Wednesday, April 13, 2011

War Wounds

This past weekend I had my longest run to date, 14 miles. I'll surpass that this weekend when I hit 15 miles but that's where I stop and begin the taper down weeks. I can't believe I'm three weeks away from my second half marathon! Fourteen miles went swimmingly! Matty mapped a route that included stops at his house. I really like doing that because I need hydration when I do anything over an hour. I can push the 7 and 8 mile runs with out problems but anything more and no hydration I hurt! But we wanted to skip Sprindale Cemetery because those hills are just too much. So the map was like the past few weeks we start at Big Lots off Sterling, go to his house, run through the Heights, back to Matty's, then he's done and I go back home. Each stop at Matty’s we hydrate with G2 and/or water and pee if needed or other necessities like Body Glide, drop clothing, add clothing, you get the idea.

Here is Sunday's Run via Garmin:

War Wounds: the title of this blog, guess I should hit them, after the run I did an ice bath to ache my tired, sore and stiff legs. It was pretty warm weather so it actually felt pretty good, well except the first 3 minutes in the tub that stung a bit. After I had a few left over injuries, the first being my feet. I never felt this pain before but for the first 30 minutes after the run/bath it hurt to walk. The balls of my feet just ached and stung with every step. But by the time lunch was over (went to Red Lob right after) I felt fine again. Matty said he's had this problem too so I know it’s not my Nike Frees because he’s got cushiony Mizunos. But the second wound was my shorts chafed again but worse (I did forget the body glide again) I have this mole that is right above my crack and it chafed so bad that it bleed and for a days after too because it was so sensitive to my jeans and such, total suckage!

The next war wound is a bit comical. I have a few odd running....habits; I guess you could call them. I don’t really know what to call them. #1 I HATE carrying things. Can’t do it. I see people run with water or Gatorade and I just can’t do it. I've even seen them with straps on their hand to hold the bottle; I haven't tried that but that just doesn’t sound fun either. I once had an ipod hand band and I tried that once but still didn't like it. I also hate ipod arm bands, they slip too much or bounce too much and I hate that bouncing on my arm and if you put it too tight to prevent that it makes my arm numb. Same with my ipod on my hip, I cannot stand the bouncing. I used to have this AMAZING belt clip that doesn’t let it bounce but sadly it broke. So I've been creative with what I do with my ipod so I don’t have to arm band it, carry it or feel it bounce. I've been putting it in that small pocket of my Reebok running shorts as of late and it works well, except I can’t skip songs and stuff. It’s gotten pretty annoying especially when I have a song come up that is quieter and I can’t turn it up. And then I started getting this on my hip:

That would be scratching, redness-chafing and scabbing. My ipod is kind of falling apart (gift idea a new ipod 8 gig or more) and has been scratching the shit outta my leg and boy did it do a number on Sunday. And it hurts! So I finally got on Amazon and ordered a new belt clip. For some reason you can't find them in the stores easily anymore, it’s all crappy arm bands. I got it yesterday after my run of course so it will have it inaugural run today.

Do you have any odd, war wounds from your run? Do tell!

PS: I also got sunburn on Sunday too!

The razor back was kinda funny. It’s gone now. I'm now on a mission to find a sun block that will protect my skin. Stand up to my excessive sweating. Not feel slimy. Or sticky for that matter. And doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I'll let you know what I find. In the mean time suggestions are recommended too!


  1. I got some sun during my run yesterday! I wish they made a good strappless running bra & shirt, lol. Ya know, so I wont get tan lines! The 'ladies' probably wouldn't like it though. Nor do I want to flash ppl. Anyway... Sometimes my arm band for my ipod pinches. I couldn't wait to take it off after my race saturday.But it doesn't bounch or giggle at all and this was the 1st time it's pinched. maybe my arm got fatter? lol And you do know body glide is just vaseline right? Vaseline is like 69cents a jar. Do you use GU? I like to do those 15min prerun & ever 45min during. I can't run w/ water bottles either. If I run around my neightborhood I will drive to a certain point and toss out a bottle or leave it on my porch. Otherwise my fav long run trail has a gas station half way so I will stop there for propel. Nice rout! Looks like a good 1.

  2. Yeah I have vaseline I use that on my face to pevent wind burn. But I think that it stains your clothes doesnt it? Thats the differene between the two. BG is not expensive so I dont mind it and like vaseline it lasts forever. I'm not a fan of gels, that is what GU is right? I'm a big fan of the G series, I use the pre workout fuel, then G2 low cal during/after run. I've tried the recovery protien drink and the only flavor that isn't horrendus is the strawberry kiwi. OMG I had the lemone line this weekend and it tasted like what I'd imagin rotten piss tastes like. I had one drink, almost puked, forced myself to take one more and then had to dump it, it was that bad! But I did see they have a new line out, saw it at walgreens so I may try that.

  3. *knock on wood* I never chaff. Never. Thank god!

    I think by GU Bry meant the gel that you can using during a run. I am not a fan at all of the gel. I thought it was nasty and hard to swallow. I love sports beans though. I have them ever 6 miles. On average I am running 6 miles every hour.

    My arches and balls of my foot tend to hurt a little after a long run too. I don't necessary blame my nikes. My nike frees allow my foot to run how its is suppose to. Those muscles haven't developed and are not as strong as the other muscles in my foot. I suspect that eventually the soreness will go away.

    Good luck on your 15 miler!

  4. Hey Anna! Probably not really your thing but I just tagged you for a stylish blogger award on my blog! :)

  5. You are going to have a really fabulous time for your 2nd half marathon - you're going to blow your first time out of the water. Excited to see the results. PS I hated holding things but needed water for long runs so I got this Amphipod 10oz bottle with hand strap. I was SO surprised this didn't bother me. You don't have to grip, it holds on by itself pretty much.