Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So you've started running and I'm betting its to lose weight. Seems that's the #1 reason why people lace up their shoes and hit the trails. Shoes, check. Shorts, check, Water, check. Time to run. And that is really all the thought we've put into running. But soon after you notice things. Blisters. Purple toe nails. Cold weather gear. Warm weather gear. Gatorade. Protein bars the list is endless. But when you decided to run a 5k you never hear about the hidden factors of running. Those are the things I love to talk about. And if you've followed my blog you know Anna doesn't hold back. From running with a UTI to running at your time of the month, the aches and pains and the painful remedy's (see Ice Bath), vomiting on so on. Then there is the deeper realm of running that's even less talked about like having to pee on a run or even worse poop on a run, or even worse the Runners Trots (another poop issue click here for definition) and yes there is more, still wanna lace up some Nike's and go for a run?

Oddly there is one ailment I have not mentioned, Chafing! I used to chafe all the time right under my boob, where my sport bra line is. I say used to because once I lost 30lbs I lost my boobs so no more chafing. But I've had chafing problems on my inner arm and I've heard a lot of ladies also get them inside the thighs. Men I've herd of getting the dreaded bloody nipples. Its an easy fix just get a bottle of Body Glide. Kinda looks like a mini stick of deodorant. You apply it to area of the body known for chafing and wallah the clothing or body part glides, hence the name body glide, along happily and chafe free. For quite sometime now I've been getting this red area on my lower back, little lower than the trap stamp. It gets red and irritated and sometimes even scabs. I always thought that it was my belt but after Sunday's 13 mile run I finally realized my favorite belt isn't my problem, its my running shorts! I never experience any discomfort while I was running other than the normal problems you get when running 13 miles (heavy, tired, legs, out a breath, energy, thirsty etc) but once I jumped in the shower I felt the sting and the light bulb went off. That red, painful, skin irritation on my lower back is chaffing its not from my favorite rock star belt after all. I've never been so happy to experience chaffing! I had ended my relationship with my belt because I thought it was the culprit but no its my running shorts/pants. My lower lower back chafe is healing as I type and I've also rekindled my romance with my rock star studded belt! Happy Running...chafe free please!

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