Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to my AWESOMENESS!

Hey if you didn't pick up on this with the last blog I just want to reassure you that running with a UTI sucks big, ugly, hairy, balls! No, I'm not being overly dramatic-cuz yes I usually am-but this time its true. Running + UTI = THE WORST PAIN EVER!!!

Now step into my awesomeness; 10 miles, 9:47 pace, total run time of 1h 38m and 04sec. That's THREE minutes faster than last Thursday run. And last Thursday I had sleep, decent temps (well when I ran at least) and no UTI or RT's! And even though I felt like I was carrying a gallon of pee in my bladder (even though there was NOTHING IN IT) I still owned that run and bitchslapped my UTI! Mile 1-9:42, 2-9:56, 3-9:09 (I'm awesome), 4-9 (totally awesome), 5-9:11 (sweet ass awesome), 6-9:44, 7-9:30, 8-9:09 (awesomeness never fades me) 9-9:49 and 10-8:43 (AWESOMENESS)! I once again ran on the RIT (Rock Island Trail) and today was so wonderful; beautiful sunshine, cool light breeze and awesome temps there were tons of people on the trail today. Despite the bladder prob I felt amazing the whole run my HR was in my zone the whole run and I never once even felt like I was breathing hard or out of breath. My legs were a tad sore from the start but I think its cuz I did to many squats yesterday. The last mile was challenging, the last 800 meters were very hard my legs and butt were tightening up big time but I wasn't going to give up that close to goal so I just kept on running, so Forest Gump of me!

Oh and in case your wondering I called my doctors office because I'm on day 3 of antibiotics and they are not helping. Well they are taking away the pain but my tummy is still bloated and constantly feels like I gotta pee. In the past I always feel results with in the 1st day of my drugs and I'm on day 3 and not too much relief. I was asked to come in and pee in a cup (which I did) to see if I'm being treated right, right now am waiting to hear back, so we'll see.

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