Monday, April 11, 2011

A Letter To Victoria's Secret

Dear Victoria's Secret:

I used to have perfect 36C's, then I lost 30 pounds and now I have 34B's. Yes I know it could be worse. Thanks to your Miraculouss bra I can continue to feel like I have those lovely, round, squeezable and perky oranges on my chest. For that I thank you.

However do you think you boobie experts over there could make a bra that still supports my itty bitty boobies while I run but still manage to help me look like....well...a female? Example:

I want the sport bra non existent boobies like this:

To look like this:

Supportive yet I look like I still have boobies. That would be absolutely beautiful and I am sure those bras would be a popular item!

Sincerely, Anna


  1. I have a VS sports bra that I got a couple years ago. It gives me great support and some clevage!

    Oh and this girl can fit into an A cup! :( I used to be a D. :(

  2. I was thinking this exact thing today as I strapped on my 2 bras this morning. Granted I was a DD and now a D and soon to be C...still, I need not only support but LIFT. I'd pay some $$ for this. Losing weight is good but you also lose any perkiness...

  3. If I had to choose between larger weight with larger boobs and smaller weight with smaller boobs, I would choose the later every time.

    Of course with the wonders of plastic surgery (yuck!!) some chycks manage smaller weight with large boobs. Wrong and unattractive.

    Keep it real ladies!