Thursday, August 12, 2010

Running on Empty-2nd Long Run

So this is how my first 9 mile run goes....lets look back into the sands of time and you would see me Wednesday night at the Taste of Peoria consuming Miller Lites like they were going out of style. Fast Forward to 1:30am and I'm finally going to sleep. Fast Forward (way to quickly) to 6am, I'm supposed to bring Mattie to work, thankfully he tells me to sleep and he'll come back in a few more hours. I don't know why I listened, I never do, but I did...thankfully. If I didn't I may be dead right now. Anyway do some more fast forwarding and its 9am I have a wonderful Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand a bagel in the other, some orange slices on my passenger seat and I'm off to the Rock Island trail so it 9 mile run.

This was my first time running on the RIT and it wasn't to bad. I knew it was shaded and since the heat and humidity was already on the rise I figured I could get in the 9 miles easier out there than in my neighborhood. I gotta admit there was a lingering headache and quite a bit of fatigue even before I began and the more I ran the worse it got. The worse it got the hotter it got. I started to walk at like 6.5 miles. Tried to pick it back up and added another 3/4 mile. Grand total: 7.20 I sucked it big time today. And ya know what I'm totally disappointed in myself. I was supposed to get serious once training started and here I am drinking the night before a long run and staying up late. I'm really mad at myself that I'm letting fun get in my way so soon. I can't let bad habits and fun creep their way back into my life because I am not going back to that girl I was 6 months ago, I hated her. Uh I gotta snap outta this!

Gross tidbit you could do with out reading: I was so wet from sweat that when I took off my shirt and wrung it out....well yuck it was gross....helloooo I just said I wrung out my shirt!!! Once I got back to my truck I immediately drank 2-20+ Oz water bottles AND a G2 and still didn't pee until about 4pm this afternoon, I finished my run at 11am. Yes I'm stupid I know. Have I learned a lesson? Have you been reading my blog?

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  1. Hey 7.2 is better than nothing! Could you have run 7 miles 6 months ago? I think not girl! This humidity sucks! I am willing to bet that if there wasn't humidity that you would have been fine.