Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almost 1/2 way...really?

Week five and fifty some day's to go, crazy huh? So an update on the UTI...still not healed...I know right. Last Thursday I stopped into my doctors to pee in a cup and yesterday they called with the results, confirmed UTI but now they know the strain of bacteria and had to put me on different meds...again. So now I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics but they promise this one will kill it. Awesome! However the 2nd round of drugs I was taking were helping so I could run pain free.

I decided the other day that after I complete the race I am going to get a new tattoo! I know I just got inked and I'm already itching to do it again. I want to get the date of the race 10/23/10 and then the time I completed in, so it will be a very small tattoo and I want it on the back of my neck right at the hairline, whatchya think?

Training has been going well; Sunday I had 6 miles and Mattie came along so that was fun. We ran in my neighborhood and it was hot as hell. I had a hard time keeping my HR in my zone but our time was an average pace for me. So I think reason I felt I was working too hard was the heat/humidity. Plus I worked out with Travis on Friday and we did some of that TRX stuff and my legs were pretty sore. Yesterday I had a small 3 mile run, again legs sore but I also did the run AFTER my RPM class. I tried to go for speed but was only fast the first 1.5. Today I had 7 miles. Weather wise it was comfortable since I went in the AM but windy as heck. And I welcomed the wind because that is one weather ailment I haven't run against. And it seemed no matter what direction I was going today I was running into the wind. I wanted to go fast again but I need to remind myself this is a 1/2 marathon and I need endurance and not speed, slow and steady wins the race. So I'm constantly trying to tell myself to slow down. I'vebeen tring to focus on keeping my HR in my zone and that seems to help slow me down. In the 70 minutes I was out I think I had my RH in the zone for 55 minutes. I averaged a 10:04 pace today.

I need to get to running central, wanted to go today but decided to get into work early instead. Maybe tomorrow before RPM I can swing in...if I remember...my memory sucks. I need to get some body glide, I keep chafing on my inner left arm, it keeps rubbing against my shirt and chafing sucks! Plus my shoulder is just super tight and no matter how much I stretch it it doesn't loosen up so I wanna get some bio freeze and last but definitely not least I need more running socks. I run 4x a week and like the running socks so I don't get blisters and such. Well I had 3 pairs...notice "had" the washer or dryer ate one sock(or maybe even Pippin, who knows) and now I am down to 2 pairs and one sock and that's not going to cut it.

Sorry I'm boring today. I kinda feel like a slacker. I ate really bad over the past week and saw the scale rise up a bit. So I'm becoming a crazy girl and being overly hard on myself. I hate when I do that but I just feel the thunder returning to my thighs and no matter how much I tell myself I look great, I'm terrified of becoming that 168lb woman again. I just gotta step it up and be more disciplined but I've lost focus and I don't quite know how to get it back and still keep everything the same.


  1. Leaving LOVE LOVE LOVE up on your blog LOL

  2. Congrats! Youa re doing amazing. I do know the feeling over overindulging. My week last week was that way. I am sooo close tomy goal I think I self sabotage myself from getting there. Keep up the good work.

  3. You are doing awesome Anna! Everyone hits those times when we slack off so don't be to hard on yourself over it. Just always keep the goal in site and refocus. You are amazing!!! I have to refocus also when we get back next week and I am WAY looking forward to it! I miss swimming so much!!!! I can't hardly wait! And back to my meetings. I am resigned tghat I will attend them for the rest of my life!

  4. I ran my first 1/2 marathon two weeks ago. I am signing up for another one that is two weeks from now. Beware, this might be habit forming.