Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vegas Week 4 Brings Layers

I'm undecided, do I like running in the heat or the cold? I like the heat because I'm not freezing, I hate the heat because its so much harder to run in and if you want to do it somewhat comfortable you gotta get up early. I hate getting up early. I like it because you wear less clothing and ice baths are actually refreshing. I like the cold weather running because its easierand you're definitely not overheated. I hate the layers in the winter, uhhh I hate the mounds of laundry too. I HATE that even in a steaming hot shower after a cold winter run I still cannot warm up. But I love not being over heated and I love the stillness of the world around you, the colors of the fall and I run my BEST in the cooler months. My love hate relationship with the seasons is another blog for another time. Because today its time to talk Week 4 of my Vegas training schedule.

First let me apologize for no blog last week, honestly it was a boring week of nothing but tempo runs and one long run of 10 miles. Now its onto week 4 and once again training has to be altered this week. I'm shooting my Body Combat certification video this weekend and want to be well rested and energized so I can nail it, meaning moving Saturday's long run of 11 miles to Thursday and Thursday's 8 mile tempo run to AFTER my video taping on Sunday. Today I had 7 miles and interval training. One to two miles of easy warm up then 4x1200 at tempo, followed by 4x200 at fast and then 1-3 easy running in between and then finished off the run with 2x200 sprints at the end. I also did pick up some GU packets and sport beans to try out on my long run this week. I've never used any before for any of my 1/2's but I thought I'd test them out this time and see if they help and how I like or don't like them.

I did NOT want to go outside and run today it was cold, windy, wet and just down right dreary but I put on my layers and gloves and the second my first step hit the pavement I was energized. I ran down to Springdale and did my intervals and then back up and out. I really pushed on the intervals. I should have stopped my watch for my 1-3 easy recovery minutes because I'm not really sure how fast I did my tempo's and then sprints because my Garmin only gives me an average per mile pace but based on one of my timing charts I believe it was less than my goal. (Goal is about 8:45 for the 1200's and under 8 for the 200's) I did have to stop and walk ONCE and I stopped my Garmin for that, when your going up the main hill from the bottom of the cemetery I tried running it, even at a slow pace, but my legs were too tired. So I walked up the hill. Normally that would totally tick me off but this time it didn't because I knew I did what I wanted to do and that was waste myself on my intervals.

My next 1/2 Marathon is only 25 days away (in case you missed it I'm returning to where I ran my first 1/2 in the middle of Vegas training) and I'm ready and can't wait to go back to where it all began Mankato Minnesota. My goal is to come in under 2 hours and I honestly think I should be able to do that easily with out really trying. I think its going to take more mental focus than will power or speed or strength. The Vegas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon-dubbed the strip at night-is only a small 9 weeks away!


  1. Anna, you kick A$@! Body combat, intervals, hills, 1/2 training...what CAN'T you do?! You are a machine.