the Midwest) and hit my 3 fast miles. There was some wind so I had to really push but kept it at an average of 8:45 and again didn't feel to bad. Yesterday I did 8 I wanted to time trial 1/2 of the 1/2 so I wanted to see if I could come in at 6.55 in under an hour and I believe I clocked in at 58:45 but I forget I know it was close and that was even with a few hold ups at stop lights. I was pretty sore after that but still did the last mile and a half at a "slow" pace that really wasn't slow. Tomorrow were going to hit the RIT (Rock Island Trail) so I can time trial my 10 mile run on a flat track, to mimic the race course, so I'm excited to see how that run pans out. I'm happy thus far. Everyone says I'm ready and I am going to totally take this 13.1 miles by storm and obtain my goal of 1:59:59. Whatever I come in at I know it will be better than my first race time of 2:10:18 and I'm happy with that. I can't wait for the Indy Mini. We got out official race tickets last weekend. Matty and I already have our bib numbers, I think mine is 11007 and his is 11012-of course I could be completely off but I know I end in 07 and him in 12. You can tell we registered just minutes of each other. Now stay tuned because coming soon I'll be looking for my annual race tradition of Pick My Playlist! Happy Running!

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  1. Anna - way to go! I bet you're excited. Keep up the awesome running. I love to hear your whereabouts and race experiences. I strive to keep up with you and Jana - just now getting back into running myself. :) Stacy