Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegas Week 5: BAD runs and new shoes

I know it takes bad run to know a good one but I still hate them and week 5 has sucked so much butt that I'm dreading my long run of 12 miles. My hip is still tight and sore, although its not getting sore with my first step and does loosen up when I stretch mid run, but its just a nagging pain that I could do with out. It really needs to be gone by 1/2 marathon day in a week and half.

So I got new kicks again, the hip is what brought light to the fact that I had 350 miles on my last pair. This time I went through the whole "fitting" again from Running Central and found a GREAT pair of new shoes. I tried on many different brands as I'm not brand loyal, just trying to find what works best. I liked the last pair of Saucony's I had but I knew there is something better. I stuck with Saucony's but got the Mirage's and so far LOVE them. This could possibly be my shoe.

Two runs in a row I've been struck with the RT's (Runners Trots-google it if you don't know) and they have been BAD. I've been blogging for just over a year now and we know that in the past I've had blood in my "looseness" but I've never been concerned because its very normal however when blood is spotted it's recommended to see a doctor, just to be safe. My RT's come and go, its been quite some time since I've had them as I've learned how to control my diet with them. I think stress and maybe last nights ice cream brought them on. Probably more stress since I've been stressing big time about this Body Combat certification video. So much so even my period was late this month. Anyway the last two runs, I've been in physical pain all day, have to almost sprint to the bathroom and there has been blood . So finally I called my doctors office, don't worry, I'm not, but I know its time to finally buckle down and have someone look inside. The reason I'm finally going to see a doctor is its been very painful and like all day long painful. Wish me luck, I'm still waiting to hear back on my referral.

Oh and be prepared to hear more about my bum!


  1. DAMN THOSE TROTS!!! Well I hope the Doc can fix up your ass. ;) haha.

    I do hate the bad runs. They are such a pain! And it seems like they come in a group. When I get one bad run I can expect that at least two out of my next 5 runs will probably suck just as much ass. But you'll get it together by race day!!!!!! I'm glad you love your shoes!

  2. Hope your dr gives you good news - or at least a remedy. Inner problems suck when trying to run, much less train.