Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morton Pumpkin Classic

My New Team RC Gear <3 IT!!!
I'm almost a week late in posting but in my defense it WAS a busy weekend with the girls in town, Sunday football and then I was off work Monday/Tuesday so I wasn't on the computer very much. But here is the rundown on my first ever Morton Pumpkin Classic 10k race.

This race was more of a practice for me and my Vegas training. I wanted to see if I could hold a consistant 8:30 pace for the full 6 miles. Goal attained. And I did it for the most part feeling pretty darn good. That is a HUGE leap for me in my running hobby that I started a mear year and a half ago. I do believe I could have ran faster as my breathing felt normal the whole time and only at mile 5 did my legs get tired. I also accomplised another valuable running goal and that is start slow and keep it steady. Normally when I see people pass me at the beginning it totally ticks me off and pushes me faster but at this race every time I saw someone pass I said to myself "It's too early to go that fast and they will faulter." Sure enough about mile 3-3.5 I passed all of those that I uttered that phrase too and I passed them still holding my 8:30 pace. I started my watch as soon as I crossed the start line, stopped as I crossed the finish. My Garmin run time was 52:27/Avg pace of 8:23. View my full garmin and slipts here:

I have to say I'm not quite sure how the race people got their times, it was chipped time, but there wasn't one of those mats at the start line but they have me finishing at 52:31 which I know is only a few seconds difference but I'm still curious about it. Their age groups were not the normal gouping (less awards-cheepskates) so instead I was in the group of 20-34, finishing 49th in the group but if my counting is correct 19th in the 3-34 group. Needless to say this is a competive race with 1500 people registered. I attined my goal and stuck to some good running rules. I'm very happy and ready to continue with Week 3 of my Vegas training.

My New Race Warm Ups-Front!

Back! :)

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  1. You did awesome Anna! The official times were really gun times. Everyone got the same starting time, no matter where you were lined up at the start. You must have been near the front, cause my time was like 35 seconds off. But I still enjoyed the race, just a bummer on the times (no starting mat).