Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Just another walk in the park Kazanski"

I rembember the days when I thought 4 and even 5 miles was a big run now when I have my 6 mile runs on Tuesday and Sunday...well its just another walk in the park. I'm fearing bordum with those runs as they are so easy BUT thanks to this Nike program today's run was kept interesting. I did 1.5 miles of easy running to start, then I did 5x800m as tempo pace. I was slow on the first half though which kinda irritates me, its much easier to do this speed training stuff on the treadmil but I hate running indoors when its nice out. And today was awesome overcast but it was cool with just a hint of humidity, awesome weather for a run. Anyway after that I did 4x200m sprints at a fast pace, those were actually easier to do. I think that took me to about 3/4 of a mile left in the run so I slowed it down to a tempo pace for the last protion and of course I always sprint the last 400m. Anywhere here's my breakdown; Mile 1-9:09 2-9:56, 3-10:15, 4-9:04, 5-8:05 and 6-8:22 so you can see my dissapointment because Mile 2-4 should have been at a faster pace. Mile 2 wasn't bad cuz the first 1/2 of it I was intentionally slower but Mile 3 is retarded I was supposed to be going tempo which for me should be about 9:30ish and instead I was slow clocking in at a 10m/m pace..that's pathetic for me and really ticks me off. Mile 4 I'm happy with and then 5 & 6 I am too because that's when I was doing the sprints. But that 2 & 3 really makes me mad >:(

Anyway I'm very tired, I couldn't fall asleep last night I swear I have earth shattering cramps and back pain. It hurts every time I take a breath and my energy level is WAY down. I tried to go to sleep with just some Midol PM but seriously that did NOTHING for me so I ended up taking a vicodin to fall asleep but I need to get at least 8 hours when I do that and I think I only got about 6. I really don't wanna go back on the shot but seriously I don't think a period should have to be this painful.

Is it Friday yet? I have the day off and am getting a deep tissue massage and really I can't wait. I'm going to the salon my friends own, Alter Ego, and seeing Carri (she's amazing) at 1:30 Friday so right after my RPM class and I honestly don't think it could come soon enough at this point I'm thinking death would be funner than these cramps from hell!


  1. Oooh, enjoy the massage! And hey, don't beat yourself up over the slower miles...you are out there, exercising, bettering yourself. You feel good, right? Isn't that the point? :)

  2. How do you know when you have gone 200M, 800M, etc? I am WAY off when I try to estimate length, does the Nike+ do that for you?

  3. Erin: No Nike doesn't I just googled the math lol. The Nike+ only tells you when you have the last 400m (which is a quarter mile). So when I googled 800Mx5 was like 2.5 Miles so I started at 1.5 and ran the tempo effort till I hit Mile 4. Then 200m is about .12 since I had to repeat that 4 times I just looked at the count on my ipod and sprinted .12, then .13, .12 and .13. Now IF I did my math correctly that I nailed it if I did my math incorrectly well then I jacked it, lol.

    Kim: Thanks your so right, I'm just so hard on myself when I don't do "perfect" I need to learn to just let it go and be glad I did what I did because lets face it most our age don't to squat!