Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, how do you feel after running 10 miles Anna?

Awesome! Exhausted! Accomplished! Well on my way to a 1/2 marathon! OMG MY QUADS ARE KILLING ME!!!!

I did it, I ran 10 miles in a row, I had one pit stop at 5.2 to drink a 9oz bottle of water. But I did it. I decided instead of doing a 5mile loop twice in my neighborhood I would track back out to the Rock Island Trail. Once out there instead of hitting the trail towards Dunlap I went the paved route that goes to Pioneer Parkway, about 2.5m, then I turned around and at my 1/2 way point I re hydrated quickly and then continued north to swankyville. At about 8 miles I was getting sore and at that point I learned that its mental from here on out. So with 2 miles to go I told myself, 20 minutes, that's nothing and I just kept repeating 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, one mile and so on. My legs killed but I made it and I have to give thanks to Mindset Evolution because they were the last 2 songs on my playlist and they helped motivate me through to the finish. What an awesome ride and run. Only 3 more miles to go and I'm there!

Here's the breakdown:
Mile 1-9:28, 2-9:40, 3-10:05, 4-10:03, 5-9:18, 6-9:49, 7-10:10, 8-10:20, 9-11:28 and 10-10:31. Total run was in 1hr and 41mins with 1065 calories burnd and an average pace of 10:07! So you can tell that I was trying to pace myself (yes a 9-10 min/mile pace is pacing it for me) but that 9th and 10th mile were tough, the short time for the 10th was because when your so close to the finish line you always pick up your pace/stride and sprint big the final 400 meters.

I'm sore, I'm tired but man am I proud and really looking forward to my massage tomorrow at 1:30 and then shopping for a new bday outfit! I'll be 33 in 2 days and I am in the best physical shape and condition I have ever been in. I look and feel wonderful and am looking forward to doing some shopping at the Buckle for some more size 6's! I was showing Mattie the other day my jeans I used to wear...14's....6 feels so much better but I'm still looking out for lucky number 4! (and yes that was also a prop to a certain QB who came back to my Vikings just days ago)


  1. Funny... on my longer runs I do the same thing when I get tired. I also like thinking about songs... "in about three songs you'll be done with one more mile"

    Good job Anna! I am so proud of you!

    Enjoy your birthday, massage and shopping. You deserve it!

  2. You did awesome on your 10mile run! So is that your last long run before the big race? I never trained more than 10miles during long runs before the race. Just curious how other's do it. And your pace is way better than me. I'm a really slow runner. But hey, I get the job done. So that's awesome that you're quick! If you still run the Lincoln 1/2 in May you'll be way ahead of me! lol. And the mental game is totally part of running. I always tried to listen to songs that made me daydream the time away. I'd be like, whoa I've run 5 miles already? Sweet!

    Well good job! You make me really want to get back out there! I ran 1.75m yesterday so I've been working on it! ~Bry

  3. Jana-Thanks girl!

    Bry-Gurrrl I told you I was going to run the Lincoln with you and I still have every intention of doing that, there is NO WAY I would back out unless I died!And believe it or not I am only 3 weeks into training I think I get up to a 14 or 15 mile run, I'm following a training program on Nike. (you can see it once you get all set up on there). But the reason I am doing the longer runs (over the 13 miles) is because I am training at the intermediate level. I had a bunch of seasoned runners tell me that since I was already running 7 miles easily that I need to train at the higher level or else I was going to get bored. So that's what I am doing and why I'm already doing such long runs and have more to go. I'm so happy to see your getting back into running and I can't wait to swap more stories and have you on board on my blog!